Recent Hotfixes to Diablo 3 EXP Exploits

Recent Hotfixes to Diablo 3 EXP Exploits

Blizzard added a couple of fixes to the known issues list, and both remove Diablo 3 EXP exploits achieved by spawning endless waves of enemies. Here are the two new fixes:

  • Rat Callers and Tusked Bogans no longer continue spawning additional waves of minions after the second wave is defeated.*
  • Trivial monsters that spawn during events such as ‘The Hive’ and ‘The Demonic Prisoner’ no longer provide experience or loot.*
  • Look 'at 'is wee little jacket!
    Croi! Lo’ ‘at ‘is wee l’il ja’et!
    I like that there’s a monster called the “Rat Caller.” Better than the Rat Collar, I guess. (Those don’t work, BTW, because rats have very loose skins and they can squish down out of anything. You need a harness and a lack of dignity.)

    DiabloWikiThe Demonic Prisoner event was the main exploit though. That’s an event that spawns in the Battlefields of Eternity area of Act Five, and has a Unique boss named DiabloWikiEmikdeva that you need to kill to end the event. Until he dies, his minions keep spawning from the portal, and they’re worth good exp. So of course players figured to lead the purple far away and park him, or use the waypoint to get back past him, and then kill the minions forever. ETERNAL BATTLEFIELDS = ETERNAL EXPERIENCE! Allegedly adding up to around 1 billion per hour on T6.

    And I guess you can still do that, but there’s no point since the exp won’t continue to flow. Details about that seen in a forum post here, with the video tutorial from PaulHalTV.

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    12 thoughts on “Recent Hotfixes to Diablo 3 EXP Exploits

      • Elly, please re-release the “veritable” bounty video, except this time you talk about whimsical things the whole time with your adorable accent :3

    1. Too little to late. Paragon levels should only apply to 1 character.

      • Working towards being equal to all other characters of the same class again is diametrical to roleplaywise character developement anyways. Not much more than a method for the player to fill up gaps in his equipment and an powerboosting player incentive to work himself up to higher difficulty levels. But this job it fulfills perfectly. Still waiting for a proper take on character development, though…

    2. I wish they’d fix it a better way because if they don’t give loot & exp but they can cause damage to a player and have lots of HP, they shouldn’t spawn in the first place. It’s just poor game design to do so. I really like how horde-like enemies can get in D3 ROS, but if they’re going to do this, it’s a let down, not so much because of a few exploiters but because they didn’t think it through with the amount of players all doing the same thing.

      • Yeah, wouldn’t a better fix have been to only spawn adds while the boss was nearby or damaging the players?

      • i agree david, if a mob can hit me i need a reward for killing it. Diablo programmers have developed this lazy method of fixing problems by just removing the exploit instead of taking the time to look into the code and really figuring out how to correct the issue so its fair to all intended parties.

    3. I thought about the Rat Caller exploit when I first ran into him, but those rats were not worth a whole lot of experience. In my opinion, they should do something like back in D2 where the waves would spawn but the kills would net 0 exp, just like when the Fallen Shamans would res the weak Fallen creatures endlessly…

    4. Nobody is talking about how the Barb skill threatening shout grim harvest only works once on each enemy now, meaning all monsters only have 1 chance to drop an item or etc. This essential makes the skill useless. The whole reason the skill is good is because if you cast it say ten times on the same monster, you will have 5-10% chance to drop one blue or yellow item, 100% to have gold dropped 1 or 2 times and same with a health globe. Now, divide all those percentages by 10 and you have your chances to find “Extra items”- Less than 1% in most cases- 10% or less for a health globe and same with say 500 gold dropping. Pathetic skill now and a misuse of nerfs and there ability to literally ruin any aspect of the game that a smart player can gain maybe 1 extra leg an hour using(I still got the same leg drop rates when I was spamming grim harvest every 7seconds or so with 40% cooldown.) Now the skill would basically just add 2-3 more yellows or blues to your inventory after clearing an entire rift hitting each monster with it. Pathetic and another reason that I am slowly not playing anymore.

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