We’ve seen a lot of recent conversation about the “Reset Quests” button, and we’ll likely continue to see them until the devs can get some programming fix to clearly display which quest or portion of a quest your character hasn’t completed. Here’s today’s complaint:

    How do I reset quests?

    I just played thru & beat diablo & for some reason the option to reset quests is still faded & unclickable. am I missing something?


    Go to the menu and select public games,, select change quest, and any act that dose not have “pick any quest”, has not been done 100%
    Nevalistis: I’ve seen [the above] advice popping up here from time to time, and it’s a good work around to root out the few quests you might have missed here or there. Some of the smaller objectives can be easily missed, especially if you jump around from Act to Act a lot!

    We know there’s not currently an ideal way to (quickly) tell which remaining quests you have before you can use the “Reset Quests” option again. It’s definitely something we’re conscious of and we’re looking into how we can intuitively address this in a future patch.

    The problem, as the Blue mentions, is that players tend to skip around, especially in multiplayer games and miss parts of quests. You might miss something as small as talking to an NPC after completing a quest, but you have to get that done or else the “Reset Quests” button will remain grayed out. Of course you can just replay the entire game from Act 1 through Act 4, but that’s a waste of time if you’ve just got one little bit of one quest you need to tap off

    reset-questsThe reason to bother with this, if you missed it, is that currently Leoric will drop a guaranteed legendary item when you kill him after Resetting Quests. (This is a bug, but Blizzard likes the function so they’re moving the guaranteed drop to Diablo in an upcoming patch.) The catch is that you have to play through every quest in order through all four acts.

    It’s not yet known how this will work in Reaper of Souls; if you’ll be able to Reset Quests after you go through Diablo or if you’ll have to continue on through all of the (very large) Act Five as well. I think that’s probably a moot point; DiabloWikiAdventure Mode and DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts are so much more fun and rewarding than Story Mode that almost no one in Reaper of Souls will care about this D3v2 guaranteed legendary item trick.

    For now though, the guaranteed drop is there, if not necessarily worth doing. I’ve seen lots of players reporting on their Speed Runs in clan chat, and the fastest possible times are done with Vault-o-matic Demon Hunters. Yesterday in IncHC on the European server HardRock completed all four acts in well under two hours, but even at that speed he thought it not worth it. The play style to clear so quickly requires a low difficulty level and almost no killing along the way, which really limits the EXP and item finding along the way, just for one guaranteed legendary drop.

    Players can generally find at least one legendary and gain far more experience in two hours of normal play time, especially if they’re geared well enough to handle Torment or higher. That makes the Reset Quests run something of a novelty, and as I said, no one will do this in Reaper of Souls, so it’s a novelty that’s got a limited shelf life. If you guys enjoy it though, you might as well burn through it while you still can. T-minus two weeks and counting!

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