Reminder: Richard A. Knaak Live Chat - WoW: Night of the Dragon

A reminder to our community to attend tonight Thursday (USA) or Friday (Europe) the live public chat with Richard A. Knaak.  We will discuss details of World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon—a sequel to Day of the Dragon that lays the ground for the emergence of the Twilight Dragonflight and the very early stage of the Nexus War in Wrath of the Lich King.  The book continues the scene from the Netherwing Ledge (Burning Crusade) where Lady Sinestra and the Dragonmaw strike a deal in exchange of Netherwing eggs.  There are a few continuity nods from the mangas and the patch 2.4 mixed in with the cameo of Kalecgos who blames Krasus for the fate of Anveena at the Sunwell Plateau.

Find out more about WarCraft Legends Vol. 3 and 4, or ask about the upcoming World of Warcraft: Stormrage novel. Feel free to ask abou Diablo Novels. The live chat will take place at the following page (accessible on your internet browser)

Time Zones

US East – May 14, 8pm
US Central – May 14, 7pm
US Mountain – May 14, 6pm
US Pacific – May 14, 5pm

Note: Europeans can access the live chat on Friday, May 15:

UK – May 15, 1am
Paris – May 15, 2am


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