Reaper of Souls Beta up to 20,000 Players

Lylirra mentioned this in that giant thread about the EU fansite summit, but it was way down in the weeds so I thought it deserved promotion in a post of its own.

Just an FYI, another 3k+ beta keys went out last Friday to active players (1k to NA players, 1k to EU players, and 1k to Asia players), bringing the opt-in total to about 20k at this point. On the flip side, individual keys have only gone out to about 500 players worldwide, many of which were just your average nephalem who we noticed providing great feedback here on the forums, on Twitter, in-game, and on other community sites.

As we noted earlier when it launched, Closed Beta is incredibly small and will remain small throughout its duration, but proportionally opt-ins absolutely dominate the invite list. That’s intentional.

I’ve heard from maybe a dozen people who got in via the opt-in, so it is happening. I’m not sure why Bliz wants to keep the player pool so small, since most games use the beta as promotional tool and expand the testing pool to virtually everyone who wants a slot towards the end, (WoW expansion betas always do that) but that’s why you haven’t seen big beta key giveaway contests on fansites (like this one). Bliz might still expand it greatly, but we’re only two months from release and probably 6 weeks from the end of the beta, so that doesn’t seem to be their agenda this time.


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  1. I imagine they aren’t keen on inviting huge numbers of people to the beta as it’s so close to being the entire expansion – much more so than the original D3 beta represented the full game.

  2. 1k to us, eu, and asia each?

    seems all active players have beta keys now

    • Would love to live in your world.

    • That would be news to the legions on complaining that they should have a key since they played X hours while people who did get one don’t deserve it.

      Really enjoyed some RoS this morning, BTW. The pumped drop rates, legs from gambling, and buffs to Rifts make many compelling play options. My Monk is geared enough to solo Torment pretty handily and that’s a nice added level of semi-grindy challenge, or I can instead crushroll through whatevers on Hard in the MP1 farming style of the live game.

      Writing a big strategy type article on Rifts for tomorrow; there are some interesting pro/cons of doing them vs. bounties that impact what type of char build you use, as well as what sort of gain you’re after.

  3. Disheartening to say the least, especially considering the in game player base seems to be dwindling. I must have terrible luck with opt ins.

  4. Got my key 2weeks ago and been loving every minute.

  5. Still no beta key here.

    I guess my feedback sucks.

  6. No key here Either.
    Good thing I’ve got good friends with the right connections 😉

  7. I imagine they’re not keen on inviting huge numbers of people because they don’t want people seeing how much it sucks. They’re counting on people being naive, and believing they fixed the problems of D3 Core with the expansion. If 100s of thousands of people come in, see it’s still the same BS we have on live with a new act, new class, and some MINOR changes, they’d lose the bulk of their customers.

    I can guarantee there will be no open beta weekend for RoS like there was for D3 Core. Overall, Open beta hurt D3 core more than it helped, but because it WAS such a small amount of content, people couldn’t/wouldn’t believe that the game could be so inherently flawed. Not from Blizzard, not after more than a decade of waiting. Of course very few people playing Diablo still have the same amount of trust in Blizzard now. That’s why only MVPs and fan site admins get keys, and even their MVPs think it sucks, rofl.

    • Oh, we all know that you’re angry because you didn’t get your key 🙂 I think that our whole community should come and hug you 🙂

    • This makes no logical sense.

      If they were afraid of bad publicity, they’d NDA the shit out of the beta and give it only to favorable fansites. Instead, the info that’s gotten out from a wide-flung beta that went to streamers has been anything but an effort to “keep people from finding out how much it sucks.”

      The reason why it’s a small test is because this beta constitutes most of the game, so giving it out for free may potentially dent their sales among the audience of people who only want to play through the game once and then shelve it.

  8. Seems i should start tomplay again to get a key :9 mhppff..

  9. The reason is quite simply – the beta is actually the full game people are going to buy in March. And if you get to try a game before you buy, there is 50/50 chance of you not getting it

    On a flip side, I think their beta selection should be purely based on time played, not random luck. Because people who have invested lot of time into D3 vanilla, will a) know how different the game feel and be able to provide accurate feedback b) will get the game anyways.

  10. Haha. that wont help you friend. I played about 30 hours on PTR (torment runs + leveled my wizard from level 28 to 40, simply because it ïs finally fun to level up with loot 2.0) and no invite. Guess they dont consider the time played as being active.

  11. Based on my feedback, I’ll never get a beta key. LOL.

  12. I actually saw a public game on HC for the first time today. Couldn’t join it, but it said it was there!

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