Retailers Hopping on April 17 Diablo 3 Release Date

Usually when an online retailer whacks up a DiabloWikirelease date it’s hard to put any faith in it, but based on yesterday’s news, it’s worth pointing out that Gamestop in the UK now have the date down as 17 April for both the CE and Standard edition, and Amazon in Italy has also updated their page with the new date. Perhaps Amazon in Italy were privy to the information that has been ‘leaked’ and has since updated the page to reflect the new date.

It will be interesting to see if  other retailers follow suit in the next 12-24 hours. If you spot any more updates, let us know.

Thanks Sergio

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    57 thoughts on “Retailers Hopping on April 17 Diablo 3 Release Date

    1. Fingers crossed, check
      Arms crossed, check
      Legs crossed, check
      eyes crossed, check

      • You’re just cancelling your luck out. Now, we’re all going to have to wait till 2013…  🙁

      • Why are you taking like that?  Its annoying, especially since you didn’t cross your tongue.

    2. Polish distributor has release date set for Q2 2012. Seeing as April 17 is Q2 it may be possible indeed.

    3. well, there is a contest on where I stated that I guess april the 17th is the release date – lol 😀 ^^ well, I think its fake anyway

    4. I refuse to believe any “sources” till it comes out of Blizzard’s mouth, and I suggest to not get your hopes up as well. We’ve had enough of fake “signs of the release” already. Don’t get me wrong, I want the game to come out as soon as it’s possible, but I’ve had enough of bullshit stories.

    5. …and because it´s roughly six weeks and two days and not eight weeks its “bullshiz” ?

    6. If they announce it next week, then it’d make sense with a april 7 release, otherwise Im not so sure…

      They wont be needing a very long period to advertice the game, since the hype is waay out there already.

    7. WTF APRIL EARLY ? Cmoon, it was suppsoed to come out for christmas. its 95% sure april and I told ya 2011 it will be out april, should have listened to me. No point delaying a game anymore, its 99,9% finished already

    8. sorry for that but this comment shouldn’t be here. I wrote a reply in which I wrong typed the CAPTCHA, later captcha was wrote properly but comment engine add it as a comment not as a reply of one of the above comments. what I could had done was only edit not delete, so ignore it, or delete if you are some sort of admin.

    9. What if blizzard say “APRIL FOOLS LOL”

      I think murder shall be commited, many times, until not a single snowflake is left [That’s what a blizzard employee is known as in the murders of 2012]

    10. They haven’t known the date since January…they were just guessing. I’ve seen March, April, May…July, ect.

      • Of course they didn’t know that is marketing, man. You can throw something and people will buy it, just sell your story about UFO landing nearby last night, you will on 100% got attention negative/positive but you will got it. Gee… where is the brain when comes it to thinking?

        Besides they had always different media politic. In early 1990s they were broadcasting in public TV station CNN overnight, until someone point it out that it’s illegal.

        So for someone who is believing Blizzard when they are saying “when it’s done”: I warning You Blizzard is not Oracle, they do marketing stuff in the background, and somebody can grab info and sell it as leaked news. What they say is not always the truth, if you remember the video about Inferno “oh, how hard it is” you know noticed that it was marketing video and real testing begins a couple weeks ago. The same about Titan they always are saying “We are very excited about it, we want wait a little bit longer” why? You think they’ve done something? It’s marketing BS (there is always a PR sniper nearby). Just look at their open position job list there are core position available for the project, so how they can start doing something without leaders? They always tease to get attention (stock going up – Boby happy), get feedback and then they are start working, just look at wow cataclysm how many promises, and what from it saw the light of the day in released product.

          • They earning money when they say “when it’s done” catching enthusiasts of their products in the trap and the enthusiasts spread the word to other people “how the last one in the series was good” (which affect their stock index (which going up), ’cause every one will waiting for new one). Meantime the release date is booked, but they don’t share it with us (we still hear “when it’s done/almost ready”), they share only with publishing companies and retailers, and some employees (of the publishing companies and retailers) share the release date with media. That is the businesses.

    11. Just wondering if anyone else isn’t going to be playing D3? I guess you may think that’s a dumb question since you’re reading news about diablo 3, on a diablo 3 fansite, about a diablo 3 rlease date… But the push and pull that Blizzard has been putting us through has turned me into a villager from the classic “boy who cried wolf” story. I’m sure the game will be fantastic, but now that it’s release is approaching, I genuinely no longer have excitement for it. I realized that no games in recent years have continued to live up to the nostalgic expectations I had set for video games ten years back when I was an adolescent.

      For some reason though, with all the painful academic reading I do, it’s still enjoyable to come back and grab a leisurely read off of diabloincgamers.
      Anyone else in a similar way?

      • So let me see if I understand this: you have no excitement for D3 because blizzard has been putting you through push and pull over Diablo 3 release date information and delays? 

    12. It would not surprise me. The reasons for an April launch are:

      1. In March blizzard will start a huge press campaign to promote MoP… followed  by beta play a few weeks later, so D3 can start without taking too much attention away from the real money maker, Wow subscriptions. They did the exact same with SC2 … That launched on July … 25th a mere few weeks before the Cata beta.

      2. An early quarter start gives a full 10 weeks of buiding up the economy in D3 and giant first 10 weeks sales to look good in the financial reports. Remember the on line part of Blizzard will now include Wow subs AND Diablo sales AND RMAH transactions.

      3. The first week sales will look pretty good too at the May stock holders conference, because blizzard needs to survive the more bland first quarter of 2012 with no new Wow content or launch.

      4. With more revenue now from on line transactions, we will see Wow numbers growing with the new MoP expansion, as nobody will be able to trace which revenue comes from which game and so Blizzard will use this April launch (that stretches a full quarter) to boost both revenue and on line player numbers.

      My guess is that they plan for a record 1.8 billion dollar shot in 2012. That would be breaking the 2010 record by 200 million dollars! Certaily feasable if the Wow + D3 combo will succeed in reinforcing each others play through the battnet bucks system.


    13. I find it hilarious how people are trying to seem as if they arent excited about Diablo III anymore because of how long it’s taking to release You’re on this site, reading the comment section  of an article pertaining to the release date: You clearly still give a #&*% about D3,  and all you are doing is making a feeble attempt at frightening Blizzard into releasing it sooner by showing them that people are losing interest. Lolling at y’all.

    14. …wat?

      So people not being excited is a “feeble attempt” at getting Blizzard to “release it sooner”?

      You know what moon physics is? This is kind of like moon logic.

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