Reaper of Souls Beta Test First Impressions, Part 2

Poison Enchanted
Poison Enchanted and more.
Following up on yesterday’s big article, with a lot more screenshots and coverage of some issues I didn’t get to in the first post. I only played for a couple of hours on day two, but that was enough to find several more legendaries; new ones and scaled up D3V legs… which are weird, since they’re missing some of the affixes they always spawn with today.

Screens of thsoe legendaries are below, along with a follow up on Enchanting and its pros, cons, and bugs. Also there’s quite a bit on the grim potential for twinking and trading, and full coverage of many new Boss and Elite changes, including 5 new Elite Affixes, big upgrades to some of the Quest bosses, changes and improvements to minions, and much more.

So, right to it. Click through for the article.

Twinking and Trading

As we know, trading is meant to be a pretty minimal affair in RoS. The game is damn near DiabloWikiIronborn by design, with all legendaries, anything you enchant, all the higher level gems, etc, Bind on Account. There is one exception; you can trade the otherwise BoA gear with players who were in the game with you when you found the item (during the game or for up to two hours afterwards). I’m not going to praise or condemn that design in this piece. I’m just stating the current state of affairs in case new readers aren’t up on the details.

Rares are tradeable, though. Fully tradeable, unless/until you enchant them. Would you want to trade them, though? Maybe, but only to another character of your class, or your other mainstat sharing kin. All my end game play so far has been with a Monk (I’ve played some Crusader, but only low level) and of the decent rares I’ve found or gambled, probably 70% have a huge bonus to dex and 25% are just +Vit, without any mainstat at all. No more than 5%, and the number is probably lower than that, have a bonus to INT or STR.

That does not include class-specific items; wands I find almost always have INT, and never have STR or DEX. Bows all have DEX and never INT or STR. It seems like class items drop according to your class also; my Monk sees occasional wands or ceremonial knives or pistol xbows, but I can hardly remember finding a single flail or Crusader class shield, and Barbarian mighty weapons seem very uncommon (when playing a Monk) also. Yet I played an hour of Crusader yesterday evening, from level 1 to 20ish, and it seemed like every trip back to town I had 3 or 4 new Crusader class shields and a flail or three. And pretty much all my armor had +strength.

Also, if you find a set item for a specific class with a mainstat not your own, the inherent stats will still spawn. Your Barb won’t find an Inna’s Helm with a STR roll.

-Reqs goes way lower in RoS.
-Reqs goes [2-23].
This isn’t a bad thing, but it will really cut down on trading, at least cross class trading. It’s quite possible that people who play Crusaders will find tons of armor that’s great for Barbs, and vice versa, and the same will hold true for Wizards and WDs and Monks and DHs… but if you’re playing a Wizard and hoping to find gear to twink out your new Crusader, or to give to a friend… not so much. And since there’s no Auction House in RoS you can’t just hop on and buy the gear you need without any wasted time or haggling. Happily, you don’t really need to since upgrades and quality gear flow quite quickly, even at a low level. Plus the NPCs sell lots of rare items now. They’re not equal to the quality of good item finds, but you can much more easily kit out your own character in RoS. There’s nothing very hard about going Ironborn anymore.

One last note on twinking; reduced requirement gear is quite rare. I’ve only found 2 or 3 decent rares so far with a -level requirement, but the ones I did were hugely reduced. I found and saved a belt and a chest armor today, both level 70, both with more than -20 level requirement. Neither is very good for end game use, but slipping into an armor with 400 Vit and other stats at level 48, in Hardcore, is not at all a bad short term solution. (And an enchant could greatly improve such an item. Or turn any other great item into a twink by potentially adding a 2-23 level req reduction.)


I mentioned Enchanting with some criticism yesterday, and now that I’ve experimented with it a lot more I wanted to add some words. I’ve done more enchanting, including some on legendaries, and the repetitious rolling of the same mod or two again and again remains an issue. But I got some good rolls too. And noticed something nifty in the interface.

