Diablo 3 Release Date Decided?

There was apparently a high level meeting planned to finalise the release strategy last week and in a Tweet from Blizzard Community Manager DiabloWikiZarhym earlier today it looks like another meeting may well have taken place as a follow-up to get things finalised

This meeting’s high-level shit, yo. Gettin’ all professional up in this bitch.”

While the Tweet is not specific, we can speculate that decisions are now being made to get a release nailed down and announced. What with all the tentative retailer dates and booking of warehouse space popping up and the print run of documentation, it would make perfect sense. Jay Wilson’s Tweet last week also lends a little weight to the theory.

“Asia is not what’s holding us back. You’ll see soon enough.”

We are still waiting for final details of some of the game mechanics and Blizzard has already stated many times that they won’t release new info to the community until it is finalised. Jay’s Tweet also hints at more info on the game being released which would mean these could be the final reveal before a release date and the game ships out.

I would go out on a limb to say we will be hearing something from Blizzard very shortly. Thanks to Azzure for picking up some of this also.

I’m of course still cautious, a tiny (pessimistic) part of me is expecting a slippage announcement, but as the saying goes there’s no smoke without fire and it’s been getting darn smokey around here lately. Just waiting for Mike to make one of his announcements or one of the foreign official sites to slip up. Yay for administrative miscommunication.

Update #1: When asked if the meeting was Diablo 3 related, DiabloWikiZarhym replied…

It is!

Looking promising guys!

Update #2: It has been confirmed to us by a Blizzard source that the meeting was regarding the Diablo 3 release date.  Unfortunately they wouldn’t divulge what the outcome was and as I’d left my bestest thumbscrews in my other handbag wasn’t able to convince them otherwise.

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    90 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Release Date Decided?

    1. “This meeting’s high-level shit, yo. Gettin’ all professional up in this bitch.”

      Yeah, real “professional”.

      • Sometimes the best way to be professional is to have a lack of professionalism.

        This philosophy is realized through Blizzard.

        • Totally explains the whole “when it’s done” thing…

          As for release date my money is on mid March. I have yet to be impressed by any release dates of anything cool, I.e. Hobbit next year.

        • I read it and laughed, i thought i was comical…..its about time they stop being uptight about stuff, yo

      • “Gettin’ all professional up in this bitch.”

        Have to say this is a new one to me.  I can’t imagine Mike or Jay using that term to kick start the important meeting can you? 😆

        Can someone even get professional up in a bitch and what’s a bitch in relation to video games?  Of course I’m saying it in my English accent so it probably loses some of its impact. I’m sure in his local accent it sounds cool and not at all considered.  Maybe if I threw down some hand gestures too?

      • ysoserious? It’s time go out, stop looking for D3 news every second for a month, and exercise.

      • Well it’s fun laughing at you guys who thought I was somehow upset by that, or that I don’t have a sense of humour.

        • I love how you say that long after you posted that comment… long after people called you out on it… yes, very convincing… 🙄

          • Yeah, it’s called having a life and not sitting on this site all day obsessively checking the comments to see if anyone replied to my comment or not.

            But hey, you took 3 hours to reply to my reply, so what does *that* mean?!?!?!

            • I guess that means I supposedly have a life since I’m not constantly obsessing over this site according to your definition… Unlike someone who tries to use that as insult towards the person who caught him trying to save face after being called out by several people for having a poor sense of humor (aka a stick up his ass)… 🙄

    2. You’ll soon see enough… perhaps the reason for holding it back was some serious change in the game mechanics coming up in the next beta patch. May be we can make us ready for some real good things… perhaps… and yes, I am confident we will see diablo in the next 3 months at latest ! 🙂 Because the rumors around the soon release or lets say public release date are getting much more interesting since today morning and following this tweet I am getting more and more curious! xD

      • These came from Tweets, which obviously don’t follow the same guidelines as the official forums. Also, this is a video game developer, not congress.

        • If it were congress, there’d be hair-pulling and perhaps a crack-fueled beatdown of some sort.

