The REVEAL counter has ticked to 70% (was I the only one to check when it was at 69 and giggle?) and a new feature has been unlocked. It’s another Developer Diary that gives us another blast from the (recent) past interview with Jay, Christian, and Jason as they talk about changes to the rune and skill system, fan feedback, and more.

    On March 21, 2012, with Diablo III nearly finished and a release date of May 15, 2012 finalized, Lead Software Engineer Jason Regier, Game Director Jay Wilson, and Art Director Christian Lichtner returned to the studio, and talked about the time required to make a quality game, how the team approached the skill system, the rune system, and community feedback.

    They guys talk about how close they were to release last year, how nearly-final the game was during testing, and then reflect on some of the major changes made to skills and runes, overhauls prompted by the “strike team” of devs from WoW and SC2 coming in and giving a fresh perspective to the D3 systems. They also talk about the value of community feedback, and how they analyze trends in fan comments. Oddly, they mention the skill system and fan comments during the beta changes to it, but don’t say a word about the skill UI, which is far and away the most fan-disliked system in the entire game.

    Click through to see the content of the remaining three reveals, if you’re curious. Be warned, here there be wallpapers.

    80% — DEV DIARY V — May 1(ish)
    With internal testing complete and the game launch rapidly approaching, Jay Wilson, Christian Lichtner, and Jason Regier share what they’ve learned over the course of Diablo III’s development, how they’ll spend their time after the game releases, and final thoughts they’d like to leave you with in this fourth video installment of Developer Diaries.

    90% — Class Wallpapers, May 4(ish)
    Congratulations! Your actions yield for you new treasures of true artistry. Choose any of the desktop wallpapers here to champion your favorite hero.

    100% — Diablo: Wrath, May 7(ish)
    Long before the creation of Sanctuary, the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons raged on for untold millennia. Blizzard Entertainment teamed up with renowned director Peter Chung and acclaimed animation studio Titmouse to create this unique vision of a fundamental moment in the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

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