“Damage to Elite” rules! Reduced Damage = Bugged.

“Damage to Elite” rules! Reduced Damage=Bugged.

We’ve been updating a ton of pages in DiabloWiki.net lately, and over the weekend I put together pages for DiabloWikiReduced Damage from Elites and Increased DiabloWikiDamage to Elites. Those are very valuable stats and I didn’t realize how rare they were until I tracked down every item in the game that delivered those bonuses. I even got inspired to try and add some more to my Demon Hunter, who has found EVERY ORANGE RING FIFTY TIMES EXCEPT FOR A SOJ. *cough*

Even 7% Damage to Elites is great.
Even 7% Damage to Elites is great.
So yesterday I crafted an DiabloWikiArchfiend Arrows legendary quiver, almost on the spur of the moment. And it rolled very well, and I even got lucky on the first enchanting hitting the 1/34 chance to get exactly the skill I wanted to boost. (I was just hoping for Life% or Vit, since my previous Quiver had 700 VIT so I was giving up a lot of Toughness… and since I had much better odd to get more HPs than DiabloWikiElemental Arrow or DiabloWikiCluster Arrow, much less getting one of those with a good roll on the % damage.

That +13% Cluster Arrow helped a lot, but the +7% Damage to Elites made a huge(r) difference. I lost 2% DiabloWikiSheet DPS switching to the Archfiend Arrows, due to losing 1.5% DiabloWikiChC, but adding 7% DTE *way* more than offset it, and playing a Rift on T2 I was amazed at how much more quickly the bosses were melting away.

So yes, not that you asked. Yes, very much. Add Damage to Elites, so long as you can do so without reducing your overall DPS so much that the benefit is squandered. To quote the example math from the Wiki article:

  • Option 1: 1600 total DPS x 30% DTE = 2080 DPS to Elites.
  • Option 2: 1200 total DPS x 65% DTE = 1980 DPS to Elites.
  • My DH went from something like 890k Dps with 0% DTE to 870k DPS with 7% DTE, and the new state is vastly improved in performance. (And yes, the more you specialize your gear the more Sheet DPS becomes useless. My DH has a very good Kridershot, +27% Damage to Elemental Arrow, +13% damage to Cluster Arrow, and +19% damage to Lightning modifying everything else, and that’s hardly even a drop in the specialization bucket.

    In one of those little ironies that fill our short and meaningless lives, I’d just finished updating those IDFE and IDTE articles in the wiki on Sunday night, and when early Monday morning while playing a bit on EU, some guys in the IncHC clan were talking about a big bug with the Monk and with Reduces Damage gear in general, including Reduces Damage from Elites. They said a player had done a bunch of testing and found that those Reduces Damage properties were not working against numerous DiabloWikiElite Affixes, so of course I headed off to read that thread.

    You should read it too. It’s right here, authored by a player named Nagash, and here’s the summary of his research findings, testing Reduced Damage worked via Item Affixes and/or via the Monk’s Mantra of Conviction: Instigation skill, plus testing of Reduced Damage from Melee / Ranged item properties:

    Maybe skip this one for now.
    Maybe skip this one for now.

    Mantra of Conviction/Intimidation, does not work against:

  • Arcane Enchanted
  • Fire Chains
  • Frozen Pulse
  • Electrified
  • Molten (ground effect and Explosion)
  • The following may or may not be bugs because it’s not clear what Blizzard’s expectation for these skills is. Melee and ranged reduce have no effects on these skills:

  • Plagued
  • Desecration
  • Molten
  • Orbiter
  • Reflect Damage
  • Frozen (small damage tics only, not the main explosion)
  • Poison Enchanted
  • Thunderstorm
  • Electrified
  • Frozen Pulse
  • Crippling Wave/concussion and/or Resolve, does not work on:

  • Electrified
  • Molten
  • Fire Chains
  • Arcane Enchanted (CW works/ Resolve doesn’t)
  • I won’t even bother with a “Blizzard hates Monks” joke here since every Monk player can do it better than me. (My jokes are only sad sighs about how I *used to* be a Monk player.) The only salve for your Monk burn comes from the fact that all the publicity this bug is getting means it’ll be fixed, and from Blizzard already stating that they are aware that the Monk needs a lot of work, and that it’ll be coming in Patch 2.1.0.

    Patience, young Grasshopper?

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    8 thoughts on ““Damage to Elite” rules! Reduced Damage = Bugged.

    1. Patch 2.0.1 has already sailed, you mean 2.1!

      Perhaps these stopped working last patch when suddenly everyone was “feeling” more damage from elites and the only one they found was the poison patches but in fact this is the real bug.

    2. To clarify this article, since it seems there’s a lot of misunderstanding…the problem isn’t so much with the Elite Damage Reduction (with the exception of Frozen Pulse and the Molten explosion, which aren’t affected by ANY damage reduction).

      The problem is with the normal Melee and Ranged damage reduction, which conforms to the summary list. It’s really hit or miss which affixes are affected by it.

    3. The damage to elite may not be ugged but it’s certainly gimped. If you ever do find that SOJ (which is awesome), you’ll suddenly see any other source of damage to elites as a complete waste. The additional bonus to this stat is added in a way that makes it the most strongly diminished returns of pretty much any item attribute.

      For example, lets say I have an SOJ with 30% damage bonus to elites and lets pretend your Archfiend arrows rolled with  bonus. If I wear the SOJ or Archfiend alone my DTE is 30% or 10% respectively. However, if I put BOTH of them on, my DTE becomes 33%. Why is this? The formula used takes your BEST source and for each additional source you get the current total plus the total multiplied by the new percentage. So 30% + 30%*10% which is 3%. This is with an SOJ which is among the strongest sources of this attribute. If you had a 10% from a set bonus and your 7% archfiend then your total would be 10.7% which makes it even sadder to have more than one source.

      The lesson is, get one strong source of this and forget about trying to stack it unless you have no better options.

      (also, is the forum broken? The human verification box only appears if I am NOT logged in)

      • I meant to update the article, but I wrote it when there were tech problems and I couldn’t post it, and then did some more testing before it went live. Anyway, my DH has 3 piece Aughild’s and BK on, so that’s 25% DTE, plus the 6% more from the ARchfiends. And adding that 6% more made a very noticeable diff, even though it wasn’t much of a change from 25 to 31% DTE.

        I’m curious to see how a SoJ would change things, as I’ve even got a slot ready for it, with a rare ring that’s my least quality item on the whole, just ready to be replaced.

        • SoJ makes big difference. I was fortunate to get one on my Barb, especially since my rings were plain awful. I jumped from Hard to Expert and I don’t feel much difference in killing speed. 30% bonus damage is quite a lot.

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