Reaper of Souls PS4 Screenshots and Movie

Most of you guys are PC/Mac players so we concentrate on that, but the PS4 version of Diablo 3 made its semi-surprise playable demo debut at Blizzcon 2013. To coincide with this Blizzard released a bunch of screenshots and a gameplay movie showing it off the PS4 version of the game.

Here’s the movie first and it’s worth watching for even non-consolers, since it actually shows a lot more of the new Act 5 areas and monsters than the PC gameplay movies did. There’s even a good look at another of the new DiabloWikiElite Affixes, DiabloWikiOrbiter, from 0:38-0:42 seconds.

Click through for the screenshots and text infos:

PS4 Screenshots

Blizzard’s News Post:

Many courageous nephalem have answered destiny’s call and slaughtered thousands of demons since we first announced that the Prime Evil would be returning to Sanctuary on the PlayStation® 3. Now, it’s time to begin a new journey on a brand new platform.

From these hallowed halls of BlizzCon® 2013, we’re excited to reveal that Acts I-V will be wrapped together into one incredible and action-packed adventure when Diablo® III: Ultimate Evil Edition™ arrives on the PlayStation® 4!

Diablo III on the PlayStation 4 brings a completely new experience to console gamers, delivering all the exciting updates and game-enhancing features premiering in Reaper of Souls on the PC. We’ve taken full advantage of the system’s cutting-edge features with a custom-designed interface, touch pad functionality for the new DUALSHOCK® 4 wireless controller, and powerful social features tailored to improve your demon-slaying experience.

Vanquish your foes with the righteous might of the new Crusader class. Rise to new heights of power with an increased level cap, taking your hero to 70 and unlocking new skills (as well as a fourth passive slot) along the way. Befriend Myriam, the Mystic, to customize both the properties and appearance of your equipment. Explore endlessly with Adventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked and world itself is your battlefield. Hunt down objectives and complete all-new Bounties for legendary rewards. And don’t forget to prepare for the slew of new monsters lurking behind every shadowy corner, awaiting a chance to rip your hero limb-from-limb!

The official PS4 Fact Sheet:

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

PUBLISHER: Blizzard Entertainment
DEVELOPER: Blizzard Entertainment
PLATFORMS: PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system


PlayStation®4 players can now experience the full adventure of Blizzard’s epic action RPG,Diablo® III,and the upcoming expansion,Reaper of Souls™… all from the comfort of their couch in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition! Take on the role of one of six powerful character classes—Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard, or the all-new Crusader—and embark on a dark journey through Acts I-Vto save the world of Sanctuary from ancient and sinister forces. With the new DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and a custom-designed console interface, players willbe outfitted with touch pad functionality and new social features as they engage in pulse-pounding combat with hordes of monsters and acquire items of incredible power.

For more details, visit


  • The complete adventures of Act I-V, which takes players from the besieged town of New Tristramto the ancient halls of the Pandemonium Fortress
  • Six powerful character classes to choose from: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard, and the all-new Crusader
  • Newly designed loot system and offline gameplay mode designed to take advantage of the fast-paced action of the console platform
  • Hardcore mode for players whoseek the thrill of constant peril that comes with the possibility of permanent death for their character
  • Direct character control and new DUALSHOCK®4functionality such as color-coded player indicators for same-screen coop and touch pad shortcuts to keep players in the action
  • Seamless cooperative playfeaturing four-player online co-op and four-player local co-op games
  • PlayStation® Network support, which will allow you to connect with friends, send game invitations, and access voice chat
  • All the new and exciting features coming with Reaper of Souls™:
  • Customize your hero’s appearance and augment your items’ power with a new artisan, the Mystic
  • Battle a new menagerie of fiendish monsters slavering for the chance to feast upon Sanctuary’s heroes
  • Never stop exploring withAdventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked—the world is your battlefield
  • Engage in Nephalem Rifts, formerly known as Loot Runs, to test your mettle in 10-20 minute dungeons consisting of randomized areas, monsters, and bosses
  • Take on Bounties for fun and rewarding objective-based challenges
  • Also, it works on the PS4 Vita, whatever that is, as demonstrated in a photo from Blizzard HQ.

    “Will Remote Play on the PS Vita be available for #D3 Ultimate Edition on #PS4?” The answer is yes, and it’s awesome! —@diablo


    I didn’t bother to play RoS it on the PS4 demo at Blizzcon since I wanted to focus my time on the PC demo. I don’t play console games anymore and don’t envision any scenario where I own a PS4, but there were two things I envied about the PS4 demo set up: 1) Much larger monitors looked amazing, and 2) Four controllers on some of the demo machines with the option of couch co-op play. (All the PC demo machines were single player only.)

    Are any of you guys eagerly awaiting this? It’s going to be a much different game than the Xbox/PS3 version of D3V, and not just because it’s the expansion. The much more powerful PS4 engine allows them to include more of the full game features; you can see bosses with 4 random affixes (they only go up to 3 on the PS3) just like you see on the PC in Inferno, and presumably the PS4 will support much greater monster density as well.


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    1. A knight in purple-scarred armor…..

    2. oohhh remote play diablo 3 ros on the vita?!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooooooooooh baby, but that means I have to get a ps4….why cant they make RoS on the ps3 too tho, it looks cool though!!

    3. Why cant they make these kind of videos for the PC version too, where all the UI and numbers and drops are shown. it just so much more pleasing to see the whole experience.

    4. Yes I’m thinking about getting it for the PS4, but I’m not sure if I’ll wait for the 2nd expansion since it’ll all be so much cheaper by then and no one is competing with Blizzard for arpg. But I’m in no hurry, prolly just wait till a few more games come out on the PS4 too or something. Pity they didn’t give us the necro.

    5. It does look great. Zoom makes it more dynamic.
      If I didn’t had PC… 🙂

    6. Even the music sounds good this time.

    7. Whoa….hold on there… You mean we’ll no longer be able to see all of our equipment at once? It would be nice to see all the possible options in our inventory for any given slot, but the trade-off is that we’ll have to circle around a wheel of some sort–one slot at a time? Yes, this looks very cool–but won’t it take longer to put our gear together? (Especially if we keep a second set–or multiple sets–of armor for different runs/play styles…)

    8. QUOTE

      Whoa....hold on there...  You mean we'll no longer be able to see all of our equipment at once?  It would be nice to see all the possible options in our inventory for any given slot, but the trade-off is that we'll have to circle around a wheel of some sort--one slot at a time?  Yes, this looks very cool--but won't it take longer to put our gear together? (Especially if we keep a second set--or multiple sets--of armor for different runs/play styles...)

      This is exactly as it is now. I do not see any change. This is the console version though, not the PC.

      • I’m a PC player…first time I’ve seen this. I suppose I’ll adapt, but I’m a believer that simpler is usually better.

        • facepalm
          That’s how the PS4/xbox version of the game ui looks NOT the PC version. The console ui for it was always that way and the PC version is not changing.

          …Unless you’re refering to a future purchase of a PS4 version?

    9. “Orbiter?” I already encounter lots of those when I hang out with my girlfriends, luckily they’re mostly harmless. Based on this footage the game mechanic in RoS looks about the same, they just hang out off to the side not doing much… 😉

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