Reaper of Souls Beta Hotfixes

The following hotfixes have been applied to the Reaper of Souls beta as of this evening.

Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently implemented in our Friends & Family Betat hat address various bugs and mechanic tweaks. These have been implemented to encourage experimenting with other items, skills, or mechanics while we revisit them for the next patch.
These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch for the Friends & Family Beta. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require a restart of the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued.

Adventure Mode

  • Completing individual bounties will no longer reward a Horadric Cache.
  • Completing all five Bounties in an Act now also provides Blood Shards.
  • Completing a Nephalem Rift now also rewards a Greater Horadric Cache.
  • The XP and Gold rewards from completing Bounties have been reduced; the new values at level 70 are 85,000 XP and 11,800 gold.


The following immunity Rings will no longer drop and have had their unique power disabled. Please note that immunity powers will be revisited in a later patch.

  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
  • The Tall Man’s Finger
  • Wyrdward
  • Rogar’s Huge Stone
  • Rechel’s Ring of Larceny
  • Solanium will now produce Health Globes on Crushing Blow less frequently.
  • Pride of Cassius has had its unique power disabled. Please note that this item’s power will be revisited in a later patch.
  • Removing and re-socketing a Helm or Sword with a Diamond gem no longer continuously increases the CDR and Elite Damage bonus



  • Active Skills
    • Heaven’s Fury
    • Bug: Now properly deals 1500% weapon damage over 5 seconds.


  • Active Skills
    • Shock Pulse
    • Skill Rune – Living Lightning
    • Proc coefficient has been lowered from 0.2 to 0.042.
  • Passive Skills
    • Dominance
    • Duration increase amount reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds per stack.
    • Shield amount reduced from 27,323 to 16,394 (at level 70).
    • Paralysis
    • Stun chance reduced from 20% to 15%.

Bug: Fixed an issue where Electrocute was generating too many procs from Paralysis.

I was just saying earlier today in the forum that there was bountiful Experience to be had from running DiabloWikiBounties, even without taking advantage of the cheesy ones we reported on the other day.. I happened to take down the stats this afternoon for that forum discussion and you can see how this has been rebalanced with this hotfix.

Torment 1297,500833,00041,335357,000

And the Horadric Caches were a very good source of crafting materials too, not that I was using them as crafting still hasn’t been balanced enough to be viable alternative to anything you can find.  You till get the same amount of Blood Shards as you did before the hotfix.

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    25 thoughts on “Reaper of Souls Beta Hotfixes

    1. All I could think when I first saw the immune rings pop up was, “awesome.” I sure hope they don’t get rid of those.

      • It’s like Blizzard doesn’t want to add any really cool items because people will whine about them being “overpowered”. Yeah, so what. With no AH, with no real PvP, there’s no reason to obsess about perfect balance.

        Absurdly good items that change the game are fun. Maybe they need some tweaking so you can’t faceroll the highest difficulties when you’ve got the perfect gear. But I’d much rather have dozens of super-powerful legendaries available and balance the endgame around that, instead of the bland legendaries with a minor gimmick which seem to be the vast majority.

    2. No surprise there.

      Even though I loved the rings, at this moment, any balancing nerf that is going to make reaching and sustainning Torment VI play tougher than a 3-4 day’s work is a GOOD THING!

      Thumbs up for Blizzard for letting us test the high level content, and hopefully come up with a great, balanced product as a result!

    3. What I hope they do is; make harder areas … but, not make the gear lame. I want my dude to feel OP at some point while playing.

      • I do think the balance in LoD was optimal. Content wasn’t really that hard, but to feel OP you really had to play for months/years and accumulate the runewords and whatnot that would make you feel OP.

        ACCUMULATIVE REWARDS is the name of the game.

    4. “Proc coefficient has been lowered from 0.2 to 0.042.”

      Wait a second, didn’t we heard about this nerf before?

    5. I hoped they would have not disabled immunities on rings but instead didn’t stack , being immune to more than one school of magic was really OP , but one school of magic isn’t.

      I also hope they don’t do many nerfs to Wizards , so what if I wanna stunlock mobs ? It is PvM and from gameplay on stream we didn’t see any wizard abusing Shock Pulse , 20% isn’t very high against single target with 0.2 proc co-efficiency.

      • Basically all wizard streams I’ve seen except ArchonTheWizards abuses Chock Pulse for stun lock purposes. And he used electrocute in a similar fashion.

        It definitely needed to get nerferd a bit imo.

        • Or just move all of the immunity affixes to the Ring of the Zodiac and make it random which one spawns on it.

          • Both good idea, but still immunity is too strong, specialy fire and poison ones, i would say give it like 100% more resistence for X element or some huge buff to it, making you strong against that element, but never immune.

