Recap on the Last 24 Hours in Diablo 3

With the deluge of changes and movement on the Diablo 3 front over the last 24 hours I thought a recap might be in order, especially if you haven’t checked the site in a day or so.

  1. The Reaper of Souls beta had a large patch update which we datamined.
  2. The Reaper of Souls beta has now gone into Closed Beta which means more people are being added to the beta.
  3. If you have opted into a Diablo beta you may have been selected for the closed beta of Reaper of Souls. You check this in your Beta Profile Page on (US or EU). Tick the Diablo box.
  4. If you do not see the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls icon under your Diablo III icon you have not been selected. It doesn’t mean you won’t be in the near future. Keep checking your account (US or EU). Don’t trust emails that may be trying to scam you.
  5. The PTR server for Diablo 3 vanilla has gone live. Anyone can access this (technical issues aside). This contains all the 2.0 stuff we’ve been reporting for months. Details here. Note: You need the desktop application to access the PTR.
  6. Nothing has happened to Diablo 3 on the live servers. No patch. It’s business as usual.  When the Diablo 3 vanilla PTR has finished testing that server will close and the final patch 2.0 will be applied to those regular live Diablo 3 vanilla servers.

Everyone clear where they are?  Goodo.


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  1. Nothing for weeks and then it’s like Christmas has come aerly.

  2. 6 Nothing has happened to Diablo 3 on the live servers. No patch. It’s business as usual…
    Damn no! Something bad has happened. From 70ms to 200-1300ms EU. Unplayable =(

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