I have continued a bit in DiabloWikiFlux‘s efforts to bring back a lot of the information that was available on Diabloii.net back in the day, and also repaired links so that any old links pointing at them will be redirected to where the content is located today. The following five (quite massive) entries are now available on DiabloWiki.net:

    • Clvl 99 in Record Time – Guild Nachos describe a race from 1-99 in record time.
    • Premium Bow Comparison – AllNamesRTaken’s comparison of Amazon bows.
    • Muling Guide – [limitbreaker] & Flux’s extensive guide on Muling.
    • Flux’s Javazon Guide Part 1 – Another massive work of Flux. It’s more Amazon material guiding you to making your very own Javazon. Character development and Skills choices.
    • Flux’s Javazon Guide Part 2 – The deeper aspects of the Javazon, namely gearing her up!

    For the Diablo 3 content updates, the big news is that we just added perhaps one of the most important entries, DiabloWikiDiablo. DiabloWiki contributor Azymn has just started the Diablo article and with the first basic info it

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