Reaper of Souls Beta Profile Ready

The observant ones amongst you might have noticed that the beta profile page on Battle.Net has change, just a little bit. Where you sign up for the beta tests you are interested in the image for Diablo has changed to DiabloWikiMalthael‘s image. With DiabloWikiBlizzcon 2013 a matter of days away we could be heading for a beta test announcement during the event.  Diablo: IncGamers will be attending of course so keep your eyes out for reports from the show floor.

reaper of souls beta

If you were opted in for Diablo 3 you’re automatically checked in for DiabloWikiReaper of Souls beta.

Perhaps I’m being over optimistic that we’ll get a start date for it next week.  I’m not familiar enough with the process of the other games, at what point did they change the image from the vanilla game to the next expansion pack?  Months before or literally days before announcing when the beta would begin.

Thanks to nobbie of for being the first to email it in.

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9 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Beta Profile Ready

  1. If the speculation is right then it is a March/April release so it is possible the announcement for the beta could be made at Blizzcon and the beta runs over Christmas.

    • I don’t think it will be that early.

      Conspiracy theory: At BlizzCon, they will announce a several-months-long PTR for Loot 2.0 starting very Soon(TM). Following that (in March/April), they will announce another long beta for RoS. I think this might be a false alarm for the actual RoS beta, but fingers crossed that it’s not.

  2. I can’t wait to case myself in 5 inches of steel, bash demons with my shield, and find a nice ring that adds 56 intelligence and 0.1% to stun. My nephalem is ready.

    • I’m actually tired of D3 hate, but that was funny.

      On topic though, can someone tell me that I read that if I was in the D3 beta then I’m an automatic for the D3:RoS beta or is that Elly’s wishful thinking? It would be a nice bit of news if it were true. I could use it today.

      • No, you’re just automatically checked in for the D3X. This means you still have to be lucky to get D3X beta 🙂

  3. Nice. I don’t have much interest in playing the RoS beta – I’d rather just keep leveling my characters, farming, etc – but the sooner the beta comes out, the sooner the game.

  4. No way I am going through the same hype train for beta as with original D3. I was waiting for the invite that never came, checking my mail daily. But enough is enough, not interested in this beta.

  5. I’m going to choose to be optimistic here, and predict a Beta date announcement next weekend at Blizzcon, with the Beta running from Dec-Apr or so and D3X launched in May-June.

    Here’s me crossing my fingers that some good RL friends get into the F&F beta test again, and I get to try it out already next month 😉

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