Reaper of Souls TV Commercial Debut

Previously on the Walking Dead…well no, this Sunday actually but whenever I see the title I can hear his 20 Marlborough a day voice in my head. If you watch the show or not you may want to tune in this week as Blizzard will be airing their first TV commercial for Reaper of Souls.

reaper of souls tv advert during walking dead

And for those of us not in the US we definitely wouldn’t be interested if someone recorded this and put it on YouTube or something. No, definitely not.

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    4 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls TV Commercial Debut

    1. Now that’s an appropriate tie in. Haven’t seen the show, read most of the original comics years ago, but I assume it’s still the usual post-apocalyptic zombie hellscape of a world filled with the shambling, animated dead. Just like Act Five. Bet the humans in the show would like some Nephalem powers.

      • Oh boy, are you going to be disappointed…

        Watch the first few episodes of season 1, the middle episodes of season 3, and that’s about it. You will marvel at the ineptness of the writing, the badness of the acting, and the obvious stretching of shooting locations to save cash on the most popular/profitable cable series ever. However, there’s nowhere else on TV where you can watch a zombie fall through a roof and get entangled in its own entrails.

        • I quite like it although I got fed up that they stayed at the farm for so long. Fed up the old guy got killed which is the last episode I saw. I haven’t watched any since it returned after the break.

          I don’t mind the acting at all.

          Sometimes I have to turn away when they’re smashing the zombies heads in. I’m usually eating my dinner while watching it.

          It’s not terrible but it’s not as good as the first series. Like most longer running series it’s got a bit rinse and repeaty.

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