We’re reaching the end of the long line of Diablo II skill pages, reaching the holy Paladins. Contrary to popular belief, these holy men are NOT part of the Zakarum Church, but rather a group of outbreaks disagreeing with the corruption within the church. They use their fierce combat skills, holy spells and powerful magic auras to cleanse the religion of the Light from corruption. Wading through hordes of demons to the heart of the Zakarum Church in Kurast, they find out DiabloWikiMephisto is behind it all…

    Quite a staple Blizzard class, inspiring a DiabloWikiWarCraft III and DiabloWikiWorld of WarCraft class, the Paladins are not returning in DiabloWikiDiablo III. The closest thing is the DiabloWikiMonk, which also uses Holy spells, and worshipping the light, but using a combat style that has much more similarities to the Order of Mage Slayers than the holy Paladins.

    Regardless if you’re just reminiscing, or to studying skills for a new Paladin build, you can now find all Diablo II skills on individual pages in the Diablo 2 Wiki.

    You can also help by expanding the lore or adding your own screenshots of these skills in use.

    Combat Skills      Defensive Auras      Offensive Auras      

    BTW, also see the Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid and Necromancer skills!

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