Every flavor orbs...

    Every flavor orbs…

    Some fans dislike having to pick up the purple eggs that DiabloWikiElites lay in DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, and ask why they must do so, instead of simply receiving the +1% experience boost directly. Remove DiabloWikiProgress Orbs from Greater Rifts?

    So can somebody at Blizzard please tell me why the progress in greater rifts isn’t baked into the elites and instead we have to zig zag all over the place to pick these annoying little globes up? I can’t think of a single good reason, but if there is one I’d like to hear it.
    Tyvalir: That’s a fair question.

    During the initial development of Patch 2.1.0, we experimented with a variety of different designs for Greater Rifts. For example, in one such design, loot dropped throughout the Greater Rift. This was eventually changed and we removed said loot from everything but the Rift Guardian (so that the focus can be on killing things).

    At one point, we actually tested a version of Greater Rifts where nothing dropped at all; not even progression orbs. Based on feedback, though, that scenario felt strangely unrewarding, especially when killing the more challenging monsters.

    The current design provides a reward visually while playing through Greater Rifts, up until the final loot-splosion when you slay the Greater Rift Guardian. While we don’t have plans to change this, it is a great question, so I’m glad you brought it up. 🙂

    Sometimes they get lost if you kill them around certain things. Like lava and or mobs that fly off the actual map….

    …Is there any way to change how they’re tossed out/received? The only real flaw in the system is the time lost while scrambling to pick them up. Also it can be a real pain when they fall in the radius of a molten explosion, or other still-active elite effects.

    …The problem is when you’re in a room and the orbs drop on 3 opposite corners and you end up running around to pick up orbs vs making progression on the map. Some elites drop them in a small radius and there’s those that throw them across screen. That’s what needs to be fixed
    Tyvalir: Ah, I’ve seen this happen, too. Basically, you’re saying that when you kill an Elite or Champion pack, the resulting progress orbs can fly off in different directions, which can be frustrating if they end up being very far apart or being hidden behind other objects.

    It’s not his job to argue fans out of bad ideas, but I think Tyvalir went too, “all feedback is are good feedback!” here. The reason, fairly obviously, is that a valuable reward like progress orbs should take some (minimal) effort to acquire. If you want the bonus Progress from the purple orbs, you have to go pick them up, and sometimes they don’t drop right in a stack, or you have to avoid Molten or Frozen or Arcane, etc. Welcome to Sanctuary, where random things are random. Enjoy your stay. Watch your step.

    Early progress orb graphic.

    Early progress orb graphic.

    I wouldn’t say purple orbs are exactly a balancing factor, but obviously the fast moving builds with DoT damage are (slightly) inconvenienced by having to delay or detour to get the purple orbs, while direct damage classes/builds are generally standing right there when the Elite pops. That seems fair to me, as a help to the slower classes in a game where mobility is almost always a huge advantage.

    And lest you think I’m just hating on Spin2Win Barbs (generally a safe assumption), my current fave build is a Strafe/Nat’s DH, and in T6 Rifts I use RoV: Dark Cloud, plus DoT on my Lgems, which means I’m usually well past the Elites when they pop, so any leg drops require me to backtrack. The same would be true in mid-level Grifts, (I use Fire RoV on higher Grifts, and can’t race madly past Elites) but of course I know that every Elite is going to drop purple orbs, so I stay closer to the bosses to make retrieval quicker when they die. (And still sometimes just keep on going, if I’m far ahead and flying with a Conduit or Channeling Pylon active.)

    Do you guys like purple orbs and want them to stay? They are another form of shiny and they make a cool “gulpgulpgulp” sound when you PacMan over then. Do you think there’s a valid strategic element or class equalizer to having to pick them up, rather than just baking their bonus Progress into the Elite kill? Or do you want to just get the bonus without having to pause for an instant? Rushing is what Grifts are all about, after all.

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    Just as a history lesson, remember that legendary drops gained the orange star on the map back in the height of D3v’s Spin2Win OP Barb days, msotly due to fan complaints that players were missing all the leg drops since they were already 2 or 3 screens ahead by the time the DoT whirlwinds finished off the targets. Builds that didn’t rush ahead weren’t missing any legs, and actually spotting the good drops when they dropped was considered a necessary skill to succeed in the game, as it was in D1 and D2.

    I’m certainly not advocating the removal of orange stars and green asterisks, and without those I would miss multiple legs per day when they drop offscreen. Plus the *CLANG* and beam provide an instant of fun and anticipation even if they drop right next to your character. But neither do I think legs should just appear automatically in your inventory, as taking the moment to pick them up is part of the strategy/play mechanics.

    For more history, remember when Progress Orbs were orange and spongy looking, first off on the PTR?

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