Lylirra mentioned this in that giant thread about the EU fansite summit, but it was way down in the weeds so I thought it deserved promotion in a post of its own.

    Just an FYI, another 3k+ beta keys went out last Friday to active players (1k to NA players, 1k to EU players, and 1k to Asia players), bringing the opt-in total to about 20k at this point. On the flip side, individual keys have only gone out to about 500 players worldwide, many of which were just your average nephalem who we noticed providing great feedback here on the forums, on Twitter, in-game, and on other community sites.

    As we noted earlier when it launched, Closed Beta is incredibly small and will remain small throughout its duration, but proportionally opt-ins absolutely dominate the invite list. That’s intentional.

    I’ve heard from maybe a dozen people who got in via the opt-in, so it is happening. I’m not sure why Bliz wants to keep the player pool so small, since most games use the beta as promotional tool and expand the testing pool to virtually everyone who wants a slot towards the end, (WoW expansion betas always do that) but that’s why you haven’t seen big beta key giveaway contests on fansites (like this one). Bliz might still expand it greatly, but we’re only two months from release and probably 6 weeks from the end of the beta, so that doesn’t seem to be their agenda this time.

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