DiabloWikiBashiok tweeted earlier today in the wee hours of the morning… or afternoon, if you’re in Europe, that those who live outside of North America should be expecting a wave of opt-in invites in “the near future.”

    There are regional invites coming in the near future, which will be through opt-ins. We have some
    issues to sort out, though.

    I’m not entirely sure what these “issues” are, but I would hazard a guess that they will be overcome by the time this week is out, as Bashiok and DiabloWikiZarhym are currently enjoying some European nights this week. If you were not aware, the two CM’s are currently working on strategy building with their European counterparts.

    @Bashiok @nyzaris what sort of work stuff you doing over there?

    @Xanth @Nyzaris High level strategy stuff. How we use the blogs, social media, forums, etc.

    “High level strategy stuff” is fairly nebulous in concept – I mean, what merits the description of “high level” for community management. It may or may not be involving the coordinated release of Diablo 3, or it could be something unrelated. WWI was held in Paris, and perhaps it would be fitting for them to come full circle for a release date announcement somewhere in Europe. We have no definitive proof on the matter, but it certainly is a talking point.

    As we reported earlier, the team will also be appearing at CeBIT to provide many more keys if you happen to live near/in Germany.

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