Reaper of Souls GameBoy Edition?

Reaper of Souls GameBoy Edition?

A fan created a Reaper of Souls GameBoy edition that’s so realistic looking you can almost feel your thumbs twitching. Thanks to Rush at IncGamers for the tip, and the details can be seen on Kotaku.

The fan not only mocked up the box and cartridge, he even did some photoshop to create a realistic looking 8 bit version (4 bit? 2 bit?) of the game on the console screen. There’s not really any article to quote, just the cool pics, so here are a few of them and see the rest on the Kotaku article.

Does want? Would play?

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10 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls GameBoy Edition?

      • No, a large part of it is also the control. Of which you’d have very little on a gameboy.

        • So? A few buttons is all you need for stuff like Mario or RPGs like Final Fantasy, both of which were pretty successful for a very good reason. I honestly think that the many control issues we have with today’s games comes from the fact that designers have too much freedom. Sometimes constraints can drive good design better than anything else.

          • You do know we’re not talking about Mario or RPGs, right, and we’re talking about D3? Which wouldn’t work on a GameBoy because of the limited controls…

          • Dude, that picture is just a joke and not many of those have solid internal logic, that’s the whole point. That’s why I didn’t think that we were seriously discussing D3 in this case. Of course it wouldn’t work on a Game Boy, although if we’re serious about this, the controls are the least of our issues. 🙂

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