Reaper of Souls Beta Patch and Character Wipe Coming Soon

Blizzard has announced that a Reaper of Souls beta patch is coming soon, and bringing a character wipe with it. This mostly affects people who are testing, but everyone observing the test should find it interesting, as we’ll (probably) see a lot of game changes in the patch, plus all the people testing won’t be rolling around with super geared level 70s anymore, giving a much different viewing experience via streams and conversations.

We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release. As part of this patch, we will be wiping all Friends and Family characters. Items, artisans, followers, achievements, clans, communities, and friends lists will also be wiped.

A specific ETA is unavailable at this time for when this patch and wipe will occur, so please stay tuned to this thread for updates.

Quite a tabula rasa there, which is probably fair. There were a lot of item bugs, overly-friendly bounty rewards, overpowered skills, and other such issues in the first weeks of the beta, and while most of them have been hot fixed out by now, many players were able to enrich themselves in experience or gear, which they still have benefiting their accounts. Starting fresh, with most of those bugs fixed, should give a more balanced play experience and better insight into the current operations of Loot 2.0.

Bear in mind that the F&F Beta operates like the PTR, in that testers can copy over their current Diablo 3 accounts, bringing all their “live” characters and gear into the RoS beta. Doing so overwrites everything on your current PTR account, but that worry goes away when the realm has been wiped. So players will be hopping back in with lvl 60s, or D3 items twinked to their new Crusaders, for faster recovery back to max level and end game testing.

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12 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Beta Patch and Character Wipe Coming Soon

  1. May I ask you something Flux? Next time you level a new character would you check what level Horadric Caches drop their loot for? The level you get them or the level you open them?

    • *shrug* Who knows, Elly. Maybe what’s coming in the patch will be good. …

      Actually, if it involves wiping characters, I’m very curious to know the extent of the patch…

  2. Finally got my crusader to level 70, *sighs* as elly says its a beta and is expected. I’ll just have to screenshot my gear and hope i can get there again where i lost. (Hopefully not take too long this time leveling it).

    • There is until RoS comes out. Give all your gold to a friend or buy junk on the AH and throw it on the ground in a game. After this empty your stash and delete your characters. You’ll still have your Blacksmith and Jeweler leveled and your stash fully extended, but otherwise you’ll have nothing.

      • I did that twice already. But there’s still no artisans reset, personal stash tabs and wallet.
        Can’t have two or more independent characters. And paragon 2.0 is the bane of me.

  3. Ummm wasn’t there just a small stupid controversy about how the beta has so far just been small changes mostly consisting of removing content and stuff? …and now there’s a big patch that could possible have massive changes about to release. Good timing?

    • It has nothing to do with good timing. More like people drawing the wrong conclusion from the CMs said… again.

  4. Can’t WAIT to see the changes in the tempo of most twitch streams now! I’ve always liked the ones leveling new chars and really testing the game-flow and advancement tempo best, and now ALL of them will be just that. Fantastic!

    Bring on the closed beta, please! Tired of checking my e-mail once an hour, only to get a mild-heart attack yesterday, upon seeing BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT in the sender column, then realize it’s the Hearthstone beta key…

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