That little question mark at the far right of each mod shows you the possible affixes that can roll to replace each one. It’s buggy, especially on D3V legendaries, as you can see in some of the screens below. You are not supposed to be able to replace the inherent mods that don’t appear on that item type, such as IAS or Crit Damage on a Witching Hour, or IAS, ChC, or Movement Speed on Inna’s Pants. And yet all of those mods show up in the Enchanting window, with some odd possible replacements listed. Check out the 1-2% ChC possible on Inna’s?

I don’t know if these would actually roll; there seems to be selection issues since I’ve done many items 6-8 times in a row and gotten just the same 3 or 4 affixes every time, when 9 or 10 mods are showing as possibles.

Sometimes the special mods do not show, I think correctly. I stuck a Stone of Jordan in the Enchanting window and it showed the +% Holy Damage, Spirit Regen, and Sweeping Wind damage… but it did not show the +28% damage to Elites as a potential mod to swap out. I rerolled that SoJ and changed the +%Holy Damage to 387 Dexterity, which I felt was an upgrade. Though I’d rather have gotten ChC or ChD or IAS, all of which were listed as potential replacements.

Socket or socket?
Socket or socket?
Though the “display potential affixes” seems to work, I still think there are bugs with the *random* selection of them. Too many times I’ve rolled an item 8 or 10 times in a row and seen the same 3-4 affixes every single time. Even when the display of possible options shows 8 or 10 or 12 options. I know it sounds like RNG, but I’ve seen it happen on many different items, including junky ones that I tested out just since it was cheap to roll and reroll them. (Prices are weird too. As you see in the pics above, rare jewelry is like 10x the price of anything else, and more than 100x the price of other rares like boots, shields, bracers, etc. Those will start off at 14k or 18k, while your first hit on a good amulet might run 1.4m, and increase to well over 2m by the 3rd reroll.)

I think they should also fix it so you don’t get the same new affix in both slots at once, since that’s just annoying. So many times I’ve gotten both mods as something like, +91 exp per kill and +96 exp per kill. Or both plus varying amounts of dexterity, etc.

I can see why they allow it, since technically the choices are different, and if you got both of them the mod you wanted it would be fun to pick the higher value. It’s annoying when you get mods that are just on/off, though. Like you see in the shot to the right, since only 1 socket can spawn on a weapon, it feels lame to see it in both options. (Sockets in chest armor, which can be 1, 2, or 3, wouldn’t be so bad.)


Not a lot to say about them, but here are some pics of two I found today. The Band of Hollow Whispers would be great if I needed more defense, but without any trifecta stats, or mainstat, or even +damage, it’s kind of lacking there. And my Monk has nearly 5000 LoH from other gear and is over 700 to all resistances… I might save it for use in a higher difficulty game, or against Ubers? I am playing Hardcore, after all.

Interesting point about the Sun Keeper… where’s the Magic Find? That’s the most distinguishing affix on it in D3V, and it’s just gone in RoS. I had another interesting find, but apparently I failed to get a screenshot, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It was an Inna’s Radiance, the Monk class helm. I was excited to see it since I’m still wearing a Mempo, and wondered if an upgraded Inna’s might be an improvement.

It was not, and weirdly, it had no Critical hit Chance. That stat, from 5-6%, is inherent on the item in D3V, but was nowhere to be seen on the RoS version. It had a big roll of dex (500+), a socket, increased spirit regen, and res all, which was a random mod I assume. But no ChC. I don’t know if the missing MF on Sun Keeper and/or missing ChC on Inna’s were bugs or if they’ve been removed entirely… it’s hard to see why, with legs supposed to be so good in this game?

Monsters and Elite Affixes

Azmodan's death circles spawn on all sides, now
Azmodan’s death circles spawn on all sides, now
There are a lot of upgrades to the enemies. Random Elites are tougher, many of the Elite Affixes are much more deadly, and most of the Bosses have been upgraded, from quest bosses to act bosses. The Butcher and Diablo seemed exactly the same when I did them in Adventure Mode, but Belial and Azmodan now spawn lots of little enemies all during the battle. These are actually kind of helpful to most players, since they give you something easy to kill quickly that might drop a health orb.

