It’s a pretty common question/request; a 7th skill and/or 4th passive skill slot added in Reaper of Souls. A fan brought it up and got one of those “answer a question with more questions” discussion leader type replies from Lylirra.

    Will ROS have increased skill limit?
    Lylirra: No current plans to increase the 6-skill limit. We still feel that 6 is a good number, enough to give you flexibility in your build choices, but not too much to where you don’t have to make thoughtful decisions about what you put on your bar. (We actually had 7 skills available for a pretty substantial period of time before Diablo III shipped; however, after lots of testing and feedback rounds, we reduced the number to 6. So, this is definitely something we’ve not only considered, but also evaluated heavily in the actual game environment.)

    Now, we know that some players may disagree with that approach. Totally cool, but let me turn the question back on you (and then add a few more), because learning why you prefer one gameplay feature over another is super meaningful. Also, sometimes it can be pretty fun, too.

  • How is having only six skill lots negatively impacting your gameplay experience right now? If you can cite specific examples, even better!
  • On the flip side, how would having an extra skill slot improve your game experience?
  • If you had a 7th skill slot, what additional spells or abilities would you add to your bar (on top of the builds you use currently)?
  • How much you need that 7th skill (or 4th passive) varies a lot between the classes. Click through for some examples and share your own in comments, but first, a hypothetical… what if some legendary unlocked a 7th skill or 4th passive? Say legendary chest armor or amulet or something, and aside from enabling another skill slot it did nothing. Maybe it even had negative stats; -100 to all stats… can you imagine using it anyway?

    Some classes have such awesome or build-enabling passives that it might be worth it to give up an entire item purely for that extra skill… but it’s an interesting dilemma.

    So, an extra skill. It depends on the build and class.

    I’ve been playing a lot of WD lately, going with a fairly standard Bears build, and I really only need 5 of my skills. In fact, I could probably survive with 4, since the left click attack is just for when I’m low on Mana, or to mop up a stray now and then when Soul Harvest and Zombie Bears don’t clean them out.

    That said, it’s the sixth skill that’s hard to find use. I want something that works as a big damage attack or buff, with low mana cost, that I’d use almost exclusively against Elites. If there’s any such skill, I haven’t found it, nor had my Paragon 100 WD colleague when I asked him.

    I wasn’t actually sure what skill I had on my toolbar until I just checked and found that I had Fetish Ambush there now. I use it purely for the 250% damage upon summoning, which is pretty good if you’re stacked up with Grim and/or Gruesome, plus Soul Harvest, especially since it’s a pretty large radius of effect upon casting so you can usually nail the Elite and several minions, or all the Champions. I’ve also tried Big Bad Voodoo, Mass Confusion, Grasp of the Dead, and even Hex, and may try them again. Here’s the current build:


    Other classes have much more hunger for additional skill slots. I was just experimenting with some different options for my Monk last night, trying to put a new LS Skorn to use, and I can’t quite make it work… but I could with more skill slots. Passive and/or Active. I’m playing HC so I can’t devote all 3 passives to Spirit Regen, nor can I risk sticking Spirit regen gear on all my gear slots. Which makes it really hard to generate enough Spirit to do even half-time (much less full time) Tempest Rush.

    If I could, I’d love to do 1) Tempest Rush along with 2) Wave of Light, while still retaining a 3) Mantra, 4) Sweeping Wind, 5) Serenity, at least 6) one damage buff, and a 7) Spirit Generator. But that’s 7 skills.

    Even the more basic cookie cutter SW Monk would love 7 skills, to get both damage buffs in there at once, instead of having to choose between Blazing Wrath and Faith in the Light.

    Any builds that leap out as wanting or needing (or not caring) about a 7th skill? And on the whole, which would you rather have, a 7th skill or a 4th passive?

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