After the Amazonian ranged skills and the Assassin’s martial masteries, it’s time to showcase the prowess of the powerful DiabloWikiBarbarian character who is seemingly the only survivor for the past 20 years awaiting whatever we’ll encounter in DiabloWikiDiablo III.

    One of the interesting aspects of Diablo II skills is to compared them to the new Diablo III skills, seeing exactly how the evolution in game design has taken this powerful character. We still have no idea how he managed to become unable to use all his previous abilities, but that’s not really a problem in Diablo II. Read up more on this younger version of the Barbarian to get another glimpse of what is in store for us in Diablo III.

    You should remember to help out filling out any missing lore from the Diablo II Manual, or add any cool screenshots you might have of the skills.

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    Massive thanks goes out to all our contributors in the last week: TheWanderer, Zukker, Doomboy, Holyknight3000, – V -, Jonruy, Crehl, AtheistInHell, Razvanthekid, Asteria, Butch Audacity, Veskin7 Bukito and Prihlod. The Diablo Wiki would not be the best Diablo resource on the web without you!

    Extra thanks to TheWanderer, who has done loads of lore updates in the last few months. He takes a little hiatus for a while, and will be sorely missed. More lore work is needed, so don’t be shy, step right up and dig in!

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