Regional Opt-In Beta Invites… Soon

DiabloWikiBashiok tweeted earlier today in the wee hours of the morning… or afternoon, if you’re in Europe, that those who live outside of North America should be expecting a wave of opt-in invites in “the near future.”

There are regional invites coming in the near future, which will be through opt-ins. We have some
issues to sort out, though.

I’m not entirely sure what these “issues” are, but I would hazard a guess that they will be overcome by the time this week is out, as Bashiok and DiabloWikiZarhym are currently enjoying some European nights this week. If you were not aware, the two CM’s are currently working on strategy building with their European counterparts.

@Bashiok @nyzaris what sort of work stuff you doing over there?

@Xanth @Nyzaris High level strategy stuff. How we use the blogs, social media, forums, etc.

“High level strategy stuff” is fairly nebulous in concept – I mean, what merits the description of “high level” for community management. It may or may not be involving the coordinated release of Diablo 3, or it could be something unrelated. WWI was held in Paris, and perhaps it would be fitting for them to come full circle for a release date announcement somewhere in Europe. We have no definitive proof on the matter, but it certainly is a talking point.

As we reported earlier, the team will also be appearing at CeBIT to provide many more keys if you happen to live near/in Germany.

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  1. I’m must admit I’m pleasantly surprised with Blizzard for once!

  2. the “issues” are login errors. 315300 which is effecting me and many others around the world. Also, I think there’s a couple more but that ones the main one. Big thread on it in the bug forums :-\ Been down since the big patch 4 days ago, really sucks to see everyone experiencing all the runes and stuff while the rest of us are bleeding our eyes out.

  3. World War One was held in Paris?

  4. Sweet. Us Australians may finally get a (bigger) chance to play!
    @Blastkid: WWI = World Wide Invitational 

  5. what if there was a World War and no one was Invited ?

  6. seriously blackberry….you can kiss my ass, some of us dont even have any access to the beta and have been playing diablo since d1 hardcore….quit crying.. WHAT DOES OPT IN MEAN EXACTLY?

  7. and no i dont mean d1 had hardcore i meant have been playing it hardcore

  8. Movin’ right along toward release here…
    P.S. Why is the solvemedia an ad now? I don’t like this kind of ad, and it feels intrusive. Do what you want with advertising (or be forced to by the parent company), but consider this negative feedback.

  9. Ok, I’ll be the Ron Paul of the Beta Keys, but why are they being sent out to foreigners when there are not enough to go around for Americans?

    • You’re joking right????????

      At least you’ve had a chance up to this point.

      I’ve been opted in since the beta was first announced and this will be the first time it’s possible for me to get an invite. 

    • Haha, if you don’t like it – then what are you doing on this site? It’s not an US site if that’s what you think, asshat. Let me give you a hint, it’s based “outside”. :mrgreen:

  10. Definitely has to do with release plans. That’s not something you really want to coordinate online, more of an in-person thing, because it likely also involves plans post-release for all the stuff he mentioned.

    Betting we get a date within the next month. As in, by this day next month. Same schedule of media and other “events” like they’ve had recently for other releases.

  11. For some reason every news post related to beta keys or release date discussions just makes me angry now. ‘Near future’, really… I’m getting that anarchistic twitch where I kinda hope the game gets canned and never released.

  12. I better get a BETA KEY in this EU wave, else I will not buy this game! 🙄

  13. Where do Australian’s fit into this?

  14. So near future is before 1st of March?

  15. About time rest of us gets a chance to play. spoiled americans.

  16. Waiting for the beta key here in Europe! Go, Blizz! 

  17. Has anyone else noticed that the Captchas to post a comment are often profoundly pertinent to the subject of the article you’re commenting on?

    This one for example is ‘too bad’.

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