Release Date Rumor: January 17, 2012

This weekend’s hot rumor points to an image of an email, which was allegedly posted online in August. The email is purportedly from a the guy who runs a gaming blog called Digital Castration, and it lists the Diablo III release date as November 24, 2011, with an alternate backup date of January 17, 2012.

The email also includes a bunch of Blizzcon announcements, and though I didn’t pay any much attention to the Starcraft and WoWcraft content at the show, the new SC2 units and the Kung-Fu Panda WoW stuff seems accurate. That’s a pretty good confirmation of the info within it, if it really was posted in August. (There’s much debate about that; check this post if you care for all the pixel-counting argument.)

That said, even if Daeity’s source for the dates was 100% legit, the Diablo III release date was not announced at Blizzcon 2011 (as the email says it was going to be), so even if that was the plan, it may have changed. As Blizzard release dates seem to do.

See the DiabloWikiRelease Date article in the DiabloWikiDiablo Wiki for much more of this sort of thing.

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66 thoughts on “Release Date Rumor: January 17, 2012

    • While this all seems generally fake, I wouldn’t dismiss it on basis of “Blizzard would never use such word”… Did any of you follow the Eve Online unrest about monetization? The email that stirred it was also unthinkable, and legit.

      • This is pretty stupid to believe:

        Daeity writes an email to David…
        He asks David to make a blog and puzzle…
        In the end it’s Daeity’s blog…
        Daeity makes the blog&puzzle…
        Who is David? Wasn’t he supposed to make a blog and puzzle…?
        Fail much to writing email to yourself, signed by yourself Daeity?

        • Daeity was the old blog author who abandoned the site back in March. David is the new guy who runs the blog. Took me 2 minutes to google search.

  1. I initially dismissed this along with all the other release date ‘leaks’ that I come across, until I read over his previous ‘inside’ info.

    I still think he could be wrong but purely because Blizzard were too.  Back in August they thought it would be out this year and I wouldn’t call that prediction fake now either, just unachievable and if this guy is being fed info from a friend at Blizzard he’d end up being wrong too which is different to fake.

  2. Could be right. I’ll say release is Jan or Feb ’12. Not far off. If it is fake, people have too much time on their hands. 

  3. I’m with Elly on this. As can be seen at the bottom of this link (, the image *was* posted 2 months ago, a little after the email was sent and it *did* include the new SC2 and WoW information which was confirmed at Blizzcon this weekend. So… I’m guessing that they are currently working on a tentative January 17th release date with probably a new backup in March.

    That, or the fact that they didn’t announce a release date means they missed both their Nov. 24 and Jan. 17 deadlines and are now working on a tentative release date in March with a backup in May or something like that. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for Jan. 17 :).

  4. Completely FAKE. Trust me. He excluded his blog from internet archive and inner posts from google cache. He thought he is smart. But I decided to analyse his blog’s linkbacks. And VOILA.

    wowguideonline .com

    At March 23rd, owner of that site thought our fake guy wrote interesting things about WoW. So he decided to copy paste interesting articles from that fake blog. But somehow he (wowguideonline owner) didn’t post the article we’re now talking about which was suppposed to be posted at March 23rd with HUUUUGE inside info. He posted take fake guy’s foggy predictions about Titan and WoW. There also he posted our fake guy’s last article. But surprisingly he didn’t posted the one we’re talking about which was just under the last post at time.. Could that guy (wowguideonline owner) possibly miss the most important one in front of him with wow expansion and d3 details? No. Because there wasn’t an article like that.

    HUGE FAKE. Move on.

    • wowguideonline owner said he didn’t goto the blog the day it got shutdown. All of the new 4 or 5 posts were up for maybe 1 or 2 hours before the blog was shutdown. Plus, what does a March post have anything to do with the new August email that was sent out?

      Tell me, how did he “fake” the time stamp? There was more than one too. And the comments? And the blog posts? And the pastebin time stamped posts? And the youtube comments? He must be a hacker extraordinaire?

      Try doing a little research next time.