The quest Bosses saw more upgrades and changes, and some are much nastier. Siegebreaker gets help from those weird centipede troop carriers, as four of them appear on the sides of his set and vomit out demons to join the battle. They hardly even get in the way, though.

The biggest change and difficulty upgrade goes to Maghda, who was perhaps sick and tired of all the Butterfly Queen jokes. Formerly she fought solo until she lost a quarter of her health, at which point she shielded and summoned up a few of the Cultist Berserkers. Once the hero killed them Magdha would turn off the shield, fight for another quarter of her hit points, and repeat. No longer.

Now she starts off the same, but when she gets to 75% hps and cloaks, she summons a bunch of Cultists, the type who transform into the huge demons. They’re all over the place, completely surrounding the battle, and they transform QUICKLY. I only managed to kill two or three of them before they transformed, and as soon as they did Maghda returned to the fight. She could take damage again, and on her next quarter loss she summoned more Cultists, plus Berserkers. The neat, clean, easy, punctuated nature of the fight is gone; it’s much more flowing and kinetic, and much harder. My Monk could very easily have died there when I first tried it at about level 65.

  • The Cultists transform and attack in their powerful demonic form.
  • Cultist Berserkers appear also, and deal huge damage with their big sledgehammers.
  • Maghda is upgraded in her attacks and the sparkling Butterfly vomit cloud actually hurts now.
  • The Cultist demonic form guys are DiabloWikiMolten! And they all explode when they die, usually while clustered all around you
  • Magdha has DiabloWikiFrozen now! She didn’t use it until the last quarter of the battle when I fought her, but it was a big surprise then, and I only survived by running out of the central area to avoid being frozen.
  • So imagine it; she repeatedly summons guys on all sides of you (not just around her, as in D3V). They deal huge damage and upon death they explode in huger-damage Molten balls, and she’s got Frozen. If you mess up and get caught by the mobs, or don’t avoid the Frozen, you will be stuck motonless while surrounded by exploding Moltens and those Berserkers who can practically one-shot a lot of lower hit point characters. It’s a *very* dangerous scenario and if your character doesn’t have a good panic button skill to pass through enemies and/or become completely invulnerable for a few seconds, you could very well die to Maghda. The humiliation would be the worst part.


    One of the most visually-pretty of the Elite Affixes, this one is new in Ros. Monsters with this power, Bosses, minions, and Champions all get it, cast large orbs of electricity which hover in place like Tesla cannons. Each one acts like the sun in a small solar system, with half a dozen sparks slowly “orbiting” around it.

    They circle in concentric rings, like planets around a sun (rather than spiraling out like Hammerdin projectiles), but they cover a lot of screen, pass through solid walls or over the edge of areas so the circle is never interrupted, and are generally very hard to avoid. They’re not hugely damaging, but it’s a constant hit point grinding away, and if you get in the midst of a lot of them they can hurt quite badly.


    This is another “everything near me gets hurt” property. When Elites have this you take steady damage when you’re anywhere near them, and if there’s a way to avoid it I haven’t figured it out yet. (Possibly it’s got a radius of effect around the enemy, but I’ve mostly played Monk so far in the Reaper of Souls beta test, so I’m always in melee range.) The damage isn’t high, and playing today with more LoH gear on my Monk I hardly even noticed it. But it’s definitely there as a sort of constant hit point drain that must be offset or hurried through.

    Thunderstorm does not have any visual that I’ve noticed. It’s possible that it does a visual, lightning coming down from above would be appropriate, but if so I’ve never noticed it during the battles. YOu onl notice the name on the monster tooltips, and then figure you need to hurry since you’ll be getting drained all along. Which isn’t surprising given how much visual noise my Monk creates with constant Sweeping Wind cyclones and Wave of Light bells.

