You shall not pass!

    You shall not pass!

    Rifts were one of the major targets for Patch 2.1.2 testing on the PTR. The patch changed a lot in terms of monster assortment and level layout, and this resulted in some bugs. The most common was when you’d get a rift level without any monsters or just a few (usually the stone pillars map, screen below), or sometimes an exit wasn’t clickable and you had no way to go down to the next floor, or sometimes a Rift level of the Arreat Crater would just end, as seen to the right.

    These problems were eradicated during the PTR testing, or at least I never saw any the last month of the patch after getting them all the time early on… but with the player population on the live realms greatly exceeding the PTR testers, it stood to reason that some lingering issues with Rift levels might occur. Rift Map Bugs and Improvements in 2.1.2:

    Can’t move to next floor of rift

    I cleared “Greater Rift Floor 1” and got to the door to “Floor 2” but whenever I clicked on the door I was teleported to the same spot on Floor 1. Time keeps ticking away. I can’t kill any monsters so I can’t kill the boss and that means I can’t get a gem upgrade or a new keystone. I have to lose the rift and the keystone I used altogether.
    Tsarnis: Hi Guys,

    If you could, can you please either post a screenshot or a description of the level you were on when you encountered the exit portal that didn’t work? A short description like “the level looked like the Halls of Agony in Act 1” or “Battlefields of Eternity in Act 5” works fine.

    Knowing which level you were on when you encountered this will help us track down which subsequent rift levels may be broken. Thanks!

    If you find such problems, help us all out by reporting them in the Blue tech support thread, and the devs can iron out these lingering problems.

    Bugs aside, have you guys tried out the new-style rifts since the patch went live? I really enjoyed the new/better maps on the PTR, and not just because they usually had so many more enemies packed into them. Last week after the PTR ended I played some Rifts on live for the first time in months, and they felt so static (in layout) and much slower-paced than what I was used to from the PTR. Funny how just tweaking the level layouts a bit can make so much difference, but Rifts of areas that used to be really annoying, like the A1 Spider Caves or the A5 Plague Tunnels, were much improved by modifications to their layouts on the PTR.

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