A fan on Russian Diablo 3.net took Photoshop to the new female Witch Doctor gear set, and made some changes. At first glance I just thought it was darker and recolored, but look more closely. They’ve added shoes and straps around her thighs, and the mask is tweaked with more feathers to the sides. That on top of the obvious, de-Christmas’ing the colors received makes a big difference. Check it out.

    Honestly, I think I prefer the fan version. Not the face; it’s too dark and skull-like, especially with the glowing eyes. But the rest… the thigh straps really help, adding some texture and apparent function to a large expanse of naked, combat-vulnerable skin, and I like the color scheme a lot more.

    That said, with this one and all the other character views, remember that we’ll never see our characters like this in the game. The developers are making the armor to look good when viewed in the isometric view, from high above. Not straight ahead view, and closeup. So the features have to be large and the colors strongly-contrasting to show up. You ever see a cheerleader up close? They’re scary with such heavy makeup, but that’s because they’re meant to look good from the second deck; not face to face.

    Update: Bashiok commented on this:

    I also saw that fan edit of the female witch doctor, and it was pretty cool. Kudos to that guy for some nice shop’in. In my personal opinion I think that it was a bit too busy, a lot of that’s going to be lost and just make the character look messy from a distance. It’s also a bit too much. Remember these are very early sets. You get too crazy early on and you’re making the later items not look as awesome.

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