      Plenty of the readers there saw the leak 3 days in advance and those you saw the puzzle solved it months ago. You’re just finding out now because you weren’t a regular there and some people leaked it.

    • Are you a fucking idiot? All of you morons? Imbeciles? I’m really gettting sick of imbeciles all over the place.

      March 23, 2011 –

      Wowguideonline owner posted his articles in march 25th. In the previous post I said March 23rd but it was a typo. He also mentions the next article as that fake guy’s last article which should be just above the article I linked. So he couldn’t miss the previous article with huuuuuge news in front of him. But he missed it because there wasn’t any article like that.

      And secondly, I know that you’re that blog’s owner. Now get lost idiot.


      • Someone give this kid a TINFOIL HAT!
        I was willing to listen to you and i was asking some legitimate questions but now I have some serious doubts about your intelligence and maturity.
        You never answered any of my questions. You couldnt even answer 1 out of 7 questions. And now you’re just calling everyone morons and imbeciles. so why don’t you make it very simple for us imbeciles and prove your claims. I’ll make it very simple and easy.
        Create a blogspot page. Create a comment with this conversation. Post date the timestamp to 2 months ago. You said it was easy “You can fake blog comments” to do so let’s see it.
        This shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour and I will check back later today. If you can’t do this or come up with another new excuse, we’ll all know you’re a crook and a liar and a idiot troll.

          • Worst troll attempt ever. Who are you trying to fool kid? I said to create a COMMENT.. I see no comments with timestamps. It looks like you just disabled all time stamps and because you did this ON PURPOSE it proves that you know it’s impossible to fix time stamps. Apparently you are a liar and a troll..  and stupid too. You really think people were going to fall for that? Disabling dates and times on all of your comments? Nice try, but try again.

          • Did someone post a comment? Yes. When? 07.07.2007. 

            Wasn’t that what you wanted? I don’t give a fuck to how…

            But if you want, timestamps are accurate now and nothing is diabled. You can check it. BTW I didn’t have any blogspot account before but I’m a webmaster. That’s enough.


            RIGHT IN YOUR FACE AGAIN ! 😀

            You can see comment timestamps now right? ahahahahaa. Would you want me to do anything more for you retard?

          • It still don’t see the date and time, change your settings to make them the same as that Daeity blog.
            Make a new comment in combination with your old one showing a 2006 date.

          • You are blind then. Everyone sees but you can’t see 🙂

            OK. I changed comment time format to that fake blog’s time format and changed the comment date to 2006. And changed the blog to english. Also the article’s date is still 2007. So 2007 and 2006 is combined.

            It’s interesting that someone posted a comment in 2006 to an article dated 2007. HAHAHAHAA.

            You really embarrass yourself in front of every reader 😀 

            I think this case is closed now. Cya later retard.

            Final proof that you couldn’t do it and you were lying. What happened to the old comment? Oh right, YOU DELETED THE ENTIRE POST, deleted your original comment, and then put your entire site time back to 2006 and tried to pass it off as the original. You’re not fooling anyone.
            IN YOUR FACE. And you claim to be some webmaster…. you’re just a silly kid who got in too deep and wouldn’t give it up. All you did was create a new blog profile but with the date of the site set to something really old, but now you know that you can’t have 2 faked comments up at the same time. LOL
            And now you suddenly have to disappear and you’re not going to respond any more after being proven so wrong. This is even more proof that you know for a fact now that an old blog with hundreds of posts and comments can’t have any new comments faked. After all of your comments and even setting up that blog, you’re suddenly giving up? LOL, nice try.
            Even your avatar is puppet strings… you think you can manipulate people and get them to like you? You’re not very good at it.

          • You’re now lying huh? You know that article and the comment weren’t changed. I just edited the comment date. That was all what I did.

            You simply don’t have any brain. 

            You wanted me to change a comment’s date. I did. Then you wanted me to put an accurate timestamp (only for those people involved with web business). I did. Then you wanted me to change the time format to that fake blog’s time format exactly and you wanted me to change comment date to 2006. I did. But you’re still talking nonsense.

            In light of these, no, you don’t have any brain.

