Reflects Missile Danger from Desert Spinners

A fan brought up a potential danger that I’d largely forgotten about, and got a blue reply.

Someone is dead because of me.

Was on a party of 3 DHs doing MP2 A2. Reached KeyWarden and rapidly shot my rapidfire – grenades. Instantly killed a buddy when KW deflected the shots.

I feel so terrible.
Grimiku: This is one of those subjects that is good to talk about so less people are caught unaware. I’ve never really thought about this because I so rarely run with a Demon Hunter, but you can bet I’ll be thinking about it the next time that I do.

800px-Desert_Dervish_5The issue is that Dune Dervishes, of which the Act 2 keywarden is a jumbo-sized example, can reflect most projectiles when they are in their spinning mode. (The Rock Giants seen in Act 2 have a reflects projectiles mode as well, when they go into a frenzy of swinging punches.) The shots go everywhere, not just right back at the shooter (as with DiabloWikiWave of Force), but they can hit with deadly force. Especially since DiabloWikiSokahr the Keywarden always has that DiabloWikiMissile Dampening property which can let dozens of projectiles hang there like pinatas, all of which may be shot back at players if he spins into them.

Has anyone else actually died, or killed others, thanks to this mod? I’ve never seen it, though I did damage myself with reflected shots back when I was playing Softcore, and thus had the option of using a Demon Hunter.

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14 thoughts on “Reflects Missile Danger from Desert Spinners

  1. I knew the giants deflect projectiles for a while. I never knew they could fly back at you and hurt you, and never knew the annoying whirlwind guys could do the same thing. I also know those guys take 85 or 90% less damage in that stance so it might be better to just not attack them at all.

  2. Yeah this is true. The a2 keywarden is dangerous for a DH. I havnt died to it yet, but it is does a lot of damage-

  3. Yes, this happens and is hilarious.

    I haven’t died to it, but the A2 keywarden has often reflected the Scoundrel’s attacks back at me.

    If you’re running the A2 keywarden with a DH, I suggest Ball Lightning. It can’t get deflected back at you, and combined with the missile dampening bubble all you have to do is fire your entire Hatred bulb at him, and then watch as he gets hit by every ball lightning orb about 20 times.

  4. “I so rarely run with a Demon Hunter”

    I wonder who he plays with ?
    Devs ? QA people ? Community Managers ? Random public games ?

  5. I always enjoy being a Critical Mass wizard and using slow time on an electrified boss. Others in the party wouldn’t be aware that there were dozens of electric charges stacked in the bubble and they would frequently run in and die instantly to it.

  6. Have killed others and been killed by others. I think Arcane Orbs get knocked back faster than they come in (like baseballs).

  7. Wow. I had no idea of this lol. Not sure why I didn’t know. I don’t play public games, so maybe that’s why. So… don’t aoe 3 champs of these guys with reflect damage up lol.

  8. What exactly do you mean with “…when I was playing Softcore, and thus had the option of using a Demon Hunter.” Do you just mean that you don’t have a hardcore demon hunter?

  9. There’s a much more effective way of killing multiple people in your party when fighting against Sokahr than playing as a DH and that is playing as a Wizard. Living Lightning + Wizard Slow Time + Sokahr’s reflect = instantly dead party. It must be hilarious in Hardcore.

  10. Same thing happens with Hellfire ring procs…

    On softcore this is not much of an issue, but on hardcore you can instantly vaporize your rebuild when a fireball gets deflected. So no hellfire rings in A2, just to be sure…

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