This weekend’s hot rumor points to an image of an email, which was allegedly posted online in August. The email is purportedly from a the guy who runs a gaming blog called Digital Castration, and it lists the Diablo III release date as November 24, 2011, with an alternate backup date of January 17, 2012.

    The email also includes a bunch of Blizzcon announcements, and though I didn’t pay any much attention to the Starcraft and WoWcraft content at the show, the new SC2 units and the Kung-Fu Panda WoW stuff seems accurate. That’s a pretty good confirmation of the info within it, if it really was posted in August. (There’s much debate about that; check this post if you care for all the pixel-counting argument.)

    That said, even if Daeity’s source for the dates was 100% legit, the Diablo III release date was not announced at Blizzcon 2011 (as the email says it was going to be), so even if that was the plan, it may have changed. As Blizzard release dates seem to do.

    See the DiabloWikiRelease Date article in the DiabloWikiDiablo Wiki for much more of this sort of thing.

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