In some surprising news, It reads as follows that the eternally-delayed v1.13 patch will include… respecs. Here’s what Bashiok said on the issue, in several different posts in the same thread.

    Skill tree re-specialization is currently a planned feature for the Diablo II 1.13 patch, yes.

    There will be an easily accessed but very limited way characters will have access to respecs, and another way …

    Respecing = Yuck.

    Bashiok: It’ll be fine.

    Bashiok also pointed out that the sticky thread in the Test Realm forum had been updated with a v1.13 “progress” report. Test Realm forum:

    The Warcraft III patch has been released but in order to resolve some persistent issues work is not yet moving to the Diablo II patch. Again this involves some very high priority issues that need to be resolved before work can continue on D2 1.13

    We’ll keep you updated as work progresses.

    Thanks to Jakotaco for spotting this one in the B.net no one reads that no one reads.

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