            Besides what are you trying to achieve with that fake recommend points. If I want I can recommend my comments more than thousand times. Just like I manipulated the outcome of art style polls in this site. Then I wanted a both IP and cookie based poll to erase doubts about the poll. Then I manipulated it too. For the greater good.

            Son, while you were going I was turning back.

            As for being a webmaster, yes I live as a webmaster. I earn money from this business and I know much more than you when it comes to my business. I’m not a kid who trys to gain attention with free fake blogs.

          • More redirects. You still can’t post two simultaneous comments, and you’re making up excuses exactly as I predicted. You can’t prove anything.

        • This is already known but he tried to find a reason for this in his fake blog too 🙂 Yes he is so retarded.

        • You’ve both just proved your ignorance. If either of you actually read the blog, you’d know that this is what the entire post was about and it’s normal. When you link an imgur image to Reddit, it’s automatically overriden with Reddit comments, Reddit links, and the Reddit post date.  The only way to see the original image is to click “embed codes” (?tags).
          And you’re a webmaster? You should have known this. No need to call you both retards, guess you already know.

  5. I’ve seen this blog before, I can’t remember on what occasion, but he predicted something very big a long time in advance, and was right.
    So this is probably legit (even the Pokemon stuff, because let’s be honest: the pet combat system IS Pokemon), but as Elly said back in August even Blizzard didn’t know when Diablo was coming out, and were hoping to release it before the end of 2011.

  6. I think this article should be deleted if Flux didn’t sell it. All this guy wanted was some attention and he’s getting that attention already with a linkback with his blog title as an anchor text.

  7. Watch Blizzcon -check
    Make up some email -check
    Add stuff from Blizzcon in it -check
    Edit the date -check
    Send email to self -check

    Just look at the dates/times on his blog posts. All after Day1Blizzcon, what a piece of Fake crap

    • How did he edit the time stamps? And the YouTube comment time stamp? And all of the blog comments? You didn’t even read any of the blog posts otherwise you would have seen how old this goes back.

  8. A “backup” in case the November release was missed? Hah, as if something like that makes any sense whatsoever.
    I call bullshit.

    • It’s sound business planning to have contingencies.

      But I guess you know better than Blizzard when it comes to releasing products that have been in development for 4+ years, right?

  9. Its a Post event, prediction; meaning it would have had real value if this was published last week prior to the announcements.  

    This is like saying nosterdamus predicted the sept 11 attack on the WTC after it happened.

    In summary, cool to read, but has no cred.

  10. The only thing that i can think of that can some what validate this is that in Aug Athene Made a youtube video about Wow and Pandas and said he had inside info…

    The fact that this is made public after blizzcon pushes it more twords a fake.

  11. Umm November 24th is Thanksgiving in the US. If that date is bs then so is the other. Fake.

    • Why is Thanksgiving BS? Do you know what day comes after Thanksgiving? That’s right, the single biggest retailing day of the year.

      • Yes, but why would they choose a day to release when all stores are closed? That doesn’t make any sense. If the intended date for release was the 25th, they would say that, not the 24th. That would be like a slap in the face (or quality trolling) to say the 24th and then people realize stores aren’t even open that day. Not to mention, though black Friday is the biggest retail day of the year, it isn’t a good time to release a game. Many people don’t even go out that day because of the long lines and hectic nature of it. It is mostly housewives.

  12. Gamespot has the release date now set at 3/1/12.  They are just guessing like everyone else.

  13. @TerribleDamage

    Umm November 24th is not Thanksgiving in the UK or anywhere else in the world for that matter.  You are aware international games are released a couple days apart right?

  14. Everyones simple guesswork on this being fake is foolhardy. They obviously didn’t -actually- investigate or read the real source. Plenty of regular readers of the blog knew about this leak months before Blizzcon, with the majority being 3 days in advance when he publicly posted it. It’s just a small blog with a small following and they were lucky enough to know all of this in advance..

    You can photoshop an image all you want, but you can’t fake multiple IMGUR.COM time stamps. You can’t fake the blog comments dating back months. You can’t fake the pastebin and YouTube time stamps.

