You might not realize this, but the DiabloWikiDiablo novels have a pretty big impact on the world of Diablo and even the DiabloWikiDiablo games. Three of the main character classes of Diablo II exists in lore purely by the ancestry of DiabloWikiSanctuary‘s DiabloWikiNephalem, the union between DiabloWikiangel and DiabloWikidemon. A fourth class (DiabloWikiDruid) is also basically an offspring of DiabloWikiBarbarians anyway.

    DiabloWikiRathma was one of these Nephalem, and is the progenitor of the DiabloWikiPriests of Rathma more commonly known as DiabloWikiNecromancers in the words of ignorant locals. Despite the fact they deal with life and death, they are not using DiabloWikidemonic magic.

    Perhaps because he is so different and misunderstood, it has become one of the most favoured Diablo 2 classes, and there was an outcry by fans when it was announced he was not returning for DiabloWikiDiablo 3. DiabloWikiJay Wilson said it was because the class was already “too perfect” and left little room for new thinking and improvement without mucking up a working concept, and he’s probably right. Still man tries to explain why he’s so cool, and the rest of us are here presenting the Necro’s skills.

    Take a look at his skills below, which shows some of the game mechanics later used for both pet classes, DiabloWikiDoTs and DiabloWikidebuffs, all in this 10 year old game.

    If you have any cool images of these skills in use, please don’t hesitate to add them to the skill pages.

    Necromancer Curses      Poison and Bone      Summoning      

    BTW, also see the Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian and Druid skills!

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