It’s not just the Amazon that has been looked over for a skill revamp, the Assassin is next. Not one of the most popular characters of Diablo II, but never the less deserving individual pages for all of her skills. The Assassin’s entire mysterious DiabloWikiViz-Jaq’taar Martial Arts style is revealed.

    It’s extra interesting to look back at the Assassin’s skills, as the new DiabloWikiMonk skill set clearly is inspired by the charge-up skills and finishing moves. What was quite revolutionising at the time has now gone full circle!

    Some of these skill pages do not contain a lore section to them. If you like me love the lore, feel free to head over to the Diablo II manual or the Lord of Destruction manual and add the little lore snippet from the manuals to a skill you like.

    Most of the skill pages also lack any form of images, besides the skill thumb, and and if you have a cool screenshot don’t hesitate to upload it, it’s very easy.

    Martial Arts Skills      Shadow Disciplines      Assassin Traps      

    Also, a big smacking thank you for all the contributors of the last two weeks: TheWanderer & Horse rotovator for loads of lore entries, JMJimmy for template work and help with the skill pages, Widus for your continuous prefix work, Holyknight3000 for fantastic fan art, fan fiction and related updates, TDurden1937 for his D2 guide updates, Midoxp for adding links, Butch Audacity & Veskin7 Bukito for their fan creations and Jonruy, Bob ROss, Vipermagi, Flux, MistahFixIt, Boogeyman1 for a load of minor edits that the wikis sure need!

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