    And what does a March post having anything to do with this new August email? wowguideonline was not able to get ANY of the last 4-5 posts, they were only up for 1 or 2 hours before Blizzard shut it down. I looked at that web archive page and it doesn’t capture live websites… maybe it takes a picture every 6 months or something which you failed to mention to everyone.

  15.  The one thing that would make me believe it was true is that Jan 17,2012 is a Tuesday. Most games release on a Tuesday.

    • It’s common knowledge games are released on Tuesdays. The odds of a randomly picked date being a Tuesday are 1 in 7. The odds of someone making up a fake date, knowing that it’ll be more convincing if they pick a Tuesday, are 1 in 1.

      • And yet, this troll who created this fake email managed to pick a Thursday, a major US holiday, as their first target release date. Fail.

  16. It can be accurate… Starcraft II release date (which is july 27) was announcement may 3, so if it’s true blizz have to give us date in early november. We will know soon…

  17. Fake or no Blizzard can put out any release date they please, it won’t matter because they are still tweaking the game to their expectations. They’re running out of material to show us without completely spoiling the game. November would be the best I think, then patch in the bug fixes a tweaks anyway, they’ve been doing it to WoW for years. It’s all on their severs so they can change what ever they like, now that they are done catering to WoW players and making sure subscriptions won’t be lost…

  18. You’re pretty naive if you just accept everything because there’s a supposed proof. The information is way too accurate, I’m pretty sure not even Blizzard knew exactly what they were going to announce at Blizzcon 3 months ago, the preparations start after that and many of the things they talk about at Blizzcon are changing constantly. The e-mail tries way too hard with this whole scheme attempting to give an elegant reason that nobody saw it until after Blizzcon.
    Now for the supposed proof of the imgur timestamp, from the imgur FAQ:
    “Can I go back and change an image after I share it?
    Unless you have an account, the only way you can do this is if you hit your ‘Back’ button right after you finished editing the image. If you have an account, then editing the image is as simple as clicking the “Edit” icon when you hover over the image thumbnail.”


    • Atleast someone has some logical way of thinking, most of these comments are just from desperate people that believe anything so they could get their hands on d3 sooner then expected.

  19. Doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake. The game is obviously not gonna be released on January 17th. Didn’t the development teams meet in the end of September and decide they will not be able to finish and release the game in 2011? At that time they had 14 weeks left until the end of 2011. Having 16 weeks instead of 14 would probably not have been significant. That’s why this January 17th date, real or fake, is irrelevant.

  20. Diablo 3 pretty much done? Really? Then what’s this talk about reworking the Rune System? I don’t care about the validity of this pic, as I see it, there’s still work to be done on Diablo 3 plus testing which for such a big change (runestones) will take a while. I’d like it to come out in March, but … it’ll be out when it’s done. And I’m ok with that.

  21. If you don’t think it’s fake: doesn’t it seem a bit TOO freaking convenient for this e-mail to pop-up right after BlizzCon? If it was legit, why not post it ahead of time, so people would know it wasn’t fake. Now someone could’ve just copied the information they got at BlizzCon, and then write the e-mail. You’re really stupid if you fall for this.

    • The official release popped up 3 days before Blizzcon and it just wasn’t talked about here until now. The unofficial release was 3 months ago which only regular followers of the blog knew about. If you knew anything about the blog, you would know that it has leaked tons of new stuff months in advance.

    • Good job! now please point at those that believed this fake pieces of crap holding on to this was the real deal, well sorry for you sad souls. YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYED!

    • That was already discussed on the blog. That’s the normal interaction of Reddit with “2 days ago” is when it was first posted on Reddit. Did you notice the /r/Diablo and Diablo Reddit comments on the same page?
      Click “embed codes” to see the original image and when it was posted.
      Nice try though. Looking for any excuse? Sorry keep trying.

      • Not looking for excuses, just facts, so sorry keep trying.
        Besides why care so much? It’s mostlikely bogus and fake and nothing is final.
        Looking for any defense excuses to keep your hopes up? sorry keep trying

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