      • Once again, it was from Zarhym’s personal twitter feed (under his real name *gasp*) so he can say whatever he wants… All the Blizz employees put disclaimers on their personal twitter pages for just this reason… *sigh*

        • Finally only comes when the game is in my (our?) freaking hands, and I mean on the keyboard and mouse, not the actual box in my hands…

        • Finally, as in they are Finally “Gettin’ all professional up in this bitch.” and holding “high-level shit” “meeting’s” to discuss a firm release date.

          • where does it say they discussed a firm release date ?
            for all we know they discussed postponing the release date

    3. I fail to understand how…
      This meeting’s high-level shit, yo. Gettin’ all professional up in this bitch.”
      can be thought of as a release date decision.

    4. After all the false dates, all the delays, all the crap related to this to make me believe otherwise,

      I can’t help but go OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    5. Annoucement will probably go something like this: the game is getting released on 

      March 1st,… wait for it, wait for it, 2013. Tadaaaa!!

    6. Imagine if February 1st release date is real (I know it´s not but imagine), tomorrow they announce Diablo 3 is being released February 1st, 2011. Oh the joy, oh the tears, oh the humanity, oh the running around my flat naked and scaring people with weird noises.

    7. Hm… When I first read that Jay Wilson tweet back when he made it, I took it to mean that the KGRB would soon rate D3 and the release date announcement would still be a while from happening, but I guess it could also mean that the release date announcement could happen soon and before the KGRB rates D3, thus proving that it really wasn’t them that held it up…

      All I can say is: I really hope that is the case… 🙂

    8. The release date is not set yet because the freakin game is half done and some major flaws was discovered that made the game suck ass so they have to rethink and redo most of the stuff. It will come out April at best but more likey in December 2012.

      • Yeah… how ’bout no… The door is that way. ➡ Don’t let it hit your troll ass on the way out…

      • So you know this oh wise one? where exactly are you getting this information? We have tweets with “bitches” and “shit” and “yo” in them so how is that not even the least bit optimistic? 😉

    9. I’m typically very skeptical but I’m going to open my heart to the possibilities here and OMG SIGN OF RELEASE DATE!?!?!?

    10. Just judging from the general excitement that the Diablo 3 team has been showing lately, I would have to say a release date is very realistic at this point. I mean we’ve been hearing Jay drop bombs like “It’s almost* ready!” and were seeing crazy ass tweets from Zarhym!? I mean, if Bashiok acted a fool it would be the normal, but Zarhym?! lol, I think that’s more than enough reason to get really excited! Even if we don’t a date soon, we will see a big reveal on a system they’ve been working on, which gets me pretty damn excited! 😛

    11. Sounds like we’ll get a release date but how soon can it honestly be?

      How long does it take to press the DVDs, fill the boxes, and get them to the retailers with all the promotional materials? They have to have a version 1.0 before then, and unless the were already much farther along in internal builds than they are sharing in the beta, I didn’t see them finalizing the game within at least the next couple of months…

      Is it really possible for a March release date?

    12. sharing some of it? why not everything? I mean … if there was a release date for us, then they could tell us what we are about to buy, couldn’t they?

      • 1.) Announce the release date this/next week, let’s say March 13, 2012.
        2.) Package and ship the stuff.
        3.) Keep the community interested with beta testing and announcing the new stuff in the remaining 10(!) weeks.
        4.) Patch the new stuff on launch day.
        Hard to understand? ^^

        • Nah I don’t think March. :p Although Blizzard has stated release date = 2 months before release, keep in mind that Blizz haven’t actually released a release date. I’m thinking May… Still awesome though, that it’s almost time!

        • Since the game is soo much behind the expected release date and so much problems has surfaced I would suggest to Blizzard that they release act1 of the game and patch out the rest of the acts as they finish, that wouldn’t be a problem for me as a player.

        • Day 1 patching won’t cut it anymore. Reviewers use advance copies so a good version will need to be ready for them as well… The auction houses in particular need quite a bit of work, at least based on what’s in the beta.

