A fan asks if there’s a deadline to submit feedback on Reaper of Souls, given that March 25th isn’t that far away (a fact that amazes me every time I think of it). Blue says no…

    Cut off Date on Feedback from Players for ROS…When?

    With the production and packaging and delivery of ROS and the time that’s needed for that, what do you think the cut off date will be for the players feedback to make any difference for this initial release Blizz?

    Nevalistis: Stating a cut-off date would imply that there’s a point where we’d no longer be seeking your feedback. That simply isn’t the case, and I think that setting a cut-off would be more counter-intuitive than helpful. You could consider a “soft” cut-off being the end of the Beta/PTR test phase; however, we do not have date for that at this time.

    The biggest benefit to our approach with Diablo III is that it’s an ongoing development process. The launch day of Reaper of Souls shouldn’t suggest an absolute finality. While we are, of course, working to make the expansion the best it can possibly be from day one, there will always be room for growth, and continuing to read, review, and pass on player feedback will remain the biggest part of that process.

    Obviously there is some internal deadline since they have to lock the features and go gold at some point, and games require at least 6-8 weeks before launch to have time for all the final prep for an international simultaneous release. But what the Blue says most fans have come to expect from online games; a big-ass patch on launch day (or not long afterwards) with all fo the final beta feedback and testing changes and bug fixes that didn’t get into the gold master version.

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