Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Transmog Items

Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Transmog Items

Blizzard answered some fan questions about the special Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition transmog items.

Here are the names of all the transmogrification patterns you can learn from Arma Mortis and and Arma Haereticorum (the books you receive for purchasing the DDE or CE of Reaper of Souls):

Arma Mortis:

  • Quietus – Hand-XBow
  • Mortal Coil – Flail (1H)
  • DeathReach – Fist
  • Sacrificer – Sacrificial Dagger
  • Heart of Darkness – Source
  • Lifebane – 1H Weapon
  • Grim Reaper – 2h Mighty Weapon (This item isn’t currently appearing in the Mystic’s transmogrification list, which is a known issue that we’ve already bugged.)
  • Arma Haereticorum:

  • Infernal Helm
  • Death Mask
  • Hallowed Helm
  • Note that when you train these patterns at the Mystic, the toasts can progress a little slowly. As long as you right-click on both books with the Mystic window open, though, you will train all 10 transmogrification patterns.

    We’ve tested this several times based on your reports and everything seems to be working correctly. The only issue we’ve found is that the “Grim Reaper – 2h Mighty Weapon” pattern is not properly appearing in the Mystic’s list of eligible appearances (even though is it being successfully learn by your hero). As noted above, we’re already looking into that bug and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

    Can you folks, next time you log into the game, take a look at your lists and see if everything is there?

    If the faux-Latin distracted you with vowels, there are a selection of special “Malthael-themed” weapons of different types, and 3 diff looks helms. I took some screens of the ones my Demon Hunter could access and you can see those below. I’d actually been using one of the helms without realizing it was special from the CE; I just choose it since I had a really ugly hat and this transmog matched my shoulders.

    That’s pretty much how I planned my outfit for the RoS Launch Party also, come to think of it.

    On the larger issue of DiabloWikiTransmog… are you guys enjoying? Using? Liking? Never gotten to it yet other than for the acheivement? I generally don’t are, unless/until I’ve got one particularly ugly piece of gear that just vexes me every time I log on. Like say, Goldskin. Man that’s an ugly, neon-yellow/green jacket. Why isn’t it a rich, deep, glowing golden color?

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    13 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Transmog Items

    1. I’m still leveling my crusader and I’m not really going to bother with transmog (or enchanting for that matter) until I’ve hit 70 and pretty much stopped finding upgrades.

      • I do it all the time.

        To change 1 item to look just like another item (not counting weapons) only costs 500. It’s just if you want to make it look like a Legendary or Set item it costs 50k

    2. I have been doing transmog a fair bit; ever since D1 and the excitement of seeing the Warrior in medium and heavy armor, the appearance of my characters has been a big part of the fun for me. I like the ability to wear all the pieces of an armor tier at the same time, which I was never able to do before. I don’t find any of the headgear in the game very appealing so I usually just resort to vanishing dye there. For the weapons, most of them look fine as-is to me, and re-skinning them is more expensive, but for some of the off-hands like shields and sources it’s nice to have the option.

      I find it kind of funny that depending on the look you want, transmog is actually cheaper and easier than dyeing. I don’t know why all the dyes aren’t available every time you open a game from the dye vendor, or why any of them are more than 500 gold. Purity and abyssal dye look way better than the bottled cloud and smoke so I’ve been considering hoarding big stacks of each.

      • Agreed man, I love switching looks and I really like the armor progression. I fiddle a lot with transmogs and dyes, I like having a character that stands out as interesting or different (without looking like a clown..)

    3. CE helms look ugly. Good old low level Wizard Hat is still the best option 🙂
      And this Grim Reaper was sth I was looking for, but I couldn’t find it and was really surprised by that. Good to know.

    4. The only one of those I feel that I really miss is the Heart of Darkness Source, which I haven’t seen but sounds wicked. However, wicked or not, it wasn’t worth paying an extra $20 for. That said, I’ve been Transmogrifying a lot, since I like to create a custom look for my characters. As a Wizard, I’ve been very happy with the look of the Puzzle Box source; the way it re-assembles itself every now and then looks very cool. Having seen that, I now wish there was a legendary source based on the Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser series. I’ve got the ability all planned out, though I think it would be hard to code in a game term. The ability would be that whenever the source activated the ‘shifting’ animation (every 5-10 seconds) there would be a small (1-5%) chance of summoning a unique monster, which would randomly either help you or fight you.

      • I’m sure the puzzle box skin was inspired by Hellraiser, but yeah, they should go the whole 9 yards and make it summon something like that. Half the enemies in Act 5 already look like Cenobites as it is…

      • It doesn’t worth $20 by itself, imo, but Heart of Darkness does look cool. I bought the DDE due to extra char slots, but the orb transmog was a nice thing to see.

        My female wizard that looks like a necro w/ transmogs:

    5. Once my characters hit 70 and get reasonably finalized gear I transmog them into something that matches. I spent far too long in clown suits to deal with it these days.

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