    And note that this is not a new name for Electrified, as I saw someone suggest. The boss in the pics below has both properties, and you can see the sparks from Electrified when you hit the enemy. There’s no such visual indication with Thunderstorm, as far as I can tell.

    Nightmarish, Extra Health, Thunderstorm, Electrified.
    Nightmarish, Extra Health, Thunderstorm, Electrified.


    Another new Elite Affix, Wormhole enemies will periodically teleport your character to a random location. It’s not Vortex, pulling you to the boss, it’s like Phasing targeted on you. You never know where you’ll appear, and as far as I can tell you can’t resist or block it as you can Vortex, by standing next to a wall or out of line of sight to the enemy. With this you get bamfed from somewhere to somewhere, and there’s nothing you can do about it until it happens.

    This isn’t necessarily dangerous, and the Wormhole might even put you in a safer location. But I’ve had this one pop me right into the thick of enemies on several occasions, so I wouldn’t count on it being non-violent when you encounter it.

    There’s no visual for it other than the word in the Elite’s tooltip overhead, so you need to scan those words and be ready.

    Poison Enchanted

    This one was covered in one of our reports on the demo from Blizzcon, and it works just the same in the full game. (Curiously, Frozen Pulse, the other new one from Blizzcon demo, doesn’t seem to be in the RoS beta. I haven’t seen it, anyway.)

    The boss, his minions, or the Champions cast a greenish-yellow circle that looks a bit like Desecrator pit, and after a second it explodes, shooting out gas in an X shape. It’s amusing when there’s one, but quite dangerous when there are several intersecting, and you do not want to linger in the middle of the X zone when several of these things go off.

    Poison Enchanted gets everywhere.
    Poison Enchanted gets everywhere.

    Minion Upgrades

    Perhaps inspired by the Despicable Me films, the minions are generally a lot more impactful in Reaper of Souls. They seem to have much higher hit points, and maybe their AI is improved since they are tenacious. Whatever the changes, I end most battles with a random Yellow boss quickly, and find 2 or 3 of the minion still alive and pestering me. More than pestering, sometimes. This virtually never happens in D3V, where the minions are hardly stronger than normal monsters and almost always all die with, or often well before, their boss.

    At first it was just odd in RoS and I kept wondering how I’d missed some of the minions. They seem to scatter out widely during the battle, then all rush back in together, which helps them avoid all soaking up the same AoE damage that’s usually being targeted on the boss.

    After playing more games though, I’ve come to realize that the minions are just kick ass now. More hps, more speed, better AI, and more damaging. They’re not far below Champions in ability, and more than once I’ve gotten a horde that was actually quite challenging, when their abilities were added to the boss. And remember that a lot of the nastier elemental Elite Affixes can be cast by minions as well. Thus when they live longer you see a lot more Arcane needles, Orbiters, Poison Enchanted gas X bombs, etc.

    Different Types of Boss & Minions

    This is something else I wrote about monsters from the Blizzcon demo, and it’s more obvious in the RoS beta. It’s not a common thing, but sometimes a boss has minions of a different species. In normal games they’re some other enemy that would be found in that area, so you’ll see zombie mothers as minions to a Grotesque in the Weeping Hollow, or Dust Imps as minions to a Desert Dervish in the Act Two desert. This is not the case in Nephalem Rifts where as usual, all rules are off. As far as I can tell, any two monster types in those areas can be teamed up as boss and minions, no matter how improbable the mixture might be. And it’s quite possible that 5 or 6 or 8 of the minions can be much more dangerous than the boss they appear with.

    Two screenshots of that below. One from Act Three shows Flyers as minions for one of those weird things with the long underground tickling poison arm. The other is from Act One and shows Zombie Mother who got scavengers for minions.


    Once again, no conclusion. This is just some new info on what the bosses and monsters are up to in Reaper of Souls. I like the changes; even when they greatly increase the danger they also add fun, and it’s nice to feel that I have to be on my toes to survive. I’m playing Hardcore for just that sort of reaction, after all.

