Recent PTR and Reaper of Souls Beta Hotfixes

Recent PTR and Reaper of Souls Beta Hotfixes

The PTR and Reaper of Souls beta hotfixes list has seen some new updates, and here are the recent fixes.


  • Defender of Westmarch: Fixing an issue where the Legendary affix wolf spawned would not pierce targets

  • Chests should no longer spawn directly adjacent to waypoints
  • Treasure Goblins can once again spawn an uninterruptable portal if they aren’t slain quickly enough
  • Electrified, Frozen, and Desecrator now do less damage to pets
  • Pools of Reflection now share a similar distance range as Shrines when activated
  • Resolved an issue where parts of the UI would disappear if Town Portal was interrupted by a cut scene
    I want to make this.

    I want to make this.

  • Waypoints and save points are now properly reset when players reset Story Mode
  • Correcting an issue where the unique Belagg Pierceflesh would not spawn for his bounty in Adventure Mode
  • Fixing an issue where the Aspects of Hell were using the incorrect loot table
  • Resolving an issue where Imperial Gems are not dropping on Master+ difficulties
  • Not (yet) listed is the issue with white quality orbs/mojos/quivers not dropping. (You need a white/normal one for crafting.) I’ve mentioned that to Lylirra recently and she said she’d make sure it was on the list, and I brought it up on the stream/interview with John Yang tonight, so hopefully that’ll be rectified soon. Because baby needs a new arrow-holder.

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    1. Maybe you guys should do a news post about how 2.0.1 is coming out in two weeks:

    2. What about the crusader’s skill disconnecting you straight away?

    3. What about the bug where you got disconnected immediately on using the crusader skill?

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