The Reset Quests Issue Continues

We’ve seen a lot of recent conversation about the “Reset Quests” button, and we’ll likely continue to see them until the devs can get some programming fix to clearly display which quest or portion of a quest your character hasn’t completed. Here’s today’s complaint:

How do I reset quests?

I just played thru & beat diablo & for some reason the option to reset quests is still faded & unclickable. am I missing something?


Go to the menu and select public games,, select change quest, and any act that dose not have “pick any quest”, has not been done 100%
Nevalistis: I’ve seen [the above] advice popping up here from time to time, and it’s a good work around to root out the few quests you might have missed here or there. Some of the smaller objectives can be easily missed, especially if you jump around from Act to Act a lot!

We know there’s not currently an ideal way to (quickly) tell which remaining quests you have before you can use the “Reset Quests” option again. It’s definitely something we’re conscious of and we’re looking into how we can intuitively address this in a future patch.

The problem, as the Blue mentions, is that players tend to skip around, especially in multiplayer games and miss parts of quests. You might miss something as small as talking to an NPC after completing a quest, but you have to get that done or else the “Reset Quests” button will remain grayed out. Of course you can just replay the entire game from Act 1 through Act 4, but that’s a waste of time if you’ve just got one little bit of one quest you need to tap off

reset-questsThe reason to bother with this, if you missed it, is that currently Leoric will drop a guaranteed legendary item when you kill him after Resetting Quests. (This is a bug, but Blizzard likes the function so they’re moving the guaranteed drop to Diablo in an upcoming patch.) The catch is that you have to play through every quest in order through all four acts.

It’s not yet known how this will work in Reaper of Souls; if you’ll be able to Reset Quests after you go through Diablo or if you’ll have to continue on through all of the (very large) Act Five as well. I think that’s probably a moot point; DiabloWikiAdventure Mode and DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts are so much more fun and rewarding than Story Mode that almost no one in Reaper of Souls will care about this D3v2 guaranteed legendary item trick.

For now though, the guaranteed drop is there, if not necessarily worth doing. I’ve seen lots of players reporting on their Speed Runs in clan chat, and the fastest possible times are done with Vault-o-matic Demon Hunters. Yesterday in IncHC on the European server HardRock completed all four acts in well under two hours, but even at that speed he thought it not worth it. The play style to clear so quickly requires a low difficulty level and almost no killing along the way, which really limits the EXP and item finding along the way, just for one guaranteed legendary drop.

Players can generally find at least one legendary and gain far more experience in two hours of normal play time, especially if they’re geared well enough to handle Torment or higher. That makes the Reset Quests run something of a novelty, and as I said, no one will do this in Reaper of Souls, so it’s a novelty that’s got a limited shelf life. If you guys enjoy it though, you might as well burn through it while you still can. T-minus two weeks and counting!

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29 thoughts on “The Reset Quests Issue Continues

  1. I gave it a try with my DH (which can handle T1 but I prefer master for efficiency). Vault-o-matic for speed, chakram Shuriken Cloud for kill-o-matic and impale for bosses and “you have to kill for quests” mobs. Did it single player.

    Act 1 in 38′, Act 2 in 32′, Act 3 in 23′ and Act 4 in 12′.

    I did hard difficulty level so each quest in worth 1.5M exp. I did also exp rewarding side quests. I found about 1,5 legendary plus the guaranteed one from the SK.

    It seems than I gain exp faster like this than using normal play but the exp for the kill-o-matic is maybe one of the reasons for it. About 150M exp per run. As a side effect, I have more than 100M Exp bonus from pools of reflection: even in SC, death has a penalty now.

    I hope they will not nerf it because it is kind of fun and changing play style though I will go back to normal playing now.

    • Keep going at T1 for a while. It really shouldn’t take long before you’re geared up enough that T2 is an enjoyable challenge and T1 is very comfortable.

      Pushing beyond that is quite hard, but I’m pretty sure anyone can get to that T1/T2 level in maybe 10-15 hours thanks to the new loot system.

      • Before the runs, I did around 600kDPs but with the legendaries I found during the runs, I am at 80 without any loss in healing and life so I guess T1 will be OK now.

    • My times were:

      Act 1 – 31 minutes
      Act 2 – 25 minutes
      Act 3 – 22 minutes
      Act 4 – 11 minutes


      Relevant stats:

      19% Movement speed
      33% CD reduction
      11% Hatred cost reduction
      20% Discipline cost reduction (Perfectionist included)

      Playstyle: Run through everything, while only picking up Empowered and Fleeting Shrines. When killing is needed, use a well timed Rain of Vengeance and Rapid Fire.