    As with yesterday’s First Impressions article, feel free to put questions into the replies. I’m going to post an article tonight that answers a bunch of reader questions I took from part one’s comments, and I’ll be happy to add some from this to it. I’ve got tons more to write about for tomorrow, including Crusader testing, changes they’ve made to Adventure Mode and Nephalem Riftss, the amazingly awesome design and visuals of Act Five, and much more.

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    51 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Beta Test First Impressions, Part 2

    1. Flux – I have been VERY much hoping that they try to close the gap between whites and elites but from this, it sounds like they’ve actually widened the gap even more. Would you say that’s accurate?

      • In my opinion, elites should be ELITES. Because right now some elite combinations are not ‘elite’. I feels like standard trash mob group with bigger health. No sense of danger or ‘Oh my God I’m doomed, run away!’. 🙂

        • Elites can be Elite without being the only thing actually capable of killing you.
          (And most of the time it’s not even the actual Elites that kill you, it’s just their ground spam.)

          • I don’t know if you have played the console version, but on Master I difficulty (5th difficulty setting) the damage done by ALL monsters is higher than MP5 (5th difficulty setting) on PC version. From what I played, everything from Master I and higher is nearly playable when playing with fresh character. Everything is one-hitting you (till you stack some vitality and increased your damage). I started with Monk and it was really hard (starting MP10 self-found on PC was just standard diablo difficulty).

      • I’d like to see some boss properties that primarily change AI and behaviour, rather than extra damage / extra effects.

        Easiest one I can think off would be “Bodyguards”. All of the minions would stick closely by the elite boss and not run very far from it. Possibly should be allowed to only spawn on ranged enemies, but on the other hand Fast Horde Bodyguard would be pretty frightening on anything.

      • Yes, generally speaking. Most of the trash mobs remain trash. There are some tougher individual types; Executioners and some of the bigger Angel types in Act 5 (or in rifts) are tough on their own, a bit like Golgors or Beasts are in Acts 1-4.

        But they are the exception, and mostly white monsters function as a treadmill of exp/gold/health orbs/resource regen.

    2. FYI: Spawning enemies in boss encounters (Belial, Siegebreaker) is the same as in the console version.
      I saw on one stream, when the player killed Diablo in Shadow Realm, that the game was saved with checkpoint (before the final stage of the Diablo boss fight).

    3. I just imagine Flux sitting there, furiously playing, with one finger (or maybe a toe?) hovering on his print screen button, trying to get that right screenshot to use in his articles for us.

      • I need to start streaming and just record as I go. I missed a lot of great stuff because I have to survive first and foremost, because hardcore.

    4. Have they changed their mind about scaling legendary crafted items?
      I read last week that cain set won’t scale to 70.
      Looks like all those brimstones and essences I’ve collected will be useless.
      Is the brawling area still so small?
      what about ubers..

      • Blue post yesterday said that you could find new versions of the current set plans scaled up to 70, so items made through it would be scaled up. But plans found in D3V will remain at their current level, and items made from them will also.

        Which is ironic since it seems much easier to find legendary plans in RoS than it was in D3V.

    5. “There are a lot of upgrades to the enemies. ”

      Uhh, no. That’s actually wrong. Most of these ‘new’ features Blizz is bragging about are already in the console version.
      Are there even any fanboys left who think D3 isn’t a console game with a shabby PC port? If so I feel bad for people who want to pay a $30 fee just to have the features ported over.

      • Despite the fact that the PC version probably suffered some due to their console development — I agree — you’re making pretty gross exaggerations here.

        The PC version was released well before any console version, meaning any additional development after the PC release subsequently went into the (later released) console versions. But how exactly does that make the PC version a “shabby port” ?

        I feel bad for people who think RoS is a feature port from the D3V console version.

      • You’re right – the console team should never have tried to add cool features to D3 and the PC team DEFINITELY shouldn’t have added any of those cool features to the PC!!

    6. QUOTE

      Curiously, Frozen Pulse, the other new one from Blizzcon demo, doesn't seem to be in the RoS beta. I haven't seen it, anyway.

