Blizzard updated the known issues for the Reaper of Souls beta, and several of the problems there render inert patch notes comments. Shen’s quest still isn’t doable, for instance, though the patch notes says it works now. Will the Jewel of Dirgest never be mounted?!? Probably not. But here’s the known issues list anyway.

    Adventure Mode

  • The zoom buttons on the map do not currently function.
  • * Workaround: To change acts in adventure mode, right-click on the map to zoom out. You will be able to select and travel to other acts from the World Map.
  • The Spirit Prison event may not appear in the world during “Bounty: Out of Time”, preventing the bounty from being able to be completed


  • It is possible to enter the City of Caldeum and prematurely kill quest-related monsters during “The Scouring of Caldeum”, which can block quest progression
  • The “Treason’s Final Reward” event in the Paths of the Drowned cannot currently be completed.
  • Covetous Shen’s side quest “Shenventure” cannot be completed.
  • The Enchantress side quest “A Sister’s Voice” cannot be completed.
  • Game Settings

  • Changing a character’s quest in the Game Settings menu can alter the saved quest state of other characters on the account.
  • The icon for the “Any Quest” option in Game Settings can sometimes disappear.
  • Quest information isn’t updating on the home screen when you select the “Any Quest” option.
  • Gold and XP bonuses are displaying at 0.00% for all difficulties on the Game Difficulty screen.
  • Leaving a game after reaching AFK status will cause a player’s selected quest to reset to the first quest in the act.
  • Social

  • The number of members displayed on the Total Members, Roster, and Finder areas of the community/clan interface can be incorrect.
  • Some Clan Member’s achievement point totals are displaying as “0” in the Clan Roster
  • The Clan or Group Roster may list characters as being level 0.
  • Combat

  • Crusader: “Law” buffs will appear on the buff bar twice if there are two crusaders with the same law spell active in a party together.
  • Crusader – Steed Charge: Collector’s Edition wings (Blade Wings and Angelic Wings) are not properly attached to the Crusader when using Steed Charge.
  • Dying multiple times in the Scorched chapel can cause your character to revive with an incorrect appearance.
  • Monk – Epiphany (Desert Shroud): Pink “temporary” art will appear if Epiphany expires while the monk is in the middle of certain animations.
  • The Skills UI can become unresponsive or revert to previous settings if nearby party members engage in combat while you are manipulating skills.
  • Barbarian – Ancient Spear: The projectile for the Ancient Spear can path in random directions when using the “Rage Flip” and “Harpoon” rune variants
  • Environments

  • Act V – Path of War: The Pandemonium Siege Towers can become invulnerable in the monsters in the towers destroy the chains attached to the tower.
  • Items

  • The unique legendary effect on the hand crossbow K’mar Tenclip is currently not functional.
  • The Mystic is currently displaying an incomplete list of possible properties in the Enchanting interface.
  • Several legendary Crusader Shields are still using placeholder art.
  • Mystery offhand and amulet items cannot be purchased by characters below level 8.
  • The Gibbering Gemstone cannot currently be obtained.
  • Monsters

  • Death Maidens can spawn in Nephalem Rifts in large numbers, potentially leading to performance degradation.
  • If two Hound Pack Leaders use their special ability on a player simultaneously, the player can become de-synced or disconnected from the game.
  • Paragon

  • The Cooldown Reduction and Resource Reduction available from the Offense category of paragon bonuses do not convey any benefit to the player when selected.
  • I got that Hound Pack Leaders one tonight, and didn’t know about it until reading this list. It was right at the start of a Nephalem Rift and I got a bunch of Champions, started pounding on them, eventually had two fo them trying to devour my tasty Monk flesh at the same time, and after that I was stuck. Couldn’t move, couldn’t pick up anything on the ground, etc. I was still there; monsters were hitting me and doing damage and my armor procs were popping off, but I couldn’t portal back to town and I couldn’t even die, when Wolfpaq led over some other monsters and I just stood there and let them hit me. I’d go to zero hps but instantly start to regen. Ultimately I had to leave the game to fix it.

    But once I rejoined all was well, and I was even able to head back into the Rift and pick up the same items that the Hounds had dropped after they haxored me.

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