    6. I can’t say the bounty reward nerfs weren’t due; those were absurdly profitable. I’ll be surprised if they don’t also remove some of them from the spawning list; the ones that are so close to waypoints and are just boss kills.

      There seems to be more variety in bounties now, compared to last week. Then I got seemingly 4 or 5 “kill the Purple” bounties in every act. Now I’m getting 2 or 3 of those with more variety of the finish event and clear area mixed in. I just wish they’d get Act 5’s events fixed. More often than not I can’t do all 5 in Act 5 since a different event than the one in the bounty spawns in a given area. Mostly in the Westmarch Commons and/or Blood Marsh.

      • Events, hmm that remains me one question i wanted to ask.
        When starting new game, can I still choose quest in Story Mode like we are doing now on live?

    7. Yeah great lower all the experience gain from everything! As if it wasn’t glacial enough right now 🙁
      I’m only a paragon 104 right now, and after days of playing I got maybe 1/4th of the next level!
      I dunno about other people, but I think Blizz has to do a lot more tuning in regards to healing. They seemed to have increased the HPs of players by 10X-20X but the healing was only tripled give or take a bit. Right now if I lose half my HPs and just stand there waiting to heal it can take several minutes. It seriously doesn’t help that monsters barely drop health globes too.
      The mystery scrolls are nice, but they need different icons for the different buffs so we can distinguish them without having to mouse over it.
      Without the AH, it would be great to have another way to see the inventory of all your characters… Kind of hard to find where I put stuff right now.

    8. And…they do not know what to do with the game yet?
      Try this…ough it’s awful…remove it. xDDD
      I’m starting to think I will NOT buy the game expansion…and that are big words coming from me…

      • You REALLY donno what a beta test means right ? Specialy a EARLY beta test, they are there for a reason.

        Also, yes you are buying the expansion, EVERYONE in this site will, cut the crap.

    9. For a few seconds I loathed, despised and hated the nerf on the reward cuts of the bounties. But afer thinking a couple seconds, imo, that will add longevity to the game, so I’m ok-ish with that. (Imo, current gold rewards for individual bounties are too low. It should be 2 or 3 times higher at least, or one would be better with pickup radius on rifts.)

      The OP gloves of OPness are… untouched? Weird… I tought their unique prop. would be disabled to reworking, as well. I’m glad for that, since they require some time was… assembling. :p

      I’m actually shocked about Pride of Cassius. It’s something like: do I want Ignore Pain infinite or not? It’s some sort of basic yay or nay thing that could be tested on the closed brain realm (nay?). Imo, it something “broken” on it’s core. Since it was implemented, I thought they were ok with it – I mean – How else could Pride of Cassius be working?

      Just to ilustrate – If I think about an item that gives monks serenity for 25 seconds, what’s gonna happen? I can’t say it’s broken when I see invunerable monks walking around… What’s the point of doing it if I don’t want invunerable monks? Lab mice would press the button every 20 second…

      If there’s some sort of potion of immortality, people will use it. Please don’t put it on the game. 🙂

      Overall, if they reduced the survivability on T6 across the board, I hope crushing blow can stay (we could live with 20%/10% or even 15%/7,5%, imo).

      I hope the patch only changes don’t crush everything. But looks good.

      • I think CB just needs more parameters.
        -doesn’t proc if a monster is unter 50% health
        -can only proc a certain number or times on a single monster
        -damage output based on the ratio of your Core stat to Vit

        • Are you serious ?

          You know for any change to CB you need to lower hp on every single mob on difficulty higher then T1.

          I dont see any reason to wait 5 minutes to kill 1 mob in ARPG game.

    10. Its not a nerf, its in BETA, NOTHING is official, if you think these are the only things that are being changed, get ready to cry some more.

      Of course they would be balanced, everything on that list made the game uber easy, fun for 1 week and then no more reason to play, we were already seeing people dominating T6 with no way to die (with immunities) and killing anything (with rape beam).

      I hope there are more balance to come, specialy for the 1h shrine gloves, its OBVISOULY OP and a must have atm, i hope they make it shrine last for 10 min, would still be good but not broken.

    11. first time commenting…

      I am curious whether it would be much more rewarding and easy to balance, if they actually put these OP item properties on NEW SETS as SET BONUSES instead of on rings.
      Maybe they can lower them (e.g. trigger with a certain % or trigger with a limited time duration, maybe an hour) just a bit too, if they think these are still too OP.
      Does anyone think this is a good idea?

      Also, do you remember when they gave us 25% exp bonus during the anniversary? Why don’t they do similar things often? For example, they put a board in town which they update every week and tells you “this week X property is 15% higher”. Would’nt that make things fun to bring people in? And it is only of one week, so people can try, have a laugh or something.

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