      It’s in the beta, so you just got un(?)lucky.

    7. Flux,
      What difficulty are you running on? I am hardcore as well and I just want to get an idea of what difficulty I should start on.

      • I’m on Hard, the 2nd difficulty, but it’s getting kind of easy as I upgrade. My monk is up to 540k dps and 330k hps, with like 5.4m toughness now. No idea how that scales across whatever, but it’s vastly higher than I was when I first hit 70, and I’m still on the same diff level.

    8. Thanks for the info .

      So the SALVATION called LOOT 2.0 = 500 str , or 400 vit, or 90allres? + 1.2%chance to blind? IS that it? Thats all a billiondollar company can pull out?

      • Yes. All items now roll with Blind and only that. That’s the only affix in the game anymore. Just blind. Blind blind and blind. You’ve made a very astute observation here, and we all appreciate your valuable contributions.

        • Shame my post cant reach the heights of yours. You studied on troll university in Trollheim? So if you would not mind, if you have nothing to add, go make up some original forum nickname, would you.

          Who would defend blizzard if not trolls, surely their designing skills cant.

          One more thing though. Have you people see the “spoiler” when Tyrael is talking with you about Malthael and telling you that:”I could not hurt him because he is in state of life and death” Wtf that is. Lore is getting raped too. THought Tyrael cannot harm those who have just intentionts, doest matter which power they have, oh wait he is now Wisdom right, but then who is new Justice – cause you cant really abandon the princip, since its one of the aspects of Anu, and you cant just simply discard it. Well maybe that old drunk Metzen actually can. Ah too confused, Tyrael Obama, Cain dead..things were much more simple back in

          • While I respectfully disagree with you about Loot 2.0, I will agree with you on the lore, and add that it was ruined in D3V before RoS ever existed.

            And “Tyreal Obama” is definitely a new one to me. Wow.

            • Well Metzen did not make him an archangel of Hope, but still he kinda says in the game to humans/nephalem that there is hope etc(doesnt he say that to leah at cains funeral?)


              spoiler maybe, dont read…Some kids think Cain was Malthael(cain wisdom, archangel of wisdom in disguise and he voted for nephalem right) if thats true I want some of what Metzen was tripping on and yes I know it sounds total bs but after the stun with lord of lies being the emperor kid(where I presumed : they presume we know this and the child would turn out to be really the innocent emperor, boy was I wrong, more than that time I took my gf on a date to park instead of fancy restaurant) Well anyway.

              And the loot. I respectfully ask:”How can you defend the total soulless approach to it? They are just adding numbers, it is so boring…

          • This site needs to reintroduce the downvote button so I can click 10000 times after seeing the phrase “Tyrael Obama”. *vomits*

    9. Guess they solved the other problem of Magic Find; having to farm gear w/ one character for a different one you actually want to play. Sounds like that’s statistically improbable. You want to build a Monk? You have to play as the Monk. No more Meteorb feeding the builds you actually wanted to play. I hate Magic Find and wish it would die, but this seems pretty extreme the other way. I mean, we’re not supposed to trade ANYTHING w/ ANYBODY anymore.

      • It really is a 180 change from all of their previous comments and D2. Everyone was always like “why would a Barbarian want to find an Amazon class-specific item?” and the answer was “maybe you’ll make an Amazon because what you found is awesome, or you’ll trade it to someone who has what you want”.

        Now they’ve made it really self-sufficient so you don’t/can’t trade, while still making it always online…

        • class specific items and legs are not smart dropped to cross mainstat. I just haven’t found any of those real worth saving for twinks yet. Long term I’m sure we’ll find amazing legs and even some rares for other other chars. Currently my standards are low so lots of stuff looks good, as I haven’t upgraded to RoS gear across the board yet.