    13. I wouldn’t doubt that with all the decision-making and ‘iterations’ still going on for a title that should have already shipped, some of those high level board members are probably getting a little nuts.

      • Mike Morhaime: Okay guys. It’s time. You’ve had long enough.
        Jay Wilson: We’ve decided to pull back a bit for further iteration. We–
        Mike: What?
        Jay Wilson: We need more time.
        Mike: Are you ****ing serious?
        Jay: We want the wizard to be more accessible, and we’ve just had a meeting to decide whether to change her eye color from brown to blue.
        Mike: How long did this meeting take?
        Jay: Two years.

    14. So, according with twitter they will share the info in a couple of weeks (late january), if we give them 2 months to ship the game then a release date in March 29 is not a bad guess. I’m saying this because that’s the date I chose for a D3 contest I saw on reddit. If I guess it right I get free D3 and Book of Cain.

      But since I know Blizzard this meeting will most likely be used to decide when will they schedule the official meeting to tell us the release date LOL!

    15. I had completely lost the Diablo III hype the past few months, but after reading this and the comments and I’m totally super psyched again. I hope this time we get a release date for real. Can’t believe it’s finally happening after 12 years.

    16. ok, so here’s the news. after speaking with a friend of mine who is a manager of several gamestops in my area, he told me that the current release date for diablo 3 is march 2nd. they have received a number of emails from suppliers as to the shipping date of diablo 3 and the scheduled ship date to stores is january 28th. god please for once make blizzard on time with a release for once?


        • as i stated in my previous post, it is a logistics company aka supplier that has the date planned.

      • That would fit with our info that Diablo 3 is scheduled to arrive in Europe in CW 7/8, from where it will be delivered to the retailers.
        Btw: Tonite or tomorrow we might get info from the Korean GRB. I’m very interested if Blizzard was successful with the BobbyBucks(tm) version of the RMAH (although this doesn’t seem to matter anymore with regard to the release date).

      • They would really ship it to stores over a month before they intend to release it to the public? Those sadistic b*****ds…

        • sorry, meant february. alcohol and posting comments dont mix. and now that i think about it, im not sure i posted the correct date for shipment either.
          on a side note i must say that this is probably not the correct release date as there isnt any word of blizzard being done thumbing themselves and contemplating whether or not to add longer hair to the witch doctors nose.
          on the other hand im trying to get whatever information i have and can possibly get my hands on in an attempt to make the wait for D3 not as monotonous

    17. You want a release date? Seeing as I’m VERY experienced with Battlenet I’ll give you some insight about the release date you may expect.
      Picture this..Battlenet announces releasedate to be march 2012 and then you get this -sorry but the game has been delayed- (a slight amount of fans turn their backs to diablo 3) The releasedate is now set to august 2012… but eventualy is set to Februari 1st.. as mentioned earlier… or were they talking about 2012 instead of 2013 ^^ (Fans lose intrest) It is Februari 1st 2013, still no release… Battlenet is asked why the delay and the answer you get is ..it will be done when it’s done.. (another huge amount of fans loses intrest) a releasedate is set for april 2013 but due to lack of intrest the game is cancelled… (sorry for the tease) 😀

    18. I like how they tell us everything else that’s in the game to a spoiler caliber, but when it comes to what’s holding the game up most of it’s he said she said crap. Oh and if it’s a personal tweet maybe they shouldn’t use the BLIZZARD LOGO. I’m sure I’d get fired using my company letter head to post a personal tweet…

    19. I think I know what the hold up is, there has been talk about Playstation 4 coming out in June and I think Blizzard is waiting until they make their call on when this game console will be coming out.

      • makes sense although in one of the interviews blizzard stated that the console release is not the hold up for the pc release. im pretty sure its just blizzard up to their old antics again. nitpicking every tiny detail and making sure the game is as epic as everyone has hoped it would be.

        • Scorch Hellfire I will work on my english if you promiss to work on your humor, I was expecting a lol instead of that response ^^
          Anyhow as for the real release date, I don’t want to think about it… makes the wait easier :S (dies)

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