This video is a blast from the past, it’s from 2013 but makes for some interesting viewing. In the video, Wyatt Cheng talks about the different Diablo 3 game system the team experimented with such as the rune systems, skill trees, health system and more. Knowing what we know now about the game’s shortcomings you can’t help but be disappointed at the team’s disconnect from Diablo 2. Much of what is discussed can also be found on the Diablo Wiki if you want to look through all the stuff that was removed. Read on for the video…

    When watching the video it’s worth thinking about the reasoning for some of the systems that were removed or changed. There is definitely a sense of dumbing the game down with concerns such as too many tooltips, the D2 tree being easy to make mistakes on,¬† and more.

    We’ll have to put D3¬†down as a missed opportunity but there’s always Diablo 4 right?

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