Recent Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots of Note

I was sorting my screenshots and filing them into various DiabloWikiDiablo Wiki pages tonight, and figured a few of them would make for a decent news update. Various shots showing some new or unusual gameplay stuff, new skill rune effects, SuperUnique bosses, and more.

DiabloWikiBishibosh returns in Diablo III! Well, sort of. The Den of the Fallen dungeon spawns fairly rarely in the Weeping Hollow, and rarer yet is one of the Fallen Shaman skeletons found inside it labeled with the name of the Diablo 2 boss. He doesn’t drop any better gold than the other such skeletons; it’s purely a cute little DiabloWikiEaster Egg. Thanks to Roderick for being the first to send in the pic.

One of the odd things about the Demon Hunter’s DiabloWikiChakram skill is that the whirling projectiles can pass through walls and even up or down levels. This makes it quite handy in the dungeon, as you can ruin monsters above or below you who can’t fight back. It’s odd for scouting out terrain though, as the behavior of the Chakrams shows what areas of the game world are actually functional, and which are just artwork.

For instance, the Chakrams will bounce up and down stairs and levels within the accessible dungeon, but if you fire them off to the sides of levels, they just sail off into space without any drop in elevation. Same goes for non-interactive artwork pieces within levels, such as the meteor crater, here seen on Cathedral level 3. It looks like a pit, but it’s just a flat surface with an odd skin, in the game code. You can see a similar effect with the Witch Doctor’s Firebombs, which drop down into canyons and over ledges sometimes, and just blow up in midair, on an invisible floor, in other places.

Click through for a bunch more shots and captions explaining various oddities, tidbits, new things, or DiabloWikiEaster Eggs.

Here’s my female Barbarian with a Petrified Trunk. It’s not an especially effective weapon, and I’ve never found one in the beta with decent mods, but it sure looks cool to hold and to smash with.

The Black Mushroom patch was found near Adria’s Shack, earlier in the beta. It’s now been moved, and can be found, once in a while, in an empty room in the Cathedral level 1. This is, of course, an homage to a funny Diablo 1 quest, and the mushroom is widely-expected to be one of the ingredient for some secret crafting recipe in Diablo III.

Lately, every patch has shuffled around the skills, changing up their level requirements, often enough to make new DiabloWikirunestone effects obtainable by the level 13 cap in the beta. For instance, here’s DiabloWikiExplosive Toads, the first runestone effect in the Witch Doctor’s DiabloWikiPlague of Toads skill. You can see the bug in the explosion graphics, on my system at least, with a kind of line through the two halves of the blast. Buggy visual aside, the skill is greatly more effective with the rune effect, adding higher damage and better hitting with the AoE boost from the blast.

This shot shows the red flows of light that illustrate the healing being fed back to the Witch Doctor from his DiabloWikiMongrels, courtesy of the DiabloWikiLife Link skillrune effect.

Here’s DiabloWikiHooked Spines, a runestone effect in the Demon Hunter’s DiabloWikiCaltrops skill. It slows monsters a bit more, and certainly looks cooler.

There are a *lot* of randomly-occurring SuperUnique bosses in the Diablo 3 Beta. Most of these are very rare; I’ve played quite a bit of beta and still only seen about half of the ones collected on Hardrock’s forum list, and there are more being added in every beta patch. Two I did see recently are in shots below; and both have odd Easter Egg-style names (which is true of a lot of these purple-named Elites). Larson the Strange, Eater of Vegetables. Aaron Bright, Deceased Bard.

With well over a dozen such monsters in just the first third of Act One, imagine how many we’ll see in the full game?

Finally, just because he looked cool (before getting wiped by the patch) here’s my Level 13 Hardcore DiabloWikiDemon Hunter from last patch. Both bows had some life leech, which paired nicely with the red light glowing down from overhead. Imagine how cool DiabloWikiHardcore chars will look in the final game, with high level armor and weapons and more skulls and scrollwork borders and such?

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  1. I like your pink and purple banner.

    I thought the same about chakram and the meteor hole until I started playing in 3D. The pit actually does have depth, it isn’t just a planar surface with textures loaded onto it. So they must code that by hand or something, where the chakram does and doesn’t go? Or maybe it’s just one of those areas that aren’t “playable” which is likely how it works, because it isn’t like you can leap into there with a barb (although that would be a hilarious hardcore death). 

    • “Yeah, I’ve got full tier 15, cleared inferno like 15 times, no big deal” Misclick, leap over a railing. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…

      • Yeah that would be pretty much awesome.
        Reminds of this dungeon in WoW called the Nexus. You’d kill a boss, and then, since you were on an elevated platform, you’d have to go back down the stairs. People are in a rush so what would happen is they’d jump off the railing to the area below without realizing that there was a large gap underneath them, falling to their death.

        It happened all the time, and it was hilarious each and every single time

    • Yeah, the crater absolutely has depth to it… Kill a skeleton near the crater and you can send their bodies down the hole, bouncing them off the side on their way down.

    • Actually, that pic is on Elly’s account (I think; one of several I share access on) and I had no part in designing the banner. But thanks anyway!

  2. I miss that red light above my HC characters in patch 15.

    Chakram’s behavior is probably governed by a simple height map.

  3. Another thing I’ve seen in the beta, is misc lorebooks concerning the original Diablo cast – found the inn-keepers (can’t remember her name) on one occation and an old Cain lorebook refering to the gameplay in Diablo. Great stuff 🙂

  4. Yeah the red light was cool. Who had the stupid idea of removing it ?

  5. haha those are funny boss name/descriptions, ive found a funny one in the cathedral gardens after u leave leorics passage. his name is Caretaker McCree/ deceased mustachioed groundskeeper. i have a picture but im not sure where to upload it. also, when u kill him he leaves behind a small aoe volcano type thing that damages u.

  6. I’ve found a couple rare uniques myself. One was a poison affixed grotesque and another was a molten unburied. I don’t recall their names offhand…

    By the way, you can get most ranged projectile skills to go between levels with ease. It’s just a matter of putting the cursor in the right place. The best areas to do it in are the dungeon segments that are like the one you find the Templar in. You can get projectiles to go right at the camera while aiming at the higher level on the left side.

  7. I’ve seen Bishibosh’s Remains in the Cemetery of the Forsaken a number of times. I’m pretty sure it’s his remains, because each time I see it I click on it and it disappears before I get to read what it says.

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