Reaper of Souls Beta Disappeared from Launcher

beta in ptrSome of you may have had a shock today when you loaded up your Battle.Net launcher to discover the Reaper of Souls Beta had disappeared. Although it’s disappeared from that it should still be in your account on Battle.Net.

It’s been reported in the technical forum and some clever so and so by the name of Starym figured out it’s merged with the PTR – at least in title. So launch the PTR and if you have the beta on your account it will play the beta.

This happened to me, the beta disappeared and I just selected PTR from the launcher and sure enough it has loaded the beta and I’m in Act 5.

However some people can not get the PTR to run either so that’s the next hurdle to overcome.

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  1. Good tip. Beta now works. Also on your screenshot there is “STARTER EDITION” under PTR. I think that client cannot access info about our licences and it show all games as starter edition (same will be with Starcraft 2 and Wow, also you won’y be able to start Heartstone beta if you got in before).

    • The current version of the game shows under a “Live” section for me, so the new launcher can definitely see our licenses.

  2. Yeah, Blizzard explicitly said in their PTR/Closed Beta announcement that they both share the same client and Beta player could find themselves playing with PTR players.

  3. yep my heart stopped… oh wait i didnt have the ros beta anyway

  4. The EU servers are down, that’s why RoS beta doesn’t appear. This is a disaster for SC2, is messing with the competitions.
    It is hilarious that in EU we have to wait for the server specialist to drink his morning coffee, in order to play.

  5. The EU realm has been down for 23 hours and you guys are worrying about the PTR not working?

  6. Yea, it’s funny only the PTR was working…it’s like they WANT us to try that and play that insted of the vanilla…

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