Two issues are bubbling near the top of Clan chat lately, and both are causing a lot of confusion. Reset Quests and guaranteed legendary drops. “Reset Quests” is a button you see in the create game menu which lets you wipe all progress and begin again on the road outside of Tristram, as though you were level 1. Contrary to some rumors, this does *not* grant the the “guaranteed legendary drops” all over again, since that only happens from Leoric and the Act Bosses your first time through the game.

    Reset Quests? It’s weird because only one of my characters has the button. The others, who have also completed the entire campaign do NOT have the button. It’s simply not there. Anyone know why?
    In order to unlock the “Reset Quest” button, your character will need to have completed every single quest in the game, including all the individual checkpoints (or steps) within those quests. Just because you’ve killed Diablo, that doesn’t mean your character has necessarily completed every single quest in the game.

    We know it’s very confusing right now to tell which quest or quest step you’re missing, so we’re looking into ways to address that and make it more obvious for players to see exactly what they still need to complete in order to unlock the “Reset Quest” option on each of their characters.

    That kind of change isn’t something we can hotfix in, but instead would require a client-side patch. It is absolutely on our radar, though, and something we want to fix.

    What i want to know is, why bother? Serious question. I mean, pre-60, it seems like you can get the “guarantee” legendary drop again from bosses, but at 60, what’s the point in doing it, other than to torture yourself in having to slog through the whole campaign again? It says increased rewards, but anyone know what exactly that is?
    When we decided to remove the old tiered progression system (Normal ? Nightmare ? Hell ? Inferno), we knew we would be taking away the repeat story experience. We also knew that there are players out there who enjoyed that experience of getting to play through the story linearly as well as repetitively.

    This is where the “Reset Quest” option comes in. We wanted to give players a way to repeat the story and still feel like they were getting a bonus for doing so. For those who don’t know, whenever you use “Reset Quest,” not only does your quest progression reset, but the gold and EXP rewards also reset. This gives players the opportunity to earn those higher “first time quest complete” reward values again, but it’s at the cost of needing to replay the whole story — which, hey, some players really enjoy.

    That said, we know that it’s a little too easy right now for players to click the “Reset Quest” button and accidentally reset their story progression without actually a) meaning to and b) knowing entirely what they’re getting into. So, we’re going to add some additional functionality that will both better clarify what “Reset Quest” does and what rewards come with it, as well make it a little more difficult for those accidental resets to happen.

    The other part of this issue is Adventure Mode in Reaper of Souls. Reset Quests isn’t that impactful in D3, since you’re always kind of doing Campaign Mode anyway. But in RoS you’re mostly doing Adventure Mode which has you chasing bounties all throughout the game, Act to Act, in no regular progression sequence, without any story at all. So including an option to replay the whole story from the start might be nice for a change.

    Click through for several Blue posts on the related issue of guaranteed legendary drops and when/where they occur, and why they aren’t exploitable, aside from the current very time-consuming bug with Leoric. (You get a leg every time from Leoric after you Reset Quests, but then have to play through the entire story, all 4 acts, to make “Reset Quests” functional again.)

    I just need some clarification. I remember reading a while ago that they were going to make it that the first time you killed a boss you would get a legendary. now ive heard people saying this is only true if youres <59. now i reset my quests, killed all of the act 1 bosses, sk, spider, and butcher. i got a legendary from sk and butcher, but not spider. I killed magdha in act 2 and i didnt get one, but i died. someone in chat said if you die you dont get your legendary.it seems a little weird, can anyone clarify whats going on?
    As of patch 2.0.1 the first time you kill a major boss (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, and Diablo) you’re guaranteed to find a Legendary item, but only for characters below level 60. Characters who killed these bosses prior to patch 2.0.1 will still get their guaranteed Legendary the first time they kill one after the patch, but only if they are level 59 or below.

    Also, some of you may notice an option in the Game Settings tab called Reset Quests (just under the Change option for selecting your Campaign quest). I should point out that you do not need to use the Reset Quest option in order to be eligible for the guaranteed Legendary for a first time boss kill.

    I am lvl60 and everytime i reset ,Skeleon King gives a legend, that’s a bug right?
    This is indeed a bug.

    I don’t see the point of the reset quest button at 60 without something similar to a guaranteed legendary off SK. Even with the guaranteed legendary off SK it doesn’t seem worth it. Should probably leave it in or get rid of reset quest.
    Given that it’s an option for players who want to take advantage of it (and not mandatory in any way for other players), we don’t have any plans to remove it at this time.

    I do believe that trading and AH were also options for players who wanted to take advantage of them, no? Or would trading be forced onto players via disabling drops if you haven’t traded with someone else in the past 24 hours or something similar?
    We’ll certainly keep an eye on how players use the Reset Quest option. If it looks like a large majority of players feel the feature is mandatory based on the rewards it provides (or if it somehow starts to short circuit an intentional element of the game, like the auction house did), then we’ll likely revisit its functionality and make some changes.

    Until then, we like being able to provide players the opportunity to start the campaign from scratch and earn first-time quest bonuses. We already have plans to make the feature itself a bit easier to navigate and understand, but beyond that we’re pretty happy with its current functionality and intent.

    Thanks for the feedback, though! I’ll be sure to pass it on.

    Hey Lylirra, please do not consider fixing the Skeleton King “bug”. It gives us a nice reason to re-play the campaign.
    So, here’s a few quick updates from the design team (almost verbatim).

  • We will be fixing the bug with the Skeleton King in an upcoming patch (“the bug” = he drops a guaranteed Legendary item each time you kill him after using the Reset Quest feature, even if you’re level 60). This not an intended bonus of Reset Quest.
  • While we are fixing the bug with the Skeleton King, we’ve definitely heard player feedback that it’s nice to receive a guaranteed Legendary item for killing a boss after using the Reset Quest feature. We as developers like it, too, but feel that the Skeleton King is the wrong place for it. So, we’re going to add that guaranteed Legendary drop to Diablo. Again, this would be a bonus for using the Reset Quest feature and playing the campaign all the way through–even at level
  • We’re also revisiting drops for all Act bosses after using Reset Quest. We agree that seeing all blues drop just feels bad. =/
  • That seems a fair system; you get a guaranteed legendary drop if you kill Diablo, but that’s only after you play the entire story through on all four acts. This is just on the edge of being a strategy. You can clear Acts 1-3 in maybe 30m each if you just fly through, and Act 4 a bit faster than that, and you’ll probably find another legendary in the process… but is that goign to get you more profit in items and exp than you could get farming juicy levels in that same amount of time? I’d say probably not, but at least it’s an option.

    That said, it’s going to be pretty much irrelevant in 3+ weeks, since no one will bother to do this in Reaper of Souls.

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