Restricitons for Digital Copy removed

We reported earlier that players who bought the game from Battle.Net, had to wait up to 72 hours before they could enjoy the full game. Blizzard later explained why the Digital Download version has the same restrictions as the DiabloWikiStarter Edition.

The restriction of Level 13 and content up to DiabloWikiSkeleton King is now completely removed and players can now enjoy the full game. The restrictions on DiabloWikiAuction House, Trade and Chat is still in place until they get cleared.

Update 6/26/12: Leveling and Act I content restrictions for unverified digital purchasers have been removed with patch 1.0.3a. Please note that this change will not take effect until your game client has been updated to the most recent patch.

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    9 thoughts on “Restricitons for Digital Copy removed

    1. Slightly off topic, but still related to WHY Blizzard put it in in the first place (stolen CC scams).

      In the Netherlands and Belgium there is a huge banking scam going on from Eastern maffia organisations. Thousands of people are losing REAL money from their bank accounts thanks to massive phising emails…

      It was on the news for 2 days in a row now. They showed on TV how people are getting scammed REAL money because they don’t protect their PC’s.

      And you know what the conclusion was ? Get an authenticator for your home banking… 🙂

      Next time all you guys out there pointing at Blizzard because you were hacked and your info stolen… this is a CRIME world.

      I pity Blizzard trying to put out interesting ideas in on line play in such a kind of crooky world, I really do.

      • I’m not sure if you are aware, but blizzard didn’t pioneer the authenticator idea. Its been around in various forms for a while, for different industries than just games as well….like banking.

        Just fyi. As it sounds like you are implying blizzard brought the idea around.

        Also. These security concerns would be greatly lessened if they implemented a bit of extra security in their a coin lock system…features that are already standard for other games…

        Its not really fair to the bashioks moms of the world to put all the security responsibility on them when they can’t understand a tooltip that says “skill x does 5-10 damage.

        • I didn’t say Blizzard invented the authenticator.

          What I DID say was that Blizzard is(was) nailed to the cross because people got their account info stolen. EVEN by some journalist nerds who should know better.

          Even now you dare to state : “they need to add extra security…”

          So you STILL continue to trash talk.

          BTW the coin system is worth ZERO because you can mask IP addresses with ease. These other games have 1% of the Blizzard market, so there is no interest even to hack them.

          Stop accusing without the IT knowledge.

          • Steam has in the area of 40million active accounts. 1 % huh? … there you go making things up again…

            And since you clearly do not have the knowledge..and I do I will explain how the system works. If you log in from any computer other than the original/or a trusted computer (even on the same network) it locks you out and will require you to verify your identity.

            But go ahead and keep making things up and posting. It makes you more credible.

    2. I’m glad they lifted the restriction. It would be really nicxe if they could write a short paragraph along with the patch notes explaining and giving notice. A little more transparency would make me feel much better as a consumer. It would also save their community team a lot of time given all the defending and then backpeddling and then more defending they have to do when the devs ambush us with changes like that.

    3. Blizzard have made a few dumb decisions lately, but treating paying customers like criminals has to be the most offensive. Should never have implemented in the first place.

      • So Blizzard treated their customers as criminals because Blizzard checking out the validity of their Credit Cards after having been the victim of massive CC fraude?

        You could play the game though, there was a simple limit to lvl 13 until your CC was checked.

        OK so how would you call NCsoft then who ask 60 dollars … in advance for a game that is unavailable for 6 months long with NO servers even on line ?

        Mmm ?

    4. One more time one step ahead and than few hours later back again. Tsts, it seems, Blizz had no clear line to resolve some problems or wholes in the system.

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