Reaper of Souls Hotfixes: More Legendaries!

Reaper of Souls Hotfixes: More Legendaries!

Following hot on the list of Reaper of Souls hotfixes we posted yesterday, Blizzard has added a bunch more. Of most interest are the buffs to legendary drop rates in Torment, and to legendaries redeemed from gambling with Kadala.

Last Updated – March 28th. Items with an asterisk (*) are most recent.


  • Drop rates for Mighty Belts and Quivers have been lowered to match other class-specific items.
  • Belial will now correctly drop loot when killed in Adventure Mode.


  • The chance for a player to earn a Legendary item from Kadala has been significantly increased.*
  • The drop rate for Legendary items in Torment 1-6 has been increased.*
  • Trade timers should now no longer appear on vendor-sold items.*
  • Fixed an issue that was causing BoA items to sometimes become unbound whenever a player zoned into a new area.*
  • I don’t think anyone is going to complain about more legendaries dropping or turning up from gambling. I just mentioned in a post earlier today that the gambling rate seemed much too low, since 1) Shards are much scarcer than they were in the beta, and 2) Gambling can’t roll the better, Torment-only legs. Perhaps Bliz was thinking along similar lines?

    Update: A bit more from Lylirra in the thread:

    It says proactive what does that mean?
    Lylirra: It means that we anticipated possible issues with the long-term reward curve at higher difficulty levels based on feedback and game data thus far. As a result, we made some changes to hopefully preempt those issues before they could become prevalent or pronounced.

    any chance you will be increasing the drop rate for the materials for reapers wraps? As it stands i think its nearly impossible to get that item.
    Lylirra: The current drop rate is actually bugged. We’re still working on a fix, but have not yet developed one. Definitely on our radar!

    It’s actually in our Known Issues list:

    I just hope that Kadala isn’t the #1 way to farm for legendaries though. That would be bad and trivialize pretty much everything else.
    Lylirra: We agree, and this will be something we continue to actively monitor over the coming days, weeks–even months.

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    15 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Hotfixes: More Legendaries!

    1. I was getting legendary per hours on average already in Adventure, now it will probably rain legs.

    2. Agreed that I haven’t seen any better stuff from gambling after the patch. I’ve spent about 200 shards now, so hopefully I’ve just gotten unlucky, but I think it might need another boost. Alternatively, it might be worthwhile making shards drop more frequently; if you need to spend 500 shards to get a legendary on average, this will take you hours in the current system, while if you can get shards fairly quickly, then even if the amount needed stays roughly the same, it will feel much more rewarding. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    3. I told flux at the party on Monday that Blizz was going to increase it. Although I’m probably super lucky, last night I got a Vile Ward from Kadala on about 40 blood shards spent.

    4. Yeah I spent 500 shards day before yesterday on nothing. After the fix I got a Leg Crusader shield and my friend got a cindercoat, both in under 10 gambles. I’m assuming part of the reasons for this change are forgotten souls, which don’t drop very often from rift bosses.

    5. I’ll have to do an article for discussion sometime on what’s best to gamble. Lots of players seem to do rings, and everyone needs rings and great rare rings can be awesome (and much cheaper to enchant than legs), but rings cost 10 shards, plus like 1/2 or 2/3 of the legs I find are jewelry. So it seems kind of a waste to possibly gamble more, when 95% of the legendary rings you find are junk.

      What else to gamble then? 1H and 2H weapons are such a crap shoot with all the weapon types, and rare weapons are never up to the quality of legs. Various slots of armor have potential since 1) they’re hard to find legendary, and 2) they’re cheap to gamble.

      • spend 1000 shards > 0 leg.I only gamble boots and hope for the ice climber
        but 0. 5 each time and 200 times with 0 … it until anything happen or dont so the foolish rift. waste time

      • I tend to gamble Gloves, in hopes of either a Tasker and Theo for my WD or a Frostburn for my Wizard. I play Wizard a lot more, so really what I want is a Frostburn; Cold is my main build right now, and I’ve always been really interested to try out the new Frostburn, but I’ve never gotten one before.

    6. Is it me or with this everyone jumped in T1 which makes it darn hard to find any good teams to play in public.

      Not that I’m the best either and I really think they need to do something with the DH. I have 5M tough and 500k paper DPS (much more because of %cold) and can’t stand long in T1 nor kill fast enough while wizards with much less DPS can spam meteor, black hole, etc all at once and the DH can only shoot one skill slowly.

      Hope they improve the skill dog and passive a hit. Also find the hatred regen to be on the low side

    7. Played torment 2 like 2 hours and only got 1 legendary lastnight, usually i get that from torment 1 so for me its a big letdown…. im so mad they removed AH.. unless u get good drops u can improve your char which sucks bigtime.. i have over 200mil gold i could spend but its just sitting there to no use.. and how fun u get useless legendary belts where u want weapons and other stuff to drop but no 🙁

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