In the early days of Diablo 3 Classic we saw exploits of all kinds. There were cheap ways to kill bosses such as ranged attacks between the stairway levels in Act three or using Tyrael to trap Izual around those round holes in the ground. There were cheap ways to farm golden chests that always appeared in set locations near wayponts. There were even ways to farm Treasure Goblins that spawned in a predictable place. The most common exploits though, were ways to gain experience very quickly. These almost always involved a high level character repeatedly killing some quest boss, while other characters in the game soaked up the experience. Zoltan Kulle was the most popular such target in the early days, though there were plenty of others.

    Level 70 in 44 minutes!

    Level 70 in 44 minutes!

    Fans in the Reaper of Souls beta test are proudly following in that tradition, and the currently popular method is to reap quick and easy bounties, on a very high difficulty level. The experience comes not from the kill but from the bounty, which is awarded equally to everyone in the party. A fan reported his early success with this method on Reddit. Thanks to Neinball for the tip:

    Had a wizard friend level me in Torment VI. We only did Road to Alcarnus and Cemetery of the Forsaken Bounty. They only require 1 mob to be killed and they are right by the WP. These mobs also deal poison damage and my wizard friend has the no poison damage ring so he wasn’t in any danger.

    When the game was at L70, it took ~7 minutes to kill the mob, but it gained 8,560,000 xp per bounty. It’s faster to level him at paragon 127 than to do any expert mode and do actual bounties or neph rifts. 3600% xp in Torment VI and doing these easy bounties is OP.

    This is silly, but of course it’s the whole point in a beta test. It’s an improvement over D3C, actually — there we only got early Act One in the beta test so there were tons of exploits found after launch, requiring numerous rapid hotfixes. Perhaps RoS can avoid that fate, through the help of ingeniously exploiting beta testers?

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