          • Yeah, but how many wands is your Monk picking up? I mean, will we be able to farm gear for other classes at all w/ a “main” character? W/ Shareagon and some of the info about smart drops, it seems like a negative. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

    10. Are the keywardens still there in ros or has the infernal machine event been deleted? I’m ready to see all of my keys disappear from the stash since there’s been no report of them until now..

    11. I’ll ask again, hope you can answer this time, Flux:

      Blizz said they are adding proper effects associated to elemental damage so it will not be only about visuals in RoS. Is that in?

      • I asked Jaetch (a diablo forums general mvp and high end wizard) who is streaming and he said that they were not yet in.

    12. “Perhaps inspired by the Despicable Me films, the minions are generally a lot more impactful in Reaper of Souls.” – LOL!

    13. I agree with you
      Items seem as dull as they were before just with ,,and then we doubled it”
      applied to stats

    14. Thanks for the new update, you answered my question from the last post just from better pics in this 1 🙂

      They have to pay better attention to what they are doing with the items though (unless that is a mistake with the Sun Keeper)
      By taking out the MF it is basically useless IMO because it has 760vit and 29% to Elites, but only does 1.20aps, where the Gift of Silaria does 1.40 and has LpH).
      But that’s just me going by my game style in D3v. Maybe if you have awesome life regen then higher Vit would be better in RoS

    15. Does anyone know whether the movement speed cap is raised in RoS? And/Or does the Paragon Point movement speed increase go ABOVE the cap?
      Great Read, Flux!

      • MS is still 25% capped from equipment. Paragon points raise it over that, just like a Fleeting Shrine or various skill effects, since those aren’t from equipment. My Monk is zoomy fast with about 10% MS from PPs on top of 2 MS items.

        I’m doing some tutorial videos tonight (as soon as the Beta server is back online) and one of them will cover paragon points and how the caps work and such.

    16. A question about enchanting: when you reroll a stat on a legacy (D3 classic) legendary, can you get one of the new high ilvl stats?

    17. One of my beefs with the game today, at least in Inferno, is how many gear-check scenarios it generates: i.e. “hey look it’s vortex-arcane-jailer-teleport Mallet Lords, either my gear is good enough to handle this or I’m instantly dead.” Not much strategy for those sorts of encounters beyond having the gear. It looks like this is getting even worse in RoS with the new affixes. But then these numbers… 500K health, 300K DPS… I can’t even get my head around that.

      What’s up with the new gems? It’s getting silly, why not just buff the gem levels that already exist? And the notion of paying millions to remove a gem from a socket is almost reminiscent of repair costs in D2 (on that note, are they gonna put repair costs on steroids too, since the plan appears to be to crank up the numbers astronomically on everything?). Diamonds look sweet, though, and I like the concept that the gem levels that drop are based on your character level.

    18. inb4RIP

      I have been watching streams and such, not being able to play this beta is far worse than the time I didn’t have D3C beta… I am hoping my CE/Beta/I actually played the game will get me into the close beta… #hopesanddreams

    19. Two question for you Flux:

      1) Do Nephalem Caches drop items for your current level or for the level get them? For example, if I get one at level 20 and open it an level 30 will I get level 20 or 30 loot?

      2) Did they change how Dodge scales with Dexterity? Previously you reached 10% Dodge at 100 DEX, 20% at 500, 30% at 1000 and after that +10% every 1000 DEX, so you would have reached 100% Dodge at 8k DEX. Since now we can actually reach that I assume the scaling is different, otherwise 8k DEX would mean nigh-invulnerability.

    20. QUOTE

      Yes. All items now roll with Blind and only that. That's the only affix in the game anymore. Just blind. Blind blind and blind. You've made a very astute observation here, and we all appreciate your valuable contributions.

      I can see what you see not. Vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone, Whispering their hidden song. Then you see what cannot be, Shadows move where light should be. Out of darkness, out of mind, Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.

    21. QUOTE

      I can see what you see not. Vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone, Whispering their hidden song. Then you see what cannot be, Shadows move where light should be. Out of darkness, out of mind, Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.

      To this day, when I read that chills run down my spine, so please cut it out. 🙂

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