Our fourth Diablo II skill update is a close relative to the third one (Barbarian, remember?), and started out as part of the Children of Bul-Kahtos just like the Barbarians…

    The DiabloWikiDruids of DiabloWikiScosglen are likely just as devastated by the destruction of the DiabloWikiWorldstone and DiabloWikiMount Arreat as their cousins in the west. DiabloWikiBul-Kathos and DiabloWikiFiacla-G?ar both sought only to protect the sacred mountain, and as surely as the Barbarians are disorientated, so will the Druids be.

    However, this story starts well before the destruction of the Worldstone: right after the heroes of DiabloWikiTristram first defeated the host body of DiabloWikiDiablo, when the Druids were called by their ancient tome Sc?al Fada. This story is not even about the Druids, it’s about their spells, skills and abilities.

    The Druid is far from the most popular Diablo 2 class out there, but brings a lot to the table, and is likely the prime inspiration for the DiabloWikiWarCraft III & DiabloWikiWorld of WarCraft Druids. Regardless of if you need it for reference, or for a perspective in Blizzard game development, you can get your Diablo II Druid skill needs satisfied here!

    If you find any articles with lacking lore, you can fill it out with excerpts from the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual.

    Elemental Spells      Shapeshifting      Summoning      

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