Vaeflare posted the top three winners in their deviantART Diablo 3 reaper of souls fan art contest. Each piece shows phenomenal work and detail. Big congrats the the three artists. Check the blog post for further info as below I have simplified their post to show each image, the artists name and the judges comments.

    First Place:
    “New Evil” by Kuzinskiy Andrey (Kuzinskiy)

    Judge’s comments: The composition of this piece powerfully illustrates the strength of the Barbarian, at the same time the execution of the lighting and mood really sets this piece apart!

    Every little detail cleverly tells a story, while focusing on the epic quest the Barbarian is about to embark upon!

    Second Place:
    “Among the Dead” by TheRafa

    Judge’s comments: This piece has such a strong overall visual impact and mood, and strikingly captures the cusp of an epic battle about to be waged between the forces of good versus evil!

    Both the composition and focal area give this piece such presence!

    Third Place:
    “Fist of Conviction” by Yong Jun Cho (Nixell)

    Judge’s comments: This painting really gives such a powerful sense of the Monk’s history and character.

    The lighting is beautifully executed and reinforces the focal area to capture a moment in time, with so many great little design touches throughout!

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