Not like this, anymore.

    Not like this, anymore.

    It seems like the Elite Affix DiabloWikiReflects Damage gets tweaked every patch, and every time that reminds some fans that they want it out of the game entirely. Not that forum posts demanding that get very far…


    Make your voices heard. Post YES if you want it removed.

    …petitons are not permitted
    Nevalistis: FTFY.

    What actually changed? Here’s the blue description:

    Monster Affix – Reflects Damage

  • Only one monster in a pack can be reflecting damage at a time
  • Damage inflicted by each reflects damage has been increased
  • The average damage taken from a reflects damage pack should remain mostly unchanged but the spikiness in damage should be greatly reduced
  • Long ago RD was active on whole packs the whole time and they were instant death if touched by a character with high damage AoE. Bliz therefore adjusted the affix to make it more sporadic, and now on Live, RD is active on several (at most) of the Elite + Minions at once, then turns off for a few seconds, letting players time their attacks to get in damage with no RD present.

    But since in the current game RD can be active on several enemies at once, it’s potentially very “spiky” in damage. Hence this latest change, so that in v2.3.0 on the PTR, RD is always active, but never on more than one enemy in the pack. This makes RD easier to deal with for characters without huge AoE attacks, but means there is zero safe time when RD is entirely absent, and big AoE attacks, especially ones that persist for several seconds, are very dangerous to use against RD elites.

    The Devs obviously want there to be one Elite Affix to which the solution isn’t just MOAR DPS. What do you guys think? Is there a need for Reflects Damage, and should players have to occasionally watch what they’re blasting with their mega-damage?

    PTR Testing Report

    I’ve played a fair amount on the PTR and much of that with a Demon Hunter, the class that’s probably most affected by RD. So… in my opinion it’s not that bad. Everyone’s experience will be a little different of course, but since I play Hardcore I’m running with a lot higher Toughness and LoH/Regen, and somewhat lower DPS, than most softcore DHs. Thus RD is less of a danger to me, since I’ve got so much more damage mitigation. (High Armor really makes a diff in how much damage you take from RD.)

    That said, Reflects Damage is noticeably more dangerous in v2.3. My first game on the PTR I leapt right in on T10, and the first RD pack I met caused me to proc before I even saw the enemy. Just from the damage dealt by my target-seeking Rain of Vengeance hitting the Elite slightly off the edge of the screen. I Vault Vault Vaulted away, and once I was at a safe distance I switched Vault to Smoke Screen. The second of invulnerability provided by that skill was enough to keep me from procing again, though I had to drink some potions, and each RD pack I met required kiting and retreating, to get the minion with the spikes off the screen, they weren’t instant death or anything.

    I’ve since done up to GR50, and using a Unity through the Cube with high toughness and regen, I can pretty much ignore RD now, since the damage is so much less spiky than it is in v2.2 on the Live realm.

    That said, I’m playing with caution and high Toughness, and those gear choices mean I’ve got a bit lower DPS as well. A DH or any other class with big AoE and a more glass cannon build is going to find RD a lot more dangerous than I do, and I’ve seen plenty of PTR forum posts from DHs and others bemoaning the change, and insisting the newly-unavoidable RD makes those elites certain death to engage. There’s a lot of, “my GRift is instantly ruined if I hit an RD” and for all I know they’re not exaggerating.

    So what do you guys thing? Reflects Damage Should be Removed? Changed back? Nerfed?

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