Reaper of Souls Beta and PTR Shutting Down Tonight

Surprise news that the Reaper of Souls Beta and PTR Shutting Down Tonight. As in 5 hours from now!

Reaper of Souls™ Closed Beta and Patch 2.0.1 PTR Draw to a Close

In preparation for the launch of patch 2.0.1, the Reaper of Souls™ Beta and Patch 2.0.1 PTR servers will be brought offline this evening at 5:00 p.m. PT. At that time, players will no longer be able to log in to the Beta or PTR client, all Beta and PTR accounts (including character information) will be reset, and both our Beta forums and PTR forums will be marked as read-only.

We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the Reaper of Souls Beta and Patch 2.0.1 PTR. You’ve done an amazing job of testing, and we greatly appreciate all of the feedback you provided during this critical phase of development.

We look forward to releasing patch 2.0.1 to public shortly and encourage everyone to stay tuned to this website for exciting news and updates regarding the upcoming launch of Reaper of Souls!

I’m surprised and disappointed. I played a lot this weekend and had a great time, and so did just about everyone on my friend’s list and in the INC guild. That said… I guess that’s testimony that the beta “test” had pretty well run its course, if we were all just playing for fun, liking the reward rate, the exp gain rate, not finding bugs or crashes, etc.

What do you guys think? Was the Reaper of Souls beta test sufficient and effective? Are you surprised they’re shutting it down so far before advance, rather than expanding it to basically let everyone in, the way the WoW expansions ramp up to release? Are you happy since this probably means we’ll see Diablo 3 v2 sooner rather than later, perhaps literally in the “couple of weeks” Josh Mosqueria mentioned in that recent interview from Korea?

How was the Reaper of Souls beta test?

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38 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Beta and PTR Shutting Down Tonight

    • Yes, the PTR is a duplicate version of the live client and can be removed without affecting your normal Diablo 3. You could probably do a full reinstall if you wanted; tying it into that upcoming upgrade to the Diablo 3 installer that’s going to hit before RoS.

  1. So the patch is either going live on 25 during scheduled maintance (which is very unlikely still) or sometime next¨week. I don’t see what else could holt PTR patch back, since it was very stable for weeks now. ANd I don’t think they will hold out the patch until 18th of March, if the patch is ready.

  2. Pretty disappointed about this, to be honest. My best friend just downloaded PTR yesterday to play with me tomorrow, so I guess that’s not happening. Still, I suppose it’s probably for the best. School just started back up for me, and since my friend lives 12 hours time difference away from me, I would have been very tempted to stay up all night playing with him and skip school. Still, disappointing to me. I was having fun! 🙁

    Hopefully they’ll update D3 live with Patch 2.1 soon. My friend also re-installed D3, so if it updates next week, we can still play. But I doubt this will happen; patch will probably go live around when RoS comes out.

      • Well, it’s possible. Loot 2.0 items will not be postable on the AH either way, So I highly doubt it would cause any issues launching the patch with AH still active.

        I hope it is, I’ve been holding off re-leveling my hardcore barbarian for 2.0…! =)

    • Now that I think about it again, I’d say Warlords of Draenor beta this week, and Diablo 3 patch 2.0.1 next week. ^^

  3. I think there should have been more than a few hours notice and it should have finished maybe 2 weeks before launch.

    It was a smooth beta overall with good development but I do think they should have opened it up to a few more people.

    • They clearly still have some tuning to do, so it’s a little unfortunate that they won’t have more players to test that. Maybe they just think they’ve gathered enough data at this point, and they can make decisions based on that.

  4. yup it was the beta was fun. Looks like its almost time to start actually getting those paragon levels for ROS.

  5. QUOTE

    So, how do I uninstall the PTR, then? :)

    Battle.Net app, select PTR realm, under “Options” drop-down select “Uninstall”.

  6. I almost want to do some vanilla runs just for old times sake. To think, we’ll never again see the legendary 300 STR Manticore. Sniff..

  7. Despite being initially skeptical that they had enough time to get things right – it really seems like they have done a good job here.

    I also don’t think they needed to open it up to more people just because. I’d rather come to RoS fresh and excited, not having just lost a ton of progress I put into a beta/PTR.

  8. Taking 2.0 PTR down 1 week before the patch release makes sense, imo (they did that with 1.0.8, didn’t they?). We’re 1 week before Josh couple weeks.

    I don’t agree with taking down the RoS beta. One month is a lot of time and, while I’m “sold” with some classes, other classes seem to be far from balanced, imo.

    • I dont understand how they can put out 2.01 and still have the AH available? unless all new items/gold are BoA and all your legacy gold/items are not??

      Time to put on my bio suit and wade through the official forums i guess.

      • “unless all new items/gold are BoA and all your legacy gold/items are not??”

        That’s exactly what will happen.

        • Right. They may release Patch 2.0.1 and have new items become BoA, but you can still trade your old items and buy/sell with gold on the AH up until March 18th. Think of it as a transition period where players get used to the new BoA gameplay before the AH closes down for good.

          Even with gold not bound until the 18th, it won’t have as significant value in the base game without the AH, and in RoS, vast amounts of gold are only useful if you want to re-enchant the same item at the Mystic a whole lot.

  9. I had a lot of fun in the PTR.

    Is it very naive to hope for the 2.0.1 patch to hit the servers tomorrow? 🙂

  10. Wild speculation here. But Path of Exile expansion is next Wednesday. Makes spence that they would drop 2.0 next Tuesday. If so I think it would be a bit of a dick move. But that’s business for ya

  11. Odd time to end RoS Beta. Watching the game develop has pretty much erased all the hopes I had for it when they announced they were going to close the AH. Since the start of Beta it’s just been one hit after another.
    Bind on Account announced.
    Legendary Drop Rates nerfed, then buffed, but not back to what they were when beta started.
    Affix ranges nerfed to be less than what’s on Live.
    Mystic enchant of our gear removed.

    Oh well, at least it’s easier to farm Paragon in 2.01 than 1.08.

  12. They did say the patch would hit before the AH closes. I assume things will become BoA so people can’t sell loot 2.0 items

    • Do you have a source for this? I don’t recall seeing/hearing any information to that effect, apart from a nebulous “in a few weeks” statement.


  13. In terms of the vote, I’d call the PTR/RoS beta mission accomplished. That said, I’d have preferred that they opened it up until they released Patch 2.1, or at least kept PTR up. I was having a lot of fun, and I’m disappointed that I’ll have to wait until launch to play more. Still, the beta accomplished its purpose, and while there was probably more that could have been tested and changed, it did was it was meant to.

    • I agreed with you and Bliz probably would have done that, but as we found out soon after this post went up, D3v2 is going live tomorrow. So once the devs had the PTR working well they probably figured they might as well hit it live to let everyone get started on it, rather than keeping it for separate testing. And no point in keeping RoS beta going when v2 is live…

  14. I just downloaded the PTR 2 days ago and now it’s closed rofl. Well, at least I got 2 days of play. Love the new game. Am hoping the new patch will be really soon (tonight, next week, week after?) Looking forward to it.

    Now! Who is going to want to go back to the old game and play it until the patch comes out?

  15. aw, gonna miss my PTR hardcore guys, they improved so much from when I copied. I put in probably 75+ hours too. Nice job blizz.

  16. Strange to end up the beta one month before release. They could have used the additionnal feedback.

    Releasing patch 2.0 one month before RoS is launched looks like a good move. I have not played on the PTR because it felt “useless” and I have not been playing a lot recently. But now I will try the patch 2.0 before RoS, trying to get some decent loot to start RoS in one month, see the improvement etc.

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