With the Conjuring, Arcane and Storm skills of the Diablo 3 Wizard being the last known Diablo 3 skills in the Diablo 3 Wiki, we’re doing like Flux, looking back and taking a look at the Diablo 2 skills, starting with the Amazon.

    Each of the Amazon skills now has its own article including a brief lore section with links to the main Diablo Wiki for further details. We ask you to look out if any information about the skills is missing or if links to other skills and articles might be relevant: Don’t be afraid to edit the page to help out fellow Diablo 2 players with up to date information and tips! The skills are organised so that if you update one skill, it will also update the main skill page without extra hassle.

    Without further ado, I present the Amazon skills for everyone to reacquaint themselves with!

    Bow & X-bow Skills      

    Javelin & Spear Skills      

    Passive & Magic Skills      

    The wiki is nothing without its editors, and a great big THANK YOU from all Diablo enthusiasts goes out to the editors of the past few weeks, namely JMJimmy, TheWanderer, Bob ROss, Holyknight3000, Widus, Horse rotovator, Boogeyman1, Jonruy, Razvanthekid, Midoxp, Vipermagi, TDurden1937, Jjscud, Tarlon, Dragonhelmuk, Stephan, Uanime5, TyraelsChosen and Veskin7 Bukito!

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