Diablo 3 Beta Video #29: Record Breaking Destruction

Forum member Armada has posted a video in the forums of Smocca breaking his record for continuous destruction to the environment.

Previously he Armada had clocked up 87 items destroyed without a break, but now in about 1 minute 36 seconds Smocca has edged that up to 94. He took to the Royal Crypts as it has more destructible items than anywhere else because of the jars of ashes lined up along the walls. There were a couple of points I thought he was going to miss click or be just too far away to keep the run going and eventually that did happen but not before he set a new world record. If anyone can beat it, video or it didn’t happen:)

You can read more about destructible environment in the DiabloWiki.

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27 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Video #29: Record Breaking Destruction

  1. It seems strange that this was faster….wouldn’t spamming disintegrate in a wide arc be quicker?? Or is the disintegrate DPS that low?

  2. Couldn’t he have cleared out the Royal Crypts first and continued past the pillars event there where he ended it? 

  3. i still don’t have beta access. and this guy does.

    its kinda like he’s showing food to a bunch of starving people. but he doesn’t even eat the food, he just destroys it while they watch.  😥

  4. He gets the privilige of having a beta access key, and this is what he spends his time on… I’m in portugal which was left out of the beta key thing so I can never have a beta. Gotta wait for full release. But yeah, blizzard open your god damn eyes and include portugal in key giveaways, please. 😐

    • It’s easy to whine about it and being jealous. So easy that you missed the fact that this user already has a Demon Hunter playthrough on his channel so now that he has been playing Beta for at least 1 month I think it’s about time to try the kinds of records that you can do in Beta. Whatever you wanted to spend time on first he probably already has. Why didn’t you consider that possibility before posting?

      • You think I’m jealous or whining? no I’m simply pointing out that morons like this guy, wear out the game, and possibly are WoW fanboys, and as such they don’t deserve to have a beta, In the meantime, we die hard fans get nothing while waiting till god damn june or so. Also the fact that most of EU got beta invites from the sweeps way back in 2011 while portugal , estonia and some other countries i don’t keep track of, got left out.

  5. I once killed 30 in one blow. I don’t know if it’s a record or not but seems pretty high. I can explain how it can be replicated if someone wants to go for higher # Pm me if you are interested.

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