Reaper of Souls Easter Egg: Infernal Bovine Secret Nephalem Rift

Reaper of Souls Easter Egg: Infernal Bovine Secret Nephalem Rift

A regular barnyard.
A regular barnyard.
There’s no Reaper of Souls Easter Egg on the level of DiabloWikiWhimsyshire, but there are Secret Cows, and a fully-stocked Cow Rift. Hell Bovines, D2 style, can spawn in the game, though it’s rare. Recently we saw some from a Cursed Chest in Whimsyshire, and today a reader sends in a bunch of screenshots showing off a full Nephalem Rift level populated entirely by halberd-wielding Hell Bovines, plus their mega-cow Rift Guardian.

During the RoS beta you’d occasionally get a single level in a Rift that had these type of cows for monsters, and the Lord of Bells Rift Guardian could spawn randomly like any of other Guardians. They stopped appearing randomly near the end of the Beta, and I’ve never seen cows or the guardian so far in Live, so apparently they only spawn in this special full on presentation.

BTW, should “Bells” be a “Lady?” The gender of bipedal cows with horns *and* udders has remained open to debate since D2 introduced the subject back in 2000. At any rate, here are some pics of the action, and thanks to Till for the shots. Here’s what he had to say in his email:

Got a really fun rift today: Cow Rift 🙂

– It had only cow enemies in it
– The rift guardian was called “Lord of Bells”
– It had 10 levels, all with the cathedral tileset
– Each level had at least 1 pylon and a lot of pools / shrines
– Heart shaped steaks instead of health globes

Any of you guys found this one yet? It seems to be pretty rare, but then it wouldn’t be much of an Easter Egg if it was super common…

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24 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Easter Egg: Infernal Bovine Secret Nephalem Rift

  1. im wondering would it yield more legendary items the hell bovine rift guardian ( kinda reminds me of the brevik boss in marvel heroes who is also a big massive cow )

  2. Haven’t found them yet.

    Do they make the same funny sounds as in D2? I loved those.

    You know, “moo, moo, moo, moomoo, moo . . .(enraged) MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. I have been lucky enough to get the cow rift 2x. In the second run, I got a variation of Jar of Souls that gave 1Mil XP per kill, and like 30k gold… I got almost a whole paragon level in that one event.

    Also, they are T-Bone steaks… only if you have never ate a T Bone would you say they are heart shaped steaks. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say T Bone is the right thing.
      -First a T-Bone has a T-shaped bone, those globes don’t have
      -Second, if those were T-Bones without the actual T-shaped bone, they wouldn’t be symetrical as there’s usually much more meat on one side of the T than the other (and from the pictures here it doesn’t look like it’s the case).

      Heart-shaped steacks sound just right to me.

      • They are T-Bones, look carefully. BTW the T in T-Bones represent the bone, not necessarily the meat around it which does make it look like an heart.

  4. It was quite fun. The best thing was the amount of shrines and pylones. At one point I got 2 pylon and 3 shrine effects at once. Melting though cows… mooo moooo mo

    @Spriggen: No special legendary drop rate. Didn’t get anything from the guardian, but I got a lot of exp
    @Holycrepe: Yes, T-Bone steaks would be the correct term 🙂
    @Pallino: Yes, Moooooo

  5. Also, the music on the cow rift levels is great: There’s mouth harp and banjo–’tis perfect. So when you get your cow rift, make sure to enable your music in sound options and turn it up (if you had it down and off like me)!

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