Last of Diablo II’s seven classes, the DiabloWikiSorceress is the most magically powerful. Recently dissected by Stillman, she’s one of the most popular Diablo 2 classes, and is the fourth one based heavily in ancient Sanctuarian lore. The Sorceresses mage clan known as Zann Esu was named in the honour of the powerful female Nephalem called Esu, and traces their heritage as one of the oldest known mage clans.

    While the Zann Esu Sorceresses are known for their mastery of the elements, they originally also tried to foster the character that becomes the DiabloWikiWizard in Diablo 3, and her Storm Skill Tree is probably a heritage directly from her studies with the Zann Esu “Witches”.

    It’s again interesting to see how spells have evolved from game to game, and the second Diablo game did an excellent job of categorizing and collecting most elemental skills on Sanctuary under one character class. There is still room for improvement though, so if you have more information, lore from the manual or screenshots you’ve taken while using these skills, make sure to add them to the skill pages!

    Cold Spells      Fire Spells      Lightning spells      

    BTW, also see the Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer and Paladin skills!

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