Reveal Event Banners Second Chance

A fan asked about the special reveal class banner sigils, and if they’d ever be available again after this pre-launch promotion. Bashiok said no, but that there’s still time to earn all five of them pre-release.

Nothing from beta carries over to retail. Characters will be wiped, and the achievements are there just to test out the achievement system.

BUT! you can get some sweet exclusive banner sigils from our Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise. promo site which will be for use in the retail game.

Are these sigils exclusive to this launch event? ie 2 years from now, only those of us who took part in this event will have the sigils…?
They are exclusive to the launch event, yes. So years from now someone will say “ware u giet dat sygyl?” you can say “QUIET HEATHEN! This sigil was bestoweth upon thy banner by the launch site.” and they’ll be all like “oooooh… wuz thattt?” and then you slay them and take their ear.

yeah they are supposed to be exclusive to the launch event… Im guessing the blank circle is where those who hadnt realized what was going on there will have the chance to get any they missed
Correct there’s a two week grace period where you’ll be able to get any/all of the sigils, which closes forever on… I believe May 17. After that, those sigils belong only to those who claimed them.

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12 thoughts on “Reveal Event Banners Second Chance

      • You dont have to make a silly photo of yourself. You can just make a random one and it’ll still unlock. Nor do you have to share on facebook. I dont know how to unlock the ones other than Monk as pong mentioned, maybe this grace period will kick in some point in the future.

    • I’m not sure, it says you have to create a banner to unlock them, and I did and it said it was successful…but that was it. It isn’t connected to a account and didn’t ask for an email so it obviously didn’t do anything…

      EDIT: Ok it worked for the monk, but it doesn’t do anything for the other two. I guess I didn’t do it fast enough?

      • You can’t do the other two right now; there was only a limited period of time (a few days) where you had a chance with the Demon Hunter and Barbarian sigils. There will be another period (near the end of the promotion) where you can unlock the Demon Hunter and Barbarian sigils for your account again.

  1. I just realised that the next hero to be on the is the witch doctor. Seems the >Home – Wizard< tooltip on the 5th lock was not hidden. Just hover over the 5th hero icon and you'll see the text. 

    • IGN released the Witch Doctor vid yesteday, and since Wizard is the only one left… I guess they didn’t need to keep it as a secret anymore ^^

  2. I wounder if your account will say if you have all 5 before or at release, I may
    have missed one?

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