Blizzard has announced that a Reaper of Souls beta patch is coming soon, and bringing a character wipe with it. This mostly affects people who are testing, but everyone observing the test should find it interesting, as we’ll (probably) see a lot of game changes in the patch, plus all the people testing won’t be rolling around with super geared level 70s anymore, giving a much different viewing experience via streams and conversations.

    We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release. As part of this patch, we will be wiping all Friends and Family characters. Items, artisans, followers, achievements, clans, communities, and friends lists will also be wiped.

    A specific ETA is unavailable at this time for when this patch and wipe will occur, so please stay tuned to this thread for updates.

    Quite a tabula rasa there, which is probably fair. There were a lot of item bugs, overly-friendly bounty rewards, overpowered skills, and other such issues in the first weeks of the beta, and while most of them have been hot fixed out by now, many players were able to enrich themselves in experience or gear, which they still have benefiting their accounts. Starting fresh, with most of those bugs fixed, should give a more balanced play experience and better insight into the current operations of Loot 2.0.

    Bear in mind that the F&F Beta operates like the PTR, in that testers can copy over their current Diablo 3 accounts, bringing all their “live” characters and gear into the RoS beta. Doing so overwrites everything on your current PTR account, but that worry goes away when the realm has been wiped. So players will be hopping back in with lvl 60s, or D3 items twinked to their new Crusaders, for faster recovery back to max level and end game testing.

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