Diablo 3 got its first expansion on March 25th and it’s been two whole years since the launch of Reaper of Souls. Blizzard posted a quick reminder today.

    On March 25, 2014, the Angel of Death descended on Westmarch and changed the face of Sanctuary forever.

    The Reaper of Souls expansion overhauled the Diablo III experience, and we couldn’t have come this far without our passionate and amazing community. Thank you for not only your support, but your feedback throughout these two short years. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share with you all the changes you’ve had a hand in making.

    Blizzard has released quite a lot of free content into the expansion since it launched but I can’t help but get the feeling we should have heard about another expansion by now if it was going to happen.

    ROS fixed some of the many problems the  game had at launch and that we can be thankful for.

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