      The run could be greatly optimized by switching gear and skills between running and bosses. I with even more specialized gear and lucky dungeon layouts the run could be done under an hour.

  2. Tried it too yesterday 2h30 min for one run. Was on Torment 1.

    I killed almost everything along the way including champion packs with Multishot and picked up stuff occasionally. So without that I could be probably be at least half an hour faster but then it would be extremely inefficient for me experience wise.

    Normally DH is geared good enough for T5. For the run my equip had 200k dps but with 45% increased Multishot Dmg and +7% Multishot Crit.

    The passive Blood Vengeance gives you nearly unlimited resources if you clear along the way. Especially Rare and Champion packs always refill you to 100% Hatred and Discipline.

  3. One thing I would like to know? Do I get the boss guaranteed legendary if I just roflstom all acts on Normal difficulty?

    • Yes. At level 8-59 you get a Legendary from all Act Bosses, but at level 60 you only get one from Leoric (soon from Diablo).

      • Not entirely true, leveling my WD yesterday I didn’t get any legendary from Belial or Butcher but I did from Azmodan and Diablo.

        • I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone else but you. What was your level at the time you killed them?

  4. I have the same problem. It is not that the player “jumps from act to act” but the stupid join a game system that joins you in the middle of a quest that you then have to repeat. So unless you play each act in one session, you might be best served to create your own game and then open it up to the public. In which case people may join or not, such a great multiplayer experience.

    Doing this on higher difficulties should get you more legendaries at different spots along the way.

  5. The Leoric guaranteed Legendary has been removed in this morning’s patch.

    It’s the second item listed in the patch notes.

  6. I don’t really like farming any one particular area. I like playing all of the game basically equally. So yeah, I do the storyline over and over, clearing out stuff on the side as well. The bonus xp from quest turn ins and stuff also help.

    So point being, you don’t have to rush through to try for that guaranteed legendary ASAP. And since farming any one spot is basically the same as farming anywhere else, killing every monster you see on your way through the story is just as good as farming any one spot over and over and certainly much more interesting, in my opinion at least. And every time you swing by Diablo you DO get a free guaranteed legendary, just in time to reset quests and do it again.

    I haven’t tried adventure mode, the randomness of it could keep me just as interested, but until then I would MUCH rather ‘story farm’ than any other kind of farming.

    • It’s true that some specific areas or quests are still more efficient if you want XP or items, but it’s also true that just playing through the game has never been this rewarding. This has the benefit that anyone can find a playstyle they are happy with. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to hear farmers complaining in a few weeks (if they didn’t start already) that the game has become boring again. πŸ™‚

  7. I do enjoy resetting quests, but it’s not for the legendary drop (which is a nice bonus, mind you). It does give a sense and direction to play through all the story, with quite nice quest rewards and generally more interesting boss encounters (except Leoric. Why didn’t they fix Leoric?). I general, I’m extremely satisfied of the reset quests function, but of course it wil be forgotten once the RoS will arrive.

  8. I have twice now killed the Butcher with no legendary first time while leveling my new barb and then after reseting the quest line now playing through on torment 1.

    • How new is this Barb? Did you start leveling him in this weeks patch? It’s possible the devs introduced a new bug in this patch.

      • I like it honestly. I’ve been using a build that wasn’t viable D3V that I always wanted to do. Blood Bath McGrath is what I call it bassically all the AOE blood skills (blod bath rune on rend) blood explosions on crit from battle rage and super barb mode. Lots of fun.

        I got so tanky so quickly too. I’m not really trying to become an uber tank but being trapped in a corner against 2 packs and a purple yesterday and tanking out desecration and arcane (very almost died several times).

        I like it a lot but I’ve not got a lot of damage but I just blame the RNG for that. Currently replaying the quest reset on Torment 1 and doing very well but not enough damage to kill a treasure goblin.

  9. QUOTE

    If it isn't, I fully expect Blizzard to tune it until it is.  (Or try to.)

    Well, farming productivity is still directly tied to density, so there’s a lot of blank space they need to put something in, otherwise the areas without blank space will still be better (and this is a game about killing things and taking their stuff, not walking through a barren wasteland in which no assault and larceny can occur so don’t you even say nerf the good areas…. besides, they already were nerfed).

    • “there’s a lot of blank space they need to put something in”

      Or they could just buff drops in those specific areas, assuming that they have variables set up for this. It’s possible that they can only adjust drops on a per monster basis at the moment, but creating a multiplier for each map shouldn’t be too hard to do.

      • It’s also possible that they already did this and people just assume that density is all that matters